We loved this Atta-maker At First, Then... #FirstImpressions

We loved this Atta-maker At First, Then… #FirstImpressions

An atta maker for under Rs 300! We had to check it out, of course.

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We love quirky kitchen tools at Mishry! When they are handy and reasonable, we even jump with joy! One of the tasks that most people often need help with is kneading atta. It is perhaps one of those tasks that are best described as a ‘chore.’ It is quite time-consuming, requires effort, and involves you getting wet-atta stuck to your hands. So a kitchen tool that helps you knead atta with ease is definitely worth checking out.
So we decided, that for this edition of our #firstimpressions series, an atta maker would be a perfect fit. Ketsaal’s Plastic Automatic Atta Maker is very popular on online sites and is extremely reasonably priced too. But can it really simplify your atta-kneading woes?


Facts About Ketsaal’s Plastic Automatic Atta Maker


  1. No more pain of making the dough and dirtying your hand. The manufacturers claim this ‘Quality kitchen accessory’ helps you prepare the perfect chapatti’ dough.
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Less-time consuming.
  4. Quite easy to use.


KETSAAL Plastic Automatic Atta Roti Maker

A much convenient way of preparing dough for your chapatis without getting your hands dirty.

Price: Rs 279*

*Price at the time of review


#FirstImpressions Of Ketsaal’s Plastic Atta Maker

First, what we liked about Ketsaal’s Plastic Automatic Atta Maker: It is compact and very reasonably priced. The atta maker works on a simple principle. You put atta and water in the main containers, close the lid. 2 circular plastic blades are turned in a clockwise/anti-clockwise motion, eventually kneading the atta to your liking. It has a completely plastic body, with no sharp edges or corners. We found it easy to clean too.

But here’s the problem: Ketsaal’s Plastic Automatic Atta Maker starts off really well but towards the end, the bowl just cannot withstand the pressure of a nearly-kneaded ball of dough going round and round inside it. In the beginning, as you add atta and water to the container, the two begin to bind well. Gradually you notice that the churning motion is becoming tougher, and soon the container needs to be held down really hard, else it keeps shifting with each circular motion. We tried twice and on both occasions, we had to get the atta out at some point and give it a final kneading, patting down outside the atta maker. The atta maker does 60-70% of the job, the rest needs to be done outside with hands.

Is it quicker than kneading atta with your hands? We would say it took the same amount of time.

Is it more hygienic? Maybe. You do end up spending less time in contact with the dough directly.

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If the container itself was a bit more sturdy – this would make for a good replacement for kneading atta by hand.

Alas, our search to find a good manual dough maker (not a fancy Food Processor) continues.

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