Kurkure’s Multigrain Curry And Herbs Flavor: #FirstImpressions
first impressions of kurkure's multigrain curry and hers flavor

Kurkure’s Multigrain Curry And Herbs Flavor: #FirstImpressions

The new variant of Kurlure is packed with Indian spices and claims to bring a desi-style lip-smacking experience. We taste-test Kurkure’s Multigrain Munchies in Curry and Herb Flavor to see if this combination of rice, corn, and ragi works or not.

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Ragi is amongst the healthiest millets we have and you can’t have enough ways to bring its nutritional punch into your everyday meals. Several packaged snacks too, incorporate this wholesome millet to improve the health quotient of their offerings now. Take the new multigrain Kurkure Multigrain Curry & Herbs Flavour, for example. This variant of the popular snack item is made using ragi flour. It is further infused with desi-style herbs for an Indian twist that Kurkure munchies are famous for. But, if it were a health food, things might have been different. Since Kurkure brands its product as a snacking item (namkeen), the overall taste plays an equal part in the success of the new Kurkure Multigrain Curry & Herbs Flavour pack. Did this new ragi based product Kurkure satisfy our taste buds? Let’s find out.


Important Things To Note About Kurkure Multigrain Curry & Herbs Flavour

*as per information on the pack

  1. It mainly contains cereals such as rice, ragi, and corn.
  2. Seasoned with spices such as onion powder, chilli powder, and cumin powder (all of with give it an Indian feel).
  3. A little sweetness is added by the presence of mango juice powder.
  4. It also contains other natural and nature-identical flavoring substances.


Kurkure Multigrain Curry & Herbs Flavour, 85g Pack

Packed with lip-smacking Indian-style seasonings, this snack item brings you the goodness of corn, ragi and rice.

MRP: Rs 20*

*Price at the time of review

*Not available online at the time of the review


#FirstImpressions Of Kurkure’s Multigrain Curry and Herb Flavor

The first thing you look forward to in any Kurkure namkeen is oodles of flavor, and this variant gives you just that.

We like the taste of Kurkure’s Multigrain Munchies, in Curry and Herb Flavor. The cumin, coriander and chili powder come together very well in this flavor. The spices don’t overpower, yet add just enough flavor to keep things interesting.

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It is medium spicy and super-crunchy.


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