Girnar Masala Chai Premix Review

Girnar Masala Chai Premix Review

Girnar Masala Chai Premix gives you the perfect cup of masala chai with the exact same taste, every time. Read our Girnar Masala Chai Premix Review to know more.

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The winter season is here and so are our chai cravings. While we all love that perfectly tailor-made cup of tea, not every time are you in the mood to make some on your own. Those who live in PGs, or hostelers may not have access to the right ingredients at all times. This is where Chai Premixes can help. But Premixed chais can sometimes be over sweet or the spice blend can be off-balance, creating a beverage that tastes bad. We tried the Girnar Masala Chai Premix to test it for its taste, blend of spices, and ease of use.

Here comes our piping hot Girnar Masala Chai Premix review. Read our quick review and #FirstImpression of this new interesting product by one of India’s most popular tea brands.

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Facts About Girnar Masala Chai Premix

*As per information on the pack

  • A single pack contains 36 single-serve premix sachets.
  • Wooden stirrers are provided in the pack.
  • Each sachet weight 14 grams.
  • 100 ml (14 gram) of this product provides 58.96 Kcal of energy.

#FirstImpression Of Girnar Masala Chai Premix

Price and packaging – Girnar Masala Chai Instant Tea Premix With Spices comes in a mustard yellow box with 36 single-serve sachets along with wooden stirrers. The Girnar masala chai sachets are bright yellow in color.

girnar masala chai instant tea premix packaging
Girnar Masala Chai Instant Tea Premix With Spices

Ingredients – Dairy whitener (partly skimmed milk powder and sugar), Sugar, Tea extract, and masala (2.2%) (Cloves, Cardamom, Ginger, Black Pepper, Cinnamon & Nutmeg)

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How to make it – How do you make Girnar masala chai? The instructions given on the pack are easy to follow –

  • Empty the contents of the sachet in a cup.
  • Add 100 ml hot water.
  • Stir well to enjoy Girnar Masala Chai.

The tea made using the Girnar masala chai instant tea premix was extremely easy to make and all you need is water. You don’t need to brew it or steep it. Just add water, mix and it’s ready!

girnar masala chai premix
Girnar Masala Chai Premix Review – Contents of the sachet in a glass.

Aroma, color, and consistency – The dominant aroma is of cardamom which is very pleasing. The color is exactly like our homemade tea, not too dark nor too milky. Unlike tea from vending machines in offices or restaurants, this was not watered down. The ‘creaminess’ and thickness was exactly what you get from a regular ghar wali chai.

girnar chai masala premix
Girnar Masala Chai Premix Review – Stirring up our tea.

tea made from premix
The color of the tea made using the premix is like homemade tea.

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Taste – When we read that there are cloves and nutmeg in a chai masala, we feel that it borders on tasting like a garam masala than a chai masala. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case here. The tea made using the Girnar Masala Chai Premix was absolutely delicious and aromatic. The masala chai is very warming and the clove-cardamom flavor is more dominant than the rest of the spices. The sweetness might be a bit on the higher side for some but is really tasty overall.

girnar masala chai
Girnar masala chai sachets – Chai made using the Girnar Masala Chai Premix.

When we think of premixes, we think of convenience. The Girnar Masala Chai Premix is quite convenient and can be a great alternative for those tea bags-dairy whitener-sugar containers in the office. That being said, it might be a temporary solution as it is not as cost-effective when used over a very long period of time. A single sachet costs Rs 13/-. For people who drink tea occasionally, this will work well. This is also a great option for traveling. Just a few sachets and your chai cravings can be satisfied anywhere around the world. All you need is hot water and these handy sachets. You can buy the Girnar masala chai online as well.

A good chai masala can be hard to find. We tried and tested 10 brands of easily available chai masalas over numerous cups of tea over a week. Here are our winners!

girnar masala chai premix
Girnar Masala Chai Premix

Girnar Masala Chai Premix

The Girnar Masala Chai Premix delivers a tasty and aromatic cup of tea in a jiffy!

MRP – Rs 470/-*

*Price at the time of review

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