Epigamia Cream Cheese Review - Perfect For Your Bagels

Epigamia Cream Cheese Review – Perfect For Your Bagels

Epigamia’s Cream Cheese is deliciously creamy! Team Mishry gives it a green signal.

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We loved the Epigamia Cream Cheese for its fresh flavor and aroma. The ease of spreadability of this product is a big plus as well.

Cream cheese is a type of fresh, soft cheese. Unlike many ripened cheese types, this is not aged and does not have any strong, pungent taste or aroma. Cream cheese is rather mild-tasting. A packaged version of cream cheese is available in many grocery stores and can be used as a spread, dip, or to be used in recipes like cheesecake and cake frostings.

Epigamia is a relatively new Indian brand that produces high protein, low-fat Greek yogurt in varied fruit flavors. Slowly but steadily, Epigamia has made its way into the market with a variety of flavored yogurts, mishti doi, smoothies, and ghee-based spreads. A relatively new product by Epigamia is the Cream Cheese.

We picked two packs of the Epigamia cream cheese (ordered directly from the brand website) to check it out for factors such as taste, aroma, texture, and usability. Read our Epigamia cream cheese review to know more.

Epigamia Cream Cheese

This section discusses our experience with the Epigamia Cream Cheese. What are the ingredients used, how does it taste, its shelf life, and much more.

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1. Ingredients

The ingredients used to make Epigamia Cream Cheese are Milk, Cream, whey protein concentrate, Iodised common salt, Stabilizers, and Permitted lactic acid starter cultures. This is a vegetarian product.

2. Price and Packaging

The Epigamia Cream Cheese comes packed in a compact, flat tub. As you open the lid, you can tear off a layer of pull-back seal pack. This makes it more secure and keeps it from drying off.

A 100 gm pack is priced at Rs 200/-. After comparing it to a few leading imported cream cheese brands, we found this to be competitively priced.

Epigamia Cream Cheese comes in a small tub.

3.  Shelf Life

The shelf life of Epigamia Cream Cheese is 45 days if unopened. As there are no preservatives in the product, it is best to consume it within 1-2 days upon opening. Do not freeze this. Keep it refrigerated. 

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4. Nutritional Facts

Epigamia’s Cream Cheese provides 344.03 Kcal of energy per 100 gms. The protein content is 6.79 gm per 100 grams.

5. Aroma

Fresh cream cheese has a very mild lactic aroma. There shouldn’t be any pungency in this soft cheese, and the cream cheese by Epigamia does not give off any pungent aroma either. 

Upon opening the sealed pack of the Epigamia cream cheese, we got a pleasant and fresh milky aroma. It does not smell pungent or acidic at all. It has a very fresh milky aroma.

6. Texture & Colour

As cream cheese is fresh and cannot be stored for too long, some store-bought tubs of cream cheese can spoil very quickly if stored incorrectly. Cream cheese that has gone bad looks dry and displays cracks from several angles. 

This off-white-colored cream cheese is thick, creamy, and very smooth. It doesn’t have any lumps at all. 

The spreadability of this cream cheese is excellent. It is easy, and almost silky, to spread.

We liked the creamy texture of Epigamia's Cream Cheese.

7. Taste

Typically cream cheese has a very mild milky taste with a light saltiness. It’s not sweet but is popularly used to make desserts or spread on bagels and toasts. 

The Epigamia Cream Cheese has a pleasantly fresh taste. The mild saltiness is just perfect. The salt content is so mild that it enables the cream cheese to be used in savory and sweet dishes. 

8.  Best Pair (Usability)

You can use cream cheese in multiple ways – 

  • As a spread on bagels and slices of bread.
  • For frosting, a carrot cake or a red velvet cake.
  • To make a cheesecake.
  • Make a herbed spread for sandwiches.
  • Turn it into a dip for your crackers and crudites.
  • Add it to your pasta bowl. 

Cream Cheese is typically high in calories and should be used in smaller portions only when you plan to consume it regularly.

9. Availability

Epigamia Cream Cheese is available in many online grocery stores. It is also available on Epigamia’s website (that is where we ordered it) and select grocery stores.

Parameters Product Information
Epigamia Cream Cheese Price Rs 200/-
Net weight 100 gm
Shelf life 45 days, if unopened
Color Off-white
Aroma Pleasant, milky
Taste and texture Creamy, smooth, mild salt

Epigamia Cream Cheese – Detailed Review

The Epigamia cheese spread comes in a compact plastic tub. A 100 gm pack is priced at Rs 200/-. There are no preservatives.

For our Epigamia cream cheese review we tasted it in two ways – dry tasting and as a spread. Bagels and cream cheese are a classic combination worldwide, which is why we chose to taste it as a thick layer on a bagel.

During our review, we noticed that the cream cheese has an appealing lactic aroma. This fresh-tasting cream cheese has mild salt levels making it favorable to be used in savory and sweet recipes. We liked the spreadability of the cream cheese.

Testing the Epigamia Cream Cheese with toasted bagels.
Epigamia's Cream Cheese is easy to spread and tastes delicious.


  • The MRP of a 100 gm pack is Rs 200/-.
  • Epigamia Cream Cheese Ingredients – Milk, Cream, whey protein concentrate, Iodised common salt, Stabilisers, Permitted lactic acid starter cultures.
  • Shelf life -45 days (unopened)
  • Once opened, refrigerate. Consume within 1-2 days. 
  • There are no preservatives.


  • Appealing aroma and taste.
  • The cream cheese is very fresh.
  • The salt levels are incredibly balanced.
  • Epigamia’s cream cheese has excellent spreadability.
  • This product has no preservatives.
  • In a comparative situation (compared with a few leading cream cheese brands) the price is competitive.

Best Suited For

Epigamia’s cream cheese is best suited for people who like to make cheesecakes at home or cream cheese frostings. If you’re a fan of cream cheese as a spread, this product is sure to hit the spot!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Epigamia cream cheese.

1. Is cream cheese available in India?

Yes. Even though cream cheese does not have as vast an audience as cheese slices or pizza cheese, it is fast becoming a popular form of fresh cheese. A few brands sell cream cheese in India, including Epigamia, D’lecta, Mooz, Britannia, and Kraft. 

2. Is Epigamia an Indian company?

Yes. Epigamia is an Indian company owned by Drums Food International. The company’s headquarters is in Mumbai. The founder of the company is Rohan Mirchandani.

3. Who is the founder of Epigamia? 

The founder of Epigamia is Rohan Mirchandani. 

4. What bacteria is in cream cheese?

Cream cheese uses lactic acid bacteria as a starter culture.

Final Verdict – Epigamia Cream Cheese

If you’re looking for a breakfast spread other than butter for your toasts and sandwiches, look no further. 

The Epigamia Cream Cheese is a fresh-tasting cheese that has excellent spreadability. We liked the fresh-tasting, mildly salty, creamy cheese. 

There are no preservatives, so make sure you consume them within 1-2 days after opening.

Do you like cream cheese? If yes, how do you like to consume it? Write to us in the comment section below.

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