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gooddiet spicy garlic quinoa puffs review

GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs Review – Masaledaar & Crunchy!

GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs are crisp and showcase a prominent flavor of garlic. Let us see a detailed review below.

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Mishry Ratings

4 / 5
4 / 5


GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs is a spicy, masaledaar and fun snacking option. These baked snacks showcase a prominent crunch and are super crisp.

The market for healthy snacks has grown in leaps and bounds. Millets-based snacks are raging in the market today. From jowar puffs to quinoa puffs, the choices are endless. While browsing online, we came across GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs. Excited to try these, we instantly placed an order for the same. Our GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs review discusses the taste, crunch, price, and packaging. We also discuss the ingredients used. 

Are these quinoa puffs worth a try? Team Mishry finds out.

Here is a quick view at a few product details of GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs: 


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GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs Product Details 
Price  Rs. 19 
Net Quantity  30 gm 
Mishry Ratings Taste : 4, Texture : 4 
Shelf Life  4 months 

Our Review Factors

Here are all the details of our review factors for GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs.

gooddiet spicy garlic quinoa puffs packaging
The front packaging of GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs.

1. Packaging 

These quinoa puffs come in a light peach color pack. The 30 gm pack that we reviewed is ideal to carry for traveling.  

2. Main Ingredients 

The main ingredients are as follows: 

Corn grit, Quinoa flour (25%), Jowar flour, Rice flour, Edible veg oil (refined sunflower oil), Seasoning (iodized salt, garlic, sugar, maltodextrin, spices and condiments (mustard, fenugreek, chilly), Onion, Mango powder, Acidity regulators (E330, E296), Hydrolysed vegetable protein, Anticaking agent (E551) and Flavor enhancers (E627, E631) and Iodized salt. 

Allergen declaration – Contains mustard and soya. Packed in a facility that handles wheat, soya and nuts. 

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3. Taste

In terms of the taste, we closely examine the flavor of the masalas, spiciness, and salt levels. How well does the masala coat these puffs? Is there any particular ingredient that lends an intense flavor? 

4. Texture

The texture talks about how crisp and crunchy these snacks are. Is the crunch felt in every bite? Are these baked to perfection?  Does the combination of flours affect the texture? 

5. Appearance

How a bag of packaged snacks looks can break or enhance the entire experience. Here we gauge how consistent these puffs are in shape and size? Any broken ones observed? 

6. Nutritional Information 

Per 100 gm, GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs provides 442.72 kcal of energy, 68.38 gm of carbohydrates, 7.15 gm of sugar, 9.36 gm of protein, and 14.64 gm of total fat. 

7. Price

A 30 gm pack is available for Rs. 19. 

8. Shelf Life

The shelf life is 4 months.

GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs – Detailed Review

GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs is a baked snack. Depicting a vibrant yellow color, these are bite-sized puffs. These puffs are coated with a dry masala. 

The aroma on opening the pack was quite masaledaar. In terms of the texture, it nails the crispness and crunch! The characteristic crispness that we expect from packaged snacks is present here. 

And being made using a combination of flours (quinoa, jowar flour, and rice flour), the texture was commendable! Also, these do not feel too oily to touch which is an added plus. 

Taste-wise, the flavor of garlic was quite prominent. There is a lingering taste of corn in the background. The dominant presence of spiciness makes these puffs quite masaledaar. The sweet and sour flavors popping in between bites bring a nice twist to this snack. 

The after-taste is spicy and garlicky too. Additionally, the salt levels are balanced. 

Overall, it is a light and masaledaar snack option to munch on during the evening.

gooddiet spicy garlic quinoa puffs placed in a bowl
We loved the bite-size of these puffs.
closer look at gooddiet spicy garlic quinoa puffs
These quinoa puffs are spicy and masaledaar!
Packaging - 4/5
Main Ingredients - 4/5
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Appearance - 4/5
Nutritional Information - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Shelf Life - 4/5

Here’s a quick first impressions review on Jowar Puffs By The Healthy Cravings Co!

  • These quinoa puffs are masaledaar
  • The salt levels are balanced. 
  • We loved the crispness of these puffs. 
  • These puffs are not too oily. 
  • They are made using whole grains (corn, quinoa, rice flour and jowar flour).

GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs is an ideal option for those who love quinoa based snacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs

GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs has certain ingredients, including maltodextrin. This ingredient is not healthy for regular consumption.

Yes. These quinoa puffs are gluten-free.

Yes. These quinoa puffs are a vegetarian food item.

Yes. GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs contain no trans fat.

On scanning the list of ingredients, we found the presence of Maltodextrin. This preservative increases the shelf life of packaged foods.

Final Sum-Up

GoodDiet Spicy Garlic Quinoa Puffs taste fab. The spicy and garlicky flavors do justice to the flavor tags. These baked puffs do not include any maida and are made with whole grains – corn, quinoa, jowar flour, and rice flour. 

Are you a fan of quinoa-based snacks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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