Learn About Glass Top Gas Stove Disadvantages & Drawbacks
Let Us Know About The Glass Top Gas Stove Disadvantages

Learn About Glass Top Gas Stove Disadvantages & Drawbacks

Are you looking for glass top gas stove disadvantages? This article gives you detailed information about the disadvantages of a glass top stove.

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If you are somebody who likes to have a modern kitchen, then the glass top stove is something that you must have as an integral part of your kitchen. It offers a sleek and modern appearance. It can enhance the look of a kitchen. However, everything comes with its advantages and disadvantages. Although the glass top gas stove looks sleek and trendy, it has its own set of disadvantages. In this article, we are going to talk about glass top gas stove disadvantages.

The gas stove first came to our homes in the early 19th and 20th centuries. They are indeed one of the most important parts of every kitchen. Electric and induction ovens are comparatively new compared to gas stoves. If you are moving to a new home or thinking of renovating your kitchen, you should consider whether to go for a gas stove or the sleeker version, an induction stove. 

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What Are The Drawbacks Of A Glass Cooktop Stove?

You might face several problems while using a glass gas stove. Apart from the glass top gas stove disadvantages, the main problems that you should be concerned about are breakage, scratches, and other damages.

  • Breakage

Just like the problem with any other glass object, a glass cooktop stove is prone to breakage. Any temperature difference, for example, placing a hot pot or pan on a cold stove, can cause it to crack or shatter. Also, it would help if you were very careful while handling such things. Dropping a heavy object can cause it to break into pieces instantly. A pot or pan that has been boiling dry without any liquid can also cause the glass to break or become fused to the cooktop. 

  • Scratches

Since a glass gas stove is primarily made of glass, it is very fragile and delicate. It is prone to scratches. While you may be tempted to move or drag a hot pan or pot over its smooth surface to a cooler area, doing so may cause it to develop scratches over the cooktop surface. Rough pans such as those made of cast iron or those utensils with a coarse bottom surface can also lead to developing scratches on the glass gas stove.

Even cleaning with coarse cleaners or metal scouring pads should not be done as these too can cause scratches. Prolonged scratches on the glass top stove can lead to shattering.


Glass top stoves are made of glass or ceramic.

Is Glass Top Gas Stove Safe? 

Compared to stainless steel gas stoves, the heat distribution in a glass gas stove is much better. Since glass top stoves have a sealed compartment, they have better heating and cooling speed. In addition to this, a glass layer gives further protection. 

  1. What are the advantages of a gas stove glass top?

  • No requirement of burner pans to clean or replace- Since the burners are sealed under the thick glass surface, therefore it protects the burners from any spills while cooking. Thus the burners are protected from food getting into them. 
  • A glass cooktop stove warms faster- Unlike the traditional electric burners which take around a minute to heat up, glass cooktop burners can heat up within a few seconds. 
  • Quickly cool down- Just like glass top stoves heat quickly, they also cool down quickly. This reduces the risk of burning our hands when we mistakenly touch them. 
  • It gives more counter space- The glass top surface of a stove can also be used as additional counter space when they are not being used for cooking. These are helpful for people who have space constraints in their kitchens. You can easily use them to place your sitting bowls and plates of cooked food on them.
  • Easy to clean- Because of their glass surface, glass top stoves are easier to clean. Also, since the burners are concealed, there are minimum chances of food spilling on them. 
  • They offer a modern appeal to your kitchen- The shiny and glassy glass top offers a modern appeal to your kitchen. It ups the style game of your kitchen.
  • It keeps the surrounding surfaces relatively cooler- Since the ceramic glass cooktop does not conduct heat very well, it keeps the surrounding areas relatively cooler. Only the surface directly on top of the burner remains hot. This offers fewer chances of burning your hands when you accidentally touch the surface. Also, you can keep your spoons which you are using for cooking in between the burner space. 
  1. What are the utensils that you should refrain from using on a glass cooktop stove?

Pots and pans made of cast iron, stoneware, and other glass and ceramic cookware do not work well on glass cooktop stoves. Since they have a rough surface, they lead to scratches when dragged on top of the glass stove. 

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  1. Are glass top stoves fragile?

Glass top stoves are made of glass or ceramic. Therefore, they can break if there is a temperature difference. For example, if you place a very hot pan on a cool surface, it can develop cracks. Also, if something heavy falls on it, it can lead to breakage. However, if they are handled with care, they can last for a very long time. 

  1. Can gas stoves be dangerous?

Gas stoves can pose a threat if they are not installed properly. There can be gas leaks, toxin exposure, or carbon monoxide poisoning. 

Glass cooktop burners can heat up within a few seconds.

Glass Top Gas Stove Disadvantages

Although a gas stove has an appealing and modern appearance, it comes with several disadvantages. Listed below are some of the glass top gas stove disadvantages.

  1. Not cost-effective

Glass top gas stoves are quite expensive. When compared with basic electric stoves or stainless steel ones, they cost much more.

  1. Require special care

The glass top gas stove cannot be cleaned using normal cleansers. This is one of the biggest glass top gas stove disadvantages. Course cleansers or metal scouring pads might end up causing scratches. Hence they should be cleaned using special cleaning creams.

