Daawat Rice Sauté Sauce (Dum Biryani)

Daawat Rice Sauté Sauce (Dum Biryani)

Daawat’s rice saute sauce are aimed at providing an authentic taste of spices in an instance. Here is the first impressions of its dum biryani variant.

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A Dum Biryani is one where the last part of the cooking process involves sealing alternate layers of rice and chicken/mutton in a heavy-bottomed pan. Dough or atta is typically used to seal the pan. What this type of cooking does is, impart all the flavors of the masalas, meats/veggies to the rice, infusing it with abundant aroma and richness, and also making various ingredients come together as one complete dish. Daawat, one of the leading rice brands has come up with a range of Rice Sauté Sauces, available in a few flavors, including Dum Biryani. This is a ready-made blend of spices that claims to provide the same dum biryani taste in a matter of a few steps. We tried the new Daawat Dum Biryani Rice Sauté Sauce to see if merely adding a few tablespoons of this will infuse flavors of dum biryani to cooked rice. Here’s our #FreshImpressions of this dum biryani variant of Daawat’s new sauté sauce range.

Important Facts About Daawat’s Rice Sauté Sauce (Dum Biryani)

*as per the information on the pack


  1. It contains a blend of spices that can provide instant flavor to your rice.
  2. The paste is made from fresh and natural ingredients.
  3. No preservatives.
  4. It has no artificial colors added.


Daawat Saute Sauce Dum Biryani, 210 g

A mix of authentic spices that’ll give you the real taste of dum biryani.

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#FirstImpressions Of Daawat’s Rice Sauté Sauce (Dum Biryani)

Daawat’s Dum Biryani Rice Sauté Sauce comes in a small glass bottle that’s filled with the masala till the brim. As soon as you open the bottle, the robust smell of the khada masalas, and fried onions hits you instantly, setting up expectations.

Daawat’s Dum Biryani Rice Sauté Sauce Review

The process is quite simple; mix 3-4 teaspoons of the sauce with a plateful of rice, stir together for a few minutes and serve hot.

Our experience of trying out Daawat’s Dum Biryani Rice Sauté Sauce was quite pleasant. The intense aroma of the masala paste mellows as it gets mixed with rice. The paste coats the grains of rice well, giving it a nice brown color. You can see a lot of fried onions, cloves, and black pepper in the masala, each making the rice flavourful.

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Daawat’s Dum Biryani Rice Sauté Sauce

We used freshly cooked rice and mixed it with Daawat’s Dum Biryani Rice Sauté Sauce. Interestingly, the rice didn’t become dry. The biryani had a burst of khada masala flavor and was very tasty. It was a little spicy, so in case you don’t like spicy biryani, you may want to keep a bowlful of dahi with it.

Overall, it’s a good product to add a little flavor to your regular rice. You could add chicken/meat or veggies and even egg to the biryani-flavored rice. Serving it with dal, or a salan would be a delicious way to enjoy the biryani.

One bottle of Daawat’s Dum Biryani Rice Sauté Sauce can make up to 4 plates of dum biryani-flavored rice.

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