Gits Dahi Vada Instant Mix Review - Mishry (2023)
gits dahi vada instant mix review

The Instant Dahi Vada Mix by Gits Is Superb! (2024)

Here are our top three reasons why we loved Gits Dahi Vada Instant Mix.

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Mishry Rating

4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5
4.5 / 5


This is a super quick and easy way to prepare homemade dahi vadas without compromising on homestyle taste and texture.

Gits Dahi Vada Instant Mix has been featured in Mishry’s Best Products of 2023 List.

Gits Dahi Vada

Call it dahi bhalla, or dahi vada, this popular snack dish is loved by many. These deep-fried lentil fritters are dunked in yogurt, topped with sweet & spicy chutneys, and garnished with different spice powders. Delicious as they may be, the preparation is tedious and time-taking. And what better than ready mixes to help reduce time and effort you put in the kitchen?

We picked up the instant dahi vada mix by Gits and tested the product for its taste, ingredients, texture, and cooking process.

Is this instant mix a quick hack to prepare dahi vada at home? Does it come to a homestyle taste & texture? All these questions are answered in our Gits Dahi Vada Instant Mix review.


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Gits Dahi Vada – Quick Glance

Key product details of Gits Dahi Vada : 

Gits Dahi Vada  Product Details 
Price  INR 185
Net Quantity  500 gms
Shelf Life  1 year 
Buy Now  On Amazon 
Mishry Rating  4.5

Our Review Factors

Our expectations, you ask? We expect this instant mix to save up on the preparation time and deliver dahi vadas showcasing an excellent taste and texture. 

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For testing Gits Dahi Vada Mix, we have set the following review parameters : 

1. Taste

Under this parameter, we check for the freshness of the dal used. How fresh do these dahi vadas taste?  Is this instant mix seasoned well? Are the salt levels balanced? Does it have any spices? If yes, how prominent is their presence?

2. Texture

The texture focuses on the overall bite of these dahi vadas. Soft, fluffy, crisp – how is the texture of these dahi vadas? How does the texture turn out when soaked in water and then later in dahi? 

3. Convenience 

Preparing dahi vada at home from scratch is a lengthy process as it requires soaking the dal for long hours, grinding it, seasoning it and then converting it into a smooth batter. Hence, our third review parameter is the convenience factor. 

Under this segment, we cover the instructions to be followed, cooking time/process, use of any extra ingredients and the overall prep time involved. 

4. Other Observations 

Main ingredients 

What are the main ingredients used here? Any added preservatives, additives or flavor enhancers used? 

Price, packaging, and shelf life were also gauged here. 

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Gits Dahi Vada – Detailed Review

Product Highlights 

Gits Dahi Vada Instant Mix comes in a blue and white carton pack. The price of a 500 gm pack is Rs. 185. It has a shelf life of one year. You can get around 62 dahi vadas from a 500 gm pack. 

Main Ingredients 

The list of ingredients used here is Urad dal flour (65%), Refined wheat flour (maida), Bakery shortening (palm oil, sesame oil, and antioxidant (BHA)), Salt, Raising agents (Sodium bicarbonate and citric acid) and cumin seed.

outer pack of gits dahi vada instant mix
The carton pack of Gits Dahi Vada Instant Mix.
the instant mix after opening the pack
First look at the instant mix after opening the pack.

Instructions + Cooking Highlights 

We followed the exact same instructions as stated on the pack for preparing these dahi vadas. The method of preparation as mentioned is as follows : 

  • Mix the contents of the pack with 625 ml (4 ¾ cups) water. Stir to a smooth batter and set aside for 10 minutes.
  • Gently stir the mixture before use. Heat oil (app 500 ml). Place tablespoonfuls of batter individually and fry on medium flame till crispy and light brown. Drain excess oil and cool for 3-5 mins.
  • Soak in water for 10 mins. Gently press each vada to drain off excess water.
  • Immerse in beaten yogurt for 10 mins. Garnish with roasted cumin seeds, red chili powder, salt, coriander leaves, tamarind sauce, and yogurt. Serve cold.

The batter is easy to prepare. The quantity of water mentioned is perfect and requires no adjustments. Perfect consistency within minutes!

There is no need to add salt to the batter. We added minced ginger and chopped green chilies to the batter which enhances the overall flavor – would recommend adding this.

Using ½ of this pack is sufficient enough for a family with 5 to 6 people.

While cooking, make sure that you fry them on medium heat. Frying on high heat will dry them from the inside and burn them on the outside. 

the dahi vada batter ready to fry
Review in process of Gits Dahi Vada Instant Mix.
the final result
These dahi vadas are delish!

Team Mishry’s Verdict 


Super crispy and crunchy! The texture of these dahi vadas was spot on.  

When we soak the dahi vadas in water, the extra oil starts to leave. On squeezing the excess water, these turned out to be super soft. Thumbs up! They almost had a melt-in-the-mouth-like texture. 

On soaking them in dahi, these became even softer. The dahi vadas absorb the dahi very well. The center, especially, is extremely soft. A good thing is that these did not disintegrate completely as we took them out. 


Delectable! These dahi vadas taste brilliant as is or can be served alongside any dip of your choice. Well salted dahi vadas that do not require any further adjustments. 

They do not hold a strong taste of ground dal, which is a good thing for people who do not like the overpowering smell of urad dal

For an enhanced flavor, you can top these dahi vadas with any ingredient of your choice. We added meethi saunth chutney, coriander leaves, red chili powder, and roasted cumin powder.

Taste - 4.5
Texture - 4.5
Convenience -4.5
  • Easy to follow instructions. 
  • Super easy to cook, minimizes the prep time. 
  • Delectable taste.
  • Spot on crispness (when unsoaked).
  • Soft and fluffy on the inside.
  • The quantity of water requires no adjustment. 
  • Absorbs the dahi very well. 

A hassle-free way to prepare dahi vada at home is with this instant dahi vada mix by Gits. Whether you are short on time or a novice in the kitchen, this instant mix is a definite try.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Gits Dahi Vada Mix

Although made using dal, dahi vadas are deep fried and cannot be considered healthy particularly. Usually homemade dahi vadas are just dal, but this instant mix does contain maida. We recommend occasional consumption.  

This instant dahi vada mix does not include any chutney inside the pack. You will have to add it on your own and can control the quantity. 

No. This instant dahi vada mix does not contain added preservatives.

Gits Instant Dahi Vada Mix is devoid of flavor enhancers.

The shelf life of this dahi vada mix is one year.

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Our Conclusion

A definite, DEFINITE buy! This instant mix is high on convenience, delivers the right taste and nails that perfect crisp texture. What more could we expect from an instant mix? It cuts down on the cooking and preparation time and gets you a more than 60 dahi vadas in a single pack. Have them as with some chutneys or soak them in dahi, the choice is yours!

Will you give this a try?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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