Britannia’s Pure Magic Chocolush: #FirstImpressions
first impressions of brittania chocolush

Britannia’s Pure Magic Chocolush: #FirstImpressions

These oblong-shaped biscuits with their chocolate-filled centers are made to reignite the thrill of a chocolaty experience. Check out our first impressions of Britannia Pure Magic Chocolush Cookies.

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A long crispy shell with a liquid chocolate center, Britannia’s Pure Magic Chocolush cookies promise to provide a sweet choco-moment in every bite. At least that is what it says on its packaging. Britannia’s Pure Magic Chocolush is a clear competition of two existing cookie-brands in the same category. Sunfeast’s Dark Fantasy Choco Fills and Parle Platina Milano Choco Delight already have a following amongst consumers who like crisp cookies filled with a chocolate center. And so it made perfect sense to check out this new offering. Let’s see our #Firstimpressions of the all-new Britannia Pure Magic Chocolush.

Things To Note About Britannia Pure Magic Chocolush

  1. Each 75g pack contains 6 individually packed cookies of 12.5gm each.
  2. The cookies contain permitted natural food coloring.
  3. The cookies contain added artificial flavoring substances (chocolate and vanilla).
  4. Each cookie contains about 65.87 Kcal.

Britannia Pure Magic – Chocolush, 75g Carton

A cookie filled with liquid chocolate at the center, aimed at providing you with a savory choco-moment.

#FirstImpressions Of Britannia’s Pure Magic Chocolush

It is crisp on the outside, creamy and luscious on the inside – Britannia Pure Magic Chocolush is really an excellent competitor to Parle Dark Fantasy – winner of an earlier face-off review.

There are several reasons why:

The cookie is crisp and buttery. It is not crumbly and has a good bite to it.

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Have you ever noticed how some cookies have more cookie and less filling? Or, how the filling is only restricted to a small section inside, so in every bite you get more biscuit and less cream? Fortunately, none of those are issues with Britannia Pure Magic Chocolush. We found the cream-filling is filled-up right till the edges, making every bite equally chocolatey.

The filling itself is rich and soft, with the right consistency – not too runny or too thick.

Same pricing and weight as the existing contenders, Britannia Pure Magic Chocolush is a winner.

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