  1. Can break easily

Since these stoves are made of glass, hence they are fragile and can break if not handled with care. A temperature difference can cause it to crack. Also, dropping a heavy object can lead it to break into pieces.

  1. Not as hot

Since the pot or pan never directly comes in contact with the burner like it does with a simple stainless steel gas stove, the “rolling boil” point can never truly be achieved. In basic gas stoves, the pot or pan comes in direct contact with the flame leading it to achieve the desired heat. However, in a glass top gas stove, the burner remains sealed under the thick glass surface. Hence the pan is never properly heated.

As a result, some recipes might take a longer time than usual. You might also have to alter the cooking method for some recipes to achieve the desired result.

  1. Require flat-bottomed utensils

Unlike the usual gas stoves where food can be cooked in any pot or pan, the glass top gas stoves require flat-bottomed pots and pans. No rounded surface pan would do. If a round-bottomed pan is used, there is less area of contact with the heat. Hence, too much heat escapes, and the required hotness cannot be achieved. Hence, we suggest thick-bottomed Farberware pans and Dutch ovens. 

  1. The cooking utensils should be of the right size

Pot size is not an area of concern in the case of basic gas stoves or electric burners. However, when it comes to a glass stove, the pot or pan should be as big as the heated burner area. To achieve maximum heat transfer, the pot should completely cover the heated burner area. The pot’s diameter should be the same as the burners. Some glass top stoves only come with two sizes of burner windows- a big and a small.

  1. Pot bottoms should be extremely smooth and flat

We would recommend you to use only stainless steel or ceramic coated pans to prevent the glass stove top from getting scratches. This is one of the greatest glass top gas stove disadvantages. 

  1. Difficult to clean after-cooking messes

To get rid of stubborn stains, one might have to repeatedly scrub the area. The stain may become invisible, but it is difficult to completely restore the burner area. In case the food has baked for a longer than desired time, the shiny finish of the glass surface might not come back. 

  1. Not user-friendly in case of blind people 

Blind people might find it difficult to accurately place the cooking pot over the burning area due to a glass stove’s smooth surface. Also, food placed in a poorly centered pot might not cook properly. Hence, blind people should refrain from buying glass top stoves.

So, these are the glass top gas stove disadvantages you must know before you make up your mind about buying one.

A glass top gas stove looks sleek and trendy

Let Us Now Talk About Built-in Hobs Disadvantages. 

After talking about the glass top gas stove disadvantages, let us know the disadvantages of built-in hobs. With the daily increase in customer desire for a modern kitchen, the built-in hobs have become very popular these days. Despite their eye-catching appearance, they come with certain disadvantages. Mentioned below are built-in hobs disadvantages. 

  1. These built in hobs are difficult to install compared to the free-standing system. Changing or replacing them is equally expensive.
  1. These run on electricity. Since Indian households have mainly been using gas stoves all these years, getting used to a modern hob can pose to be difficult.
  1. When compared with a free-standing gas stove, these are quite expensive.
  1. Changing a built-in hob can be quite difficult since they are installed inside the cabinetry. It cannot be moved or shifted from its permanent position. 
  1. They might lead you to pay more electricity bills since electricity costs in India are higher than the cost of gas.

3 Best Glass Top Stove In India

Besides knowing the glass top gas stove disadvantages, many people prefer to buy the glass gas stoves. Finding the ideal gas stove in India can be a Herculean task since you are spoiled with options. Below we have discussed the three best gas ovens in India.

  1. Butterfly Smart Glass 3 burner gas stove

This company is one of the oldest and most loved brands in Indian households. The burner comes with a smart glass top made of toughened glass. It also has a spill-proof design. It comes with another great feature called the smart lock pan. This unique feature grips the pan properly, ensuring that the heat is distributed properly and making the process of cooking easier.

It is also a great buy for those who prefer slow-cooking since it has a flame redundant panel. It is also corrosion-free.

  1. Lifelong glass top 3 burner

The burner is made of very good and thick quality glass which is heat resistant. It also comes with an anti-skid feature to ensure easy and safe cooking. The gas inlet can move 360 degrees. This means that you can easily move in your desired direction without worrying about the gas pipe. 

  1. Prestige Marvel Glass top 3 burner gas stove 

Prestige is one of the most trusted kitchenware companies in India. The glass stove comes with a shatter-proof glass top, which is both aesthetic as well as durable. It also comes with pan support, which offers uniform heating to pans while cooking. It also has an ergonomic gas design, which prevents excess gas expenditure. 

Because of their glass surface, glass top stoves are easier to clean.


A glass top gas stove, despite its aesthetic appeal, has many advantages as well as disadvantages. It depends on your specific needs to choose between a stainless steel gas stove and a glass top gas stove. Since you will buy a gas stove that you expect to last for years, you should do your thorough research before buying one. This article tells you about the glass top gas stove disadvantages. 

It gives you detailed information about all the questions that might be in your mind but to which you did not have the answers till now. Along with talking about the disadvantages, it also tells you about India’s best gas oven to help you decide which one to bring home.

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