Urban Platter Jaggery Chana: #FirstImpressions

Urban Platter Jaggery Chana: #FirstImpressions

The good old gur-chana has made a fancy comeback. Can it make a lasting impression on our taste buds?

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Grandma’s swear by the health benefits of eating gur-chana during winters. Why is that? Jaggery is loaded with minerals that are not present in processed sugar. It is said that eating gur also increases your body heat and boosts immunity. Combine it with roasted chana, and you get an appetizing snack that has a high satiety value and helps you feeling fuller for a long time.

Urban Platter Jaggery Chana

A healthy winter snack that without any doubt lacks the wow factor.

MRP – Rs 225/-

*price at the time of review


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A few things you need to know about Urban Platter’s Jaggery-Chana

*as per information on the pack

  • No added preservatives
  • There are no added colors and flavors.
  • The shelf life of the product is 9 months from the date of packing.

#FirstImpressions: Urban Platter Jaggery Chana

We tried Urban Platter’s Jaggery Chana and here is our first impression.

As excited as we were to try out this product, it dampened our spirits the moment we popped one into our mouth. The taste of roasted chana was a bit bitter than anticipated.

The outer covering of jaggery, which we were expecting to be velvety coating, turned out to be dry. Not only that, the sweetness of the gur and the flavor of chana was not balanced at all. 

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A 200 gm jar of Urban Platter’s Jaggery Chana costs Rs. 225/-, which is definitely not value for money.

The idea of a snack such as this is great for the winter months. But we found it completely lacking in flavor, texture and overall experience.

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