Meatzza Chicken Spicy Strips: #FirstImpressions

Meatzza Chicken Spicy Strips: #FirstImpressions

We tried Meatzza’s Chicken Spicy Breast Strips. Will these frozen snacks live up to expectations or will they disappoint?

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You can never go wrong with chicken strips. It is a sure shot hit at every party. Dunk it in a dipping sauce of your choice and satisfaction is guaranteed. Yay or nay? A lot of companies are doing great flavorful frozen chicken snacks, which may or may not hit the mark. We reviewed Meatzza Chicken Spicy Breast Strips. Do they stand tall or are they a floppy mess? Let’s find out.

What you need to know – Meatzza Chicken Spicy Breast Strips

*as per the information given on the pack

  • It contains added flavor.
  • It contains wheat, soya, and milk.
  • It provides 13.8 gms of protein approximately per 100gm serving.
  • You can cook them by three methods; frying, in a microwave or in an oven.

Meatzza Chicken Spicy Breast Strips

Even though the evenly shaped pieces are good to look at, the flavor in these chicken strips is a little bit of a miss.

#FirstImpression of Meatzza Chicken Spicy Breast Strips

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to frozen foods. Tons of flavors, so many brands. It’s hard to miss the frozen food aisle in the supermarket now when you go grocery shopping. They are quick to cook and usually are value for money.

Mishry Reviews:
Meatzza Chicken Spicy Breast Strips

The pieces of chicken in Meatzza Chicken Spicy Breast Strips are evenly sized and whitish in color.

Taste-wise, the snack is a little bit over-salted and is very spicy. Halfway through, all you can sense on your palate is salt and chili. Unfortunately, no individual chicken flavor could be detected.

The chicken was chewy and lacked flavors you expect from a fried chicken snack.

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