Masala Monk's Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala For Digestion: #FirstImpressions

Masala Monk’s Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala For Digestion: #FirstImpressions

Masala monk’s Ammiji’s chai masala is loaded with natural ingredients that are helpful for digestion. For our first impressions test, we decided to check out its tasteful nature.

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For centuries now, tea has been amongst the most popular beverages consumed all across the world. It’s a cup of warmth that many wake up to, and for millions, it is what helps them wind down after a hectic day. Chai is also enjoyed in many different ways. Our very Indian chai’ is often made with several additions to spice it up further! From adrak to tulsi, elaichi and even laung, a lot goes into making your masala chai flavorful and aromatic. There are several ready to use Chai masalas available in the market now. One of them, and a fairly recent entrant is Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala by Masala Monk. With ingredients that aid in digestion, Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala is prepared to add little hints of heat and spice to your hot beverage. Here is our first impression of this homemade blend.



Salient Features Of Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala For Digestion

*as per the information on pack



  1. Made with a mixture of ginger, saunf, and pippli.
  2. Homemade with quality ingredients.
  3. Specially created to aid digestion.
  4. Best before 12 months of packaging.



Masalamonk’s Ammiji’s Chai Masala – Digestion

Made with the blend of ingredients that help in the promotion of one’s digestive system. Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala is a wonderful addition to your morning cup of tea.

MRP: Rs 699*

*Price at the time of review

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How To Brew Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala

*as per the information on pack



Just prepare your regular cup of hot tea and add a pinch of Ammiji’s chai masala. Brew in a pot and drink up.



#FirstImpressions Of Masala Monk’s Ammiji’s Chai Masala For Digestion

Chai masalas can either lift your chai to heights of flavor or it can completely make your chai taste disgusting! Luckily, Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala belongs to the former category.

There are a lot of things we loved about Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala, let’s take a look:


Mishry Reviews: Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala

Texture: We liked that Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala is roughly ground. It is not a fine powder, unlike a few chai masalas out there. This gives it a nice homemade feel, and that’s what the brand promises. You can see tiny bits of saunf, pipli and even cinnamon/acacia. (The packaging only mentions ginger, pipli and saunf, though we could taste a few other spices too)

Aroma: Saunf is the dominant aroma here, though you can also get hints of pungent pipli. Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala has a very refreshing and rich aroma.


Mishry Reviews: Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala

Taste: And now for the taste of Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala. With texture and aroma already sorted, what remained for us to check out was the flavor of the masala. We tried Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala for over 10 days, by adding it to a regular cup of doodh-wali chai. On some days we added we added a pinch at the point of adding sugar and tea leaves to boiling water. On other days, we added it right at the end, just before the tea would boil. In both cases, the result was a cup of really delicious masala-chai. Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala adds a wonderful balance of heat and flavor to the chai, making it tastier. And it is also just the right amount of heat you need for the cooler days approaching.

The best chai masalas are the ones that mix so well with your regular chai that after a few days, it feels like your chai no longer tastes good without the masala. Ammiji’s Homemade Chai Masala is a bit like. You are likely to start enjoying your morning tea even more with this.


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