Parle’s Hide & Seek Orange: #FirstImpressions

Parle’s Hide & Seek Orange: #FirstImpressions

Parle’s Hide & Seek Orange Cream Biscuits are a delightful treat for anyone who likes orange-flavored biscuits.

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Parle’s new cream-filled Hide & Seek variants (orange, vanilla, and chocolate) can be seen as a way of expanding the reach of the Hide & Seek empire. The chocolate-chip encrusted cookies by Hide & Seek are exceedingly popular amongst young and older folks alike. The new variants are supposed to have the signature chocolatey goodness of Hide & Seek biscuits along with the added flavor-burst from the filling. Here’s our #FirstImpressions of the new Hide & Seek Orange cream biscuits.


Quick Facts About Hide And Seek Orange

*as per the information on the pack


  1. These are made up of refined wheat flour and refined palm oil.
  2. The biscuits have an orange-flavored filling between chocolate chip cookies.
  3. Low on trans-fat; about 100g of this product can provide you with 0.03g of trans-fat.
  4. It contains artificial flavoring substances.


Parle Platina – Hide & Seek Creme Orange, 100 g Pouch

Parle Hide & Seek Orange Choco Chip Cookies come with a mouth-watering taste that can be a great evening snack.

MRP: Rs 25*

*price at the time of review


#FirstImpressions Of Parle’s Hide & Seek Orange Cream Biscuits

Parle’s Hide & Seek Orange Cream Biscuits are a delightful treat for anyone who likes orange-flavored biscuits.

The orange cream filling tasty; it is quite sweet and has a strong orange flavor. What we really liked is that the cream is not grainy and dry (dense), as seen in another orange/vanilla filling biscuits. The intense orangy flavors of the cream go well with the Hide & Seek biscuits.

In fact, we felt the biscuits are less sweet than the regular Hide & Seek biscuits. With the biscuits having controlled sugar, the sugary orange cream actually makes the overall taste quite good. The choco-chip biscuits don’t overpower the orange and that remains the dominant flavor.

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Overall, a delicious, rich and premium orange-cream biscuit experience.

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