(TBH) To Be Healthy’s Purple Sweet Potato: #FirstImpressions
first impressions of to be healthy purple sweet potato

(TBH) To Be Healthy’s Purple Sweet Potato: #FirstImpressions

The vacuum-cooked purple sweet potato chips from To Be Healthy (TBH) are cooked in 50% less oil as compared to other chips. Here are our first impressions of this vegan and gluten-free snack.

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There’s a flurry of ‘healthy’ snacks in the market and sometimes it gets tricky to differentiate between the really healthier ones and the ones merely pretending to be healthy. At Mishry, we take a special interest in snacks as we feel this is amongst the most interesting categories where a lot of new, innovative and sometimes junk tends to get sold.

We recently picked a packet of sweet potato chips from a brand called TBH – To Be Healthy – that does a range of vacuum fired, vegetable chips. Vegetable chips are beginning to gain mass popularity now as they offer a combination of nutrition and taste, together in a crunchy snack. We tasted the sweet potato chips spiced with traditional pani puri masala seasoning, which is a classic in terms of taste and also a change from the conventional spicy, or plain slated, chips we all are used to. Though its pricing may not have been as economical as one would have thought, it is the taste of this healthy snack item that was the subject of our curiosity. So, for this new addition to our #FirstImpressions taste test list, we decided to grab a packet of these unconventional chips to get a first-hand experience.


Quick Facts About To Be Healthy’s Purple Sweet Potato Chips

  • As per information on the packet
  1. These are made with 50% less oil as compared to other regular chips.
  2. These are 100% vegetarian and gluten free.
  3. The chips are vacuum cooked and are seasoned with pani puri masala.
  4. There are no added artificial colors and flavors.
  5. They have high nutrient content.
  6. No added preservative.


To Be Healthy Foods, Purple Sweet Potato with Pani Puri Masala (110g)

Vacuum fried purple sweet potato chips that are delicious and offer a healthier alternative to regular fried chips.

MRP: Rs 129*

*Price at the time of review


#FirstImpressions Of To Be Healthy’s Purple Sweet Potato Chips

To Be Healthy’s Purple Sweet Potato Chips come in premium packaging, and are made using naturally purple sweet potatoes (as mentioned on the packet). This is what gives these vegetable chips a beautiful, rich purple color that makes the product visually very appealing.

Usually, you get small to medium-sized chips and wafers in India, (overseas the size is typically larger), but that’s not the case with To Be Healthy’s Purple Sweet Potato Chips. The chips are large, the edges are not broken, and are, in fact, chunkier too. We felt each bite of To Be Healthy’s Purple Sweet Potato Chips had a nice crunch.

The seasoning is tastefully true to what the packaging says. The pani puri flavor is unmissable and delicious. Though at first, we were a little skeptical about how the flavor of sweet potatoes would go with the tangy spiciness of pani puri masala – upon tasting To Be Healthy’s Purple Sweet Potato Chips we were pleasantly surprised by how well the two actually work. The mild sweetness of the sweet potatoes goes well with the chatpata essence of the pani puri flavoring.

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To Be Healthy’s Purple Sweet Potato Chips does well on many counts – from being vacuum cooked to using less oil, and from a delicious flavor to crunch and packaging too, all of which target a more discerning audience. Our only concern with this product is the use of Palmolien Oil. For a product that comes with a ‘healthy’ tag – we wish the makers would have chosen a better alternative to Palmolien Oil.

If you want to try something new, To Be Healthy’s Purple Sweet Potato Chips is still a good option. But just like regular potato chips, you need to limit and manage your intake here too.


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