Haldiram’s Oats Idli Instant Mix: #FirstImpressions

Haldiram’s Oats Idli Instant Mix: #FirstImpressions

The new Haldiram’s Oat Idli Instant mix claims to be a convenient meal that can be a suitable addition in the diet of those with a hectic lifestyle. Let’s see if this product that can serve 5 people has that authentic South-Indian taste linked with it.

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Haldiram’s is a well-known name when it comes to traditional Indian snacks. However, the brand is also trying its hands on some new products, with its new ready-to-cook range of Oats idli. This instant idli mix is supposed to be a quick and convenient breakfast option, that can be prepared in a jiffy. But, what does it taste like? Here are our #FirstImpressions of Haldiram’s Oats Idli Instant Mix. 

Salient Features Of Haldiram’s Oat Idli Instant mix

*as per information on the packet


  1. It contains real oats, edible vegetable oil, salt, and split Bengal gram.
  2. It has all the essential spices and condiments used for South-Indian dishes.
  3. Makes 10-12 idlis.
  4. It contains wheat and mustard (must be avoided by people suffering from gluten intolerance.


Haldirams Oats Idli Mix, 200 g

This ready-to-cook instant mix has a selected blend of oats and semolina for convenient, home-made idlis.

Price: Rs 60*

*Price at the time of review



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How To Prepare Haldiram’s Oat Idli Instant mix

*as per information on the packet

Step 1

Empty the content of the pack into a bowl and mix it with 100ml of water and 200ml of curd. Set this mixture aside for 5 minutes.

Step 2

Cover idli plates with oil and fill them up with batter. Use a cooker to steam without whistle for 10-12 minutes.

Step 3

After steaming, carefully remove the steamed idli from the mold and serve them alongside chutney or sambar.


#FirstImpressions Of Haldiram’s Oat Idli Instant mix


We used the Haldiram’s Oat Idli Instant mix as per instructions on the packet. Even though the packet says 10-12 minutes, we found that it actually takes much more time. We cooked the entire pack in one go, and it took our rack of idlis (a stand with 3 plates, and space for 4 idlis on each) over 20 minutes to cook.

Overall, it is quite easy to make, as are all instant and ready-to-cook mixes. Convenience, after all, is why they are becoming so popular. The other factor which is crucial to any food is taste and texture, of course.

Taste-wise, Haldiram’s Oat Idli Instant mix is quite tasty. The use of dal and mustard seeds as crunch and flavor. It is a tad on the sour side, so if you are having this with a sambhar which is already tangy and sour, you may not enjoy it as much. Texture-wise, we wish the idlis were fluffier. Having said that, idlis made with Oats cannot be as soft and fluffy as the ones made with rice batter, and we do take that into account. Haldiram’s Oat Idli Instant mix makes idlis that are soft, just not as light and fluffy as they can be.




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