Gits’s Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix: #FirstImpressions

Gits’s Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix: #FirstImpressions

Gits’ Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix is an easy option when you are looking to quickly create 3-4 kulfis in a matter of hours.

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One of the many advantages that an instant dessert mix has on your lifestyle is that it opens up a variety of possibilities. Take, for example, kulfi, a popular dessert that is seldom bought from an ice-cream vendor. Instant mixes allow you to prepare traditional sweets in the comfort of one’s home. Especially, with the upcoming festive season, these mixes can be quite handy, and also make for excellent gifting options as part of hampers and gift packs.


This year, at Mishry we are looking at easy to gift, away from the usual, reasonable gifting options that you can even buy in bigger numbers, or add to customized hampers to bring a festive appeal to your dining. Our recommendations are authentic; as always, we experience (try/fry/taste) the products ourselves, at our review lab, before making any recommendations to you.

Gits’ Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix aims to bring the flavors of this much-loved frozen dessert to your doorstep. However, can it match up to the taste of a store-bought batch of kulfi? The only way to find out is to try it yourself – and that’s what we did as part of this #FirstImpressions quick review.


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Facts About Gits’ Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix

*info as per product packaging.


  1. Made from high-quality ingredients.
  2. It contains saffron for natural flavoring.
  3. It contains milk solids. So if you are allergic to dairy, you must avoid it.
  4. It contains dry fruits such as almonds and pistachios.
  5. It has no added preservatives, but artificial flavoring and colors are present.



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Gits Instant Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix, 100g

A frozen dairy dessert that has the aromatic and flavor characteristic of saffron along with the nutty-ness of almonds and pistachios.

MRP: 80*

*Price at the time of review



Instruction For preparing Gits’ Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix



  1. Mix the content of the pack with 350 ml of lukewarm milk.
  2. Bring the water to boil and then simmer for 5 minutes while stirring occasionally.
  3. Cool the mix and then pour it into kulfi molds before freezing.






#FirstImpressions Of Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix

Gits’ Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix was really easy to prepare in our review lab. Like, a few other Read To Eat Desserts from Gits that we have tried earlier, the instructions on the pack are spot on. Clear instructions on the packaging are really helpful when you are new to cooking or are in a hurry.

Gits’ Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix set well. We made the kulfi using organic, full-cream milk and the resultant mix was creamy and rich. In fact, we noticed that if you stir the mix for longer than expected, the frozen kulfis tend to be a little dry on the inside. Remember, the mix continues to thicken even as it cools down. So, make sure you follow the instructions on the pack.


As for the taste and texture – this is a real winner. Gits’ Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix tastes so much better than some of the stuff you get even at shops/restaurants! There is real flavor here – from milk, cream, sugar, and dry fruits. The slight tinge of yellow from the saffron makes it visually appealing too. We could taste the fresh pista flavors in the kulfi and cardamon adds depth too.

Kulfi is an evergreen dessert. And Gits’ Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix is an easy option when you are looking to quickly create 3-4 kulfis in a matter of hours.



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