Manna’s Ready To Eat Poha: #FirstImpressions
first impressions of manna ready to eat poha

Manna’s Ready To Eat Poha: #FirstImpressions

A poha made from multi millet goodness! Here is our first impression of Manna’ Ready To Eat Poha recipe. Let’s see if its taste complements its healthy nature.

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Ready to eat products are popular for providing their consumers with a convenient and quick way of preparing a tasteful meal. Manna’s Ready To Eat Millet Poha, with simple steps involved in its preparation, aims to do just that. This poha dish is made from multi millet flakes; hence it does make it nutritionally better than other similar products that don’t use millets. However, in addition to a product’s health aspect, it’s taste and flavor also plays a major role. So, with that in mind, we reviewed Manna’s Ready To Eat Millet Poha and here is our first-hand experience of this product.


Quick Facts About Manna’s Ready To Eat Poha

*As per the information on the pack


  1. It has the goodness of 3 millets.
  2. A single 180 gm packet can serve up to 3 people.
  3. It is a good source for your iron intake.
  4. A 55 gm serving has about 220 calories.
  5. No additives and is trans-fat free
  6. 100% natural ingredients without any added preservatives.
  7. Cooks in just 3 minutes.


Manna Ready to Cook Millet Poha 180 g (Pack of 2)

This popular dish from Maharashtra now has taken a healthy twist. Manna brings you poha with the goodness of multi millets.

MRP: Rs 178*

*Price at the time of review


Instructions For Cooking Manna’s Ready To Eat Millet Poha

*As per the information on the pack


  1. Take ½ cup of a poha mix in a bowl.
  2. Add ½ cup of boiling water to it, stir well, and then keep it closed for 3 minutes.
  3. Mix and serve hot.


#FirstImpressions Of Manna’s Ready To Eat Millet Poha

Ready to Eat snacks and breakfast foods have taken a giant leap as far as health and taste are concerned. While Manna’s Ready To Eat Millet Poha makes an attempt to create a healthy product, by way of the use of different kinds of millets in the mix, when it comes to the all crucial part of taste, sadly it disappoints.

The cooking instructions of Manna’s Ready To Eat Millet Poha are really simple and one has to follow the same process that most other ready to eat foods suggest nowadays. Add some hot water, stir well, keep it covered for a few minutes and you are done. We followed the cooking instructions as described on the product packaging, but Manna’s Ready To Eat Millet Poha gave us uneven cooking – some parts were uncooked and some parts were gooey. There is no consistency, and the flakes and millets don’t come out soft and fluffy. The flavor of hing is dominant, along with green chillis, other than that, there is no other flavor, no aroma to speak of.

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In our Best Ready To Eat Poha review, we went through several products that cook well and offer a tasty end product too. In fact, the winner of this review cooked well and tasted fresh, and was almost as good as freshly made poha.

Overall, our first impression of Manna’s Ready To Eat Millet Poha is quite poor.

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