Gouri's Natural Energy Bars - Palm Jaggery & Honey: #FirstImpressions

Gouri’s Natural Energy Bars – Palm Jaggery & Honey: #FirstImpressions

Energy bars are the perfect on-the-go snacks. Do Gouri’s Palm Jaggery And Honey Natural Energy Bars have a place in your monthly shopping list?

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The markets are topped up with energy bars – some made with oats, some filled with the goodness of mixed seeds and some packed with nuts for that extra crunch. A great pre or post-workout snack, these bars provide us with the convenience of an extra boost of energy when we have no time for a proper sit-down meal.

We tried and tasted Gouri’s Natural Energy Bars – Palm Jaggery and Honey. Here is our #FirstImpression.

What you need to know – Gouri’s Natural Energy Bars (Palm Jaggery & Honey)

*as per the information given on the pack

  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives
  • It is gluten and wheat free
  • Made in a peanut-free kitchen
  • All ingredients used are natural
  • A single bar (35 gms) provides 160 Kcal
  • Contains oats, flaxseeds, almonds, cornflakes, palm jaggery, jumbo oats, sesame seeds, oat bran and amaranth

Gouri’s Natural Energy Bar – Palm Jaggery & Honey

This mildly sweet, nutty-tasting energy bar is highly recommended for that on-the-go hunger pang. Delicious, healthy and value for money.

MRP – Rs 45/- per bar

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression of Gouri’s Natural Energy Bars (Palm Jaggery & Honey)

These energy bars come in a beautiful bright pink box that contains 12 individually packed bars. The box is priced at Rs 540/- (Rs 45/- per bar).

Taste-wise, Gouri’s Natural Energy Bars (Palm Jaggery & Honey) had a lovely, consistently chewy texture. It is mildly sweet with fresh-tasting flavors. Unlike most energy bars available, the only sweetness comes from palm jaggery. The flaxseeds and sesame seeds add a nutty touch to the bars. There is no bitter aftertaste. While the bar is a little dense, it doesn’t burden your palette with too many ingredients and tastes wholesome.

The chewy texture makes you feel that you have eaten something substantial and one bar is more than enough to fill you up.

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The list of ingredients has real food and none of those chemical-sounding names. The bars contain no preservatives or refined sugar.

Gouri’s Natural Energy Bars (Palm Jaggery & Honey) are especially good for people who are physically active or need a handy on-the-go meal. The palm jaggery and honey bars are also available as mini bites of 10 grams each and are equally gratifying.

Gouri’s Natural Energy Bars (Palm Jaggery & Honey) – Mini Bites

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