Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt (With Coconut Jaggery) Review
Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt review

Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt (With Coconut Jaggery) Review

For all the coconut lovers, this dairy free coconut milk yogurt by Epigamia is the perfect snack for you.

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Plant based milk options are making their mark in the market in a big way. As more and more people are making healthier food choices or are turning vegan, plant-based milk is fast becoming the prime choice for consumption.

One of the most used plant-based milk is coconut milk. We have been using coconut milk for a long time to make delicate desserts and Thai curries. Epigamia has introduced two plant-based ‘yogurts’ made with coconut milk, one is unsweetened and another one is sweetened with coconut jaggery.

We reviewed the Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt (With Coconut Jaggery) for its taste, texture, and consistency. Read on our Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt review to know how did Team Mishry rate this on a scale of 0-5.

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Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt – Everything You Need To Know

Here’s all the information you must know about Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt Unsweetened before grabbing a pack. We have mentioned the ingredients, package information, pricing and other relevant details.

Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt Product Details
Price  Rs 70/- (* Price at the time of review)
Net Weight  90 grams
Calories 100 grams of the yogurt provides 187 Kcal of energy.
Made with  Coconut jaggery.
Contains  Contains 1 billion live and active probiotics.
Preservatives  Has no preservatives.
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We tried two flavors of Epigamia No-Added Sugar Greek Yogurt. Here are the details.

Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt – Detailed Review

We reviewed the Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt (With Coconut Jaggery) for its taste, texture, and consistency. Here’s what we have to say about it.

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A 90-gram pack is priced at Rs 70/-.


The packing is very pleasing to the eyes and has a tropical feel, which is most welcome this summer.

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Upon opening the package, you get a strong whiff of coconut. Unlike the coconut mithais or smoothies, where the aroma of coconut dies down under other flavors, the aroma of this dairy-free yogurt is strong and earthy.

epigamia coconut milk yogurt with coconut jaggery review
Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt With Coconut Jaggery Review


The texture of the Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt is smooth and creamy. If you have it straight out the fridge, the creaminess might reduce a tad bit, and the yogurt seems more ‘set’. Tastes best when it’s been out of the fridge for a few minutes before consumption. The silky smooth texture is a big positive.


Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt has a very natural coconut flavor and does not taste synthetic at all as some fruit yogurts do. The flavors are very earthy and tropical. The coconut flavor is robust and absolutely spot on. It tastes fresh and natural.


Now coming to a crucial element – Sweetness. The sweetness of the yogurt is derived from coconut jaggery, which is a healthier alternative to refined sugar. The dairy-free yogurt is not sugary at all. Even for people who have a low tolerance for sugary products, the sweetness was on the lower side. We felt the sweetness could have been a tad bit more.

Best Suited For

Overall, we felt that this is a great snack idea for people who are lactose intolerant or people who are following a vegan diet. In the Indian market, there is a dearth of vegan, dairy-free products, and this is something that has the potential to fill those gaps.

Mishry Rating 

4.5 Mishrys for the Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt (With Coconut Jaggery)

Final Words

Anyone who likes coconut as a flavor in desserts, smoothies, or savory curries also, will love this yogurt. That being said, it’s an acquired taste and will grow on you with time.

If you love coconut flavored foods, this one is for you! With it’s mild, natural sweetness the Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt is perfect as a mid-day snack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few interesting FAQs on Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt with Coconut Jaggery.

1. Is Epigamia coconut yogurt healthy?

Epigamia coconut milk yogurt is low in sugar, rich in probiotics, and has no preservatives. In addition, it is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids.

Coconut yogurt efficiently metabolizes fatty acids. Fatty acid metabolism is essential as it contributes to membrane synthesis and is a fuel for the cells.

2. How do you store Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt?

The shelf life of Epigamia Coconut milk yogurt is 14 days if it is stored in a refrigerator with a temperature of 4 Degree C to 8 Degree C. However, once opened, consume it within 4 to 6 days.

3. How do you eat Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt?

Epigamia coconut milk yogurt can be eaten for breakfast or as a dessert.

Add it in smoothies and savory curries.

Want to make soup creamy and thick? Coconut yogurt is a perfect companion to it.

4. Is Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt good for weight loss?

The nutritional value of 100g of coconut yogurt milk has 14g fat (11.7g saturated fat, no trans fats, and zero cholesterol), 7.1mg sodium, 14g carbs, and 1.4g protein. So based on the nutrition facts, it can be your perfect diet partner and weight loss, partner.

Consuming in moderation helps. Studies done on coconut milk shows that it reduces visceral fat.

5. Is Epigamia Coconut Milk Yogurt fat-free?

Epigamia coconut milk yogurt with coconut jaggery contains coconut milk, coconut palm jaggery, starch, and active live cultures. It is not fat-free but is low in fat. The 100g of Epigamia coconut milk yogurt contains 11.7g of saturated fat.

6. What are the benefits of coconut milk yogurt? 

The benefits of coconut milk yogurt are many. To list a few we have – it is a good source of healthy fats, it contains essential vitamins, and it is an excellent source of fiber.

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