Whole Foods Chana Malai Roasted Snack: #FirstImpressions

Whole Foods Chana Malai Roasted Snack: #FirstImpressions

There are very few roasted snack items that can call themselves genuinely healthy, and Whole Foods’ Chana Malai is one of those. But is it a great addition to your lifestyle taste-wise?

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Whole Foods – a brand that offers a range of healthy snacks – was founded by Ishi Khosla, a popular Nutritionist, and amongst the first known faces in India in the field of Health & Nutrition. Whole Foods’ products claim to provide its consumers with healthy eating options that go well with the modern lifestyle. Its range of products are free of trans-fat and typically use whole grains. For this edition of our taste test, we decided to review Chana Malai, a roasted snack made from flattened chana. While the snack does not contain any artificial colors or toxic additives, it is also important for the snack to be a flavorful and tasty treat. How far does it go in satisfying your taste buds? We find out.


Salient Features Of Whole Foods Chana Malai Roasted Snack


  1. The ingredients used are flattened chana, rice bran oil, salt, and condiments.
  2. It contains no artificial color or toxic additive.
  3. It is completely free of trans-fat.
  4. It is best before 5 months of packaging.


Whole Foods Roasted Snack – Chana Malai, 150g Pouch

A healthy snack with the goodness of chana, we feel this is an anytime snack that can help you satiate your ‘namkeen’ craving in a healthier manner.

MRP: Rs 110*

*price at the time of review

*not available online


#FirstImpressions Of Whole Foods Chana Malai Roasted Snack

Whole Foods Chana Malai Roasted Snack is an anytime snack for those who like savory tidbits to munch upon.

We like that the list of ingredients is a short and crisp one! Often, packaged foods have long lists of ingredients where types of preservatives and additives used are more than the food ingredients! That, of course, is not the case with Whole Foods Chana Malai Roasted Snack. The snack use only flattened chana as the main ingredient, followed by rice bran oil, a healthy cooking medium.

Whole Foods Chana Malai Roasted Snack

Flavour-wise, the snack is quite delicious. It has a fresh taste and a crunch that satisfies that craving for ‘namkeen‘. The snack is seasoned well, though we thought it could with a tad bit less salt. It is a filling snack, so chances are, you won’t go through the whole pack in go.

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A good companion to your evening tea, when you crave for something salty, yet don’t want to go for the deep-fried options available.


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