Gouri's Energy Bites Review - Belgian Dark Chocolate And Orange

Gouri’s Energy Bites Review – Belgian Dark Chocolate And Orange

Need mid-day healthy snacking options? Gouri’s Energy Bites are the perfect solution. Read our review of the Belgian dark chocolate and orange flavored energy bites to know more.

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Snacking is life. No doubt about that. But, mid-day snacking might ruin your fitness goals. Not anymore! Push out the namkeens and the fried stuff, because the market is flooded with healthy snacking options. Go to any grocery store or an online shopping portal, there are several sections dedicated to healthier snacking options.

Our review this time features a #MadeInIndia brand called Gouri’s. They have a range of healthy and handmade snacks. We reviewed Gouri’s Energy Bites in Belgian Dark Chocolate And Orange flavor for its taste, texture, pricing, and overall experience. It’s a relatively new product in the snacking category and here is our #FirstImpression.


What You Need To Know About Gouri’s Energy Bites

*As per information on the pack


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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings
  • No preservatives.
  • Contains Belgian chocolate and oats.
  • 10 grams of each energy bite provides 47 Kcal of energy.


Gouri’s Energy Bites

Deliciously chewy, these mini energy bites from Gouri’s are a great snacking option.

MRP – Rs 550/-

Net weight – 200 grams

*Price at the time of review


#FirstImpression Of Gouri’s Energy Bites – Belgian Dark Chocolate And Orange

Price and packaging – The brown paper packaging with a cute little portal like window and a rugged little string screams artisanal. The bag is recyclable. It’s a 200-gram pack that holds 20 mini-energy bites. Each energy bite is for 10 grams and provides 47 calories, which is perfect for a mid-day or evening snack. Gouri’s energy bites are expensive and are very heavy on the pocket. It is priced at Rs 550/- for a 200-gram bag.

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Ingredients used – A whole lot of goodness is packed in these mini energy bites through a variety of ingredients. Ingredients include oats, Belgian dark chocolate, invert syrup, orange rind, almonds, dairy fat, raw cane sugar, jumbo oats, sesame, oat bran, and flax seeds. It has no preservatives.

Aroma and appearance- You can instantly smell the orange rind when you open the individual pack. Thin layers of dark chocolate, oats, and seeds and very much visible. The chocolate was a bit melted when we received this product due to the hot weather (which is absolutely normal). The pack mentions to store it in a cool, dry place.


Texture and taste – Chew-chew! These mini bites are chewy and delicious. The chocolate does not overpower the overall flavor of the snack. Each bite is smooth and yummy! We loved the orange rind flavor which wasn’t bitter or stale (like it becomes in a few products). The roughly chopped almonds that sprout up in between add a wonderful texture amidst all the chewiness.


You can actually see and taste most of the ingredients.

We really appreciate that we could actually TASTE each ingredient individually. Be it the almonds, the flaxseeds, or the oats, each flavor and texture had its own distinct role to play to increase the overall experience of the energy bars. The only negative, if any at all, would be the pricing which was too high for us.

Mishry Rating (On a scale of 0-5) – 4 out of 5 Mishrys for this wonderful product by Gouri’s.

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