Lay’s Stax Original Crisps: #FirstImpressions
first impressions of lay's stax

Lay’s Stax Original Crisps: #FirstImpressions

Lay’s STAX crisps are just a tad bit curvy at the center, making them more convenient to enjoy with a dip. Read on to find out more about this premium product.

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First things first, do you know how Lay’s Chips are different from Lay’s Stax? Generally speaking, chips are made by frying/baking slices from whole potatoes. Crisps, on the other hand, are dehydrated potato flakes, that are rehydrated using water, converted into a dough which is then rolled into perfectly similar slices of stackable potato crisps. And, so Lay’s Stax Crisps are quite different from regular Lay’s Potato Chips. We picked a canister of Lay’s Stax original flavor to see, feel and taste the difference ourselves.


Salient Features Of Lay’s Stax Original

*As per the information given on the pack


  1. The crisps are gluten-free.
  2. It contains 6 servings per canister (1 serving = 12 crisps).
  3. One serving amounts to 150 calories.
  4. It contains soy ingredients.
  5. The crisps have a thicker and heavier texture, as compared to Lay’s ribbed or wafer-style chips.


Lay’s STAX, Original, 163g

Lay’s Stax Original potato crisps give you the full flavor and crispy crunch when the need to munch something salty comes up.

MRP: Rs 399*

*Price at the time of review


#FirstImpressions Of Lay’s Stax Original

The best thing about Poptao Crisps is that unlike regular potato chips all crisps are identical in shape and size. So there is uniformity, in every single crisp. You get the same number of chips in every single pack. That’s the case here too.

The crisps by Lay’s STAX are thicker, as compared to some other brands out there. We liked the thicker texture, as this gives them a better bite. And yet, the thickness does not come in the way of making the crisps crunchy; every single crisp in the stack packs an adequate crunch.

These are also, according to us, better to enjoy along with dips. Lay’s STAX crisps are just a tad bit curvy at the center, making them more convenient to enjoy along with a dip, without the risk of dropping the dip all over yourself! Further, the thicker texture of Lay’s STAX allows for the combination of chip and dip to be crunchier.

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This is a premium product, so not everyone would like to go ahead and buy a canister of crisps at a price like this. For the discerning, and those who are very particular about what to eat with their dip, Lay’s STAX is a good choice.

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