Egg Benefits: Improves Cholesterol, Weight Loss And More

Egg Benefits: Improves Cholesterol, Weight Loss And More

Eggs are affordable and readily available. What’s more, they are super healthy as well! Eggs are rich in proteins that are responsible for the development of muscles, bones, and tissues. While eggs are a rich source of proteins, they are low in calories. Therefore, you feel quite full after eating one hard-boiled egg.

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Eggs are one of the most easily-available and healthy ingredients in your kitchen. When you don’t have time for an elaborate breakfast, all you need to do is to eat one hard-boiled egg to keep you energized all through the day.

Why do doctors advise you to include eggs regularly in your meal? Read on to know more about the same.

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Important Health Benefits Of Eggs You Must Know

1. Eggs are a nutrient-rich food

A single hard-boiled whole egg is considered to be a wholesome breakfast because it is loaded with nutrients. Though it only contains 77 calories, it gives you a decent percentage of your daily recommended levels of Vitamins A, B12, B5, B2, B6, K, D and E. In addition to this, eggs also contain healthy nutrients such as phosphorus, selenium, calcium, and zinc.

One egg contains 6 grams of proteins and 5 grams of healthy fats that keep you healthy and full and for a long time. Pastured or omega-3 eggs are healthier than normal eggs because the nutrient content in them is far higher than the usual eggs. Now, do you understand why an egg is considered a wholesome food?

benefits of eggs
Benefits Of Eggs

2. Eggs are a good source of choline

Choline is an important nutrient for the growth of the cell membranes in your body, thereby ensuring the normal functioning of the brain and other vital organs. This is quite a rare nutrient and most people aren’t even aware of it. When you consume eggs regularly, you can get rid of choline deficiency syndrome because one egg contains over 100mg of choline in it!

Though choline is usually grouped along with Vitamin B Complex, it is neither a vitamin nor a mineral. It is an organic compound that plays an important role in the development of your nerves, muscles, brains and other vital organs.

toasted bread with eggs
When you consume eggs regularly, you can get rid of choline deficiency syndrome because one egg contains over 100mg of choline in it!

3. Eggs help improve good cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart diseases

Studies have shown that eggs play an important role in increasing the HDL (high-density lipoprotein) or the good cholesterol levels considerably in your body, thereby making you less prone to cardiac ailments and strokes. A group of people who were made to eat two eggs per day for six weeks reported a 10% increase in their HDL levels at the end of the 6-week period.

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4. Eggs Improve Your eyes

As you grow old, your eye muscles start to degenerate and your vision starts to blur. Some of you might also experience cataract-related issues in your eyes in your old age. However, did you know that you could avoid these problems by eating eggs regularly in your youth?

It has been proved that the egg yolk contains two powerful antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin. These antioxidants restore the functionality of the retina. To prove this point a group of people was given 1.3 egg yolks per day for about 5 weeks. After the 5-week period, their blood samples were taken to check for the presence of these antioxidants. After consuming eggs regularly, these people reported almost 50% increase in lutein and up to 142% increase in zeaxanthin.

Also, eggs are a rich source of Vitamin A. You must be knowing already that Vitamin A is very important for your eye health. Since eggs are loaded with Vitamin A and these powerful antioxidants, you can be assured of the overall health of your eyes and vision clarity when you include eggs in your regular diet.

5. Eggs contain essential amino acids

Eggs are a good source of protein. You need proteins to build your body and restore the damaged muscles, especially when you are back from an intense workout schedule.  One egg contains 6grams of protein, which makes it an excellent source of protein to help your body structurally and functionally.

Eggs contain a lot of essential amino acids that help in the overall functioning of the human body. These amino acids ensure that you don’t only lose weight quickly but also improve muscle mass and overall bone health.

6. Eggs help in Weight Loss

Eggs are rich in proteins but low in calories. Therefore, you feel quite full after eating one hard-boiled egg. When you feel content, your appetite reduces automatically, without you having to do anything. Since you consume a low-calorie diet in eggs, you will feel the visible reduction in your weight after about a month or so.

A study was conducted on two groups of people, where the first group was asked to eat eggs for breakfast and the other group was asked to eat bagels. After 8 weeks, the researchers checked the weight of the people in the 2 groups. To everyone’s surprise, the group that consumed eggs for breakfast showed a visible weight loss when compared to the group that consumed bagels for breakfast!

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7. Omega 3 eggs reduce blood triglycerides

Though all eggs are loaded with a lot of nutrients, the pastured or omega-3 enriched eggs are way superior to the normal varieties. These are eggs from hens that grazed on pastures or were fed omega-3 enriched foods. Studies have proved that these omega-3 eggs reduce blood levels of triglycerides significantly. Triglycerides are the risk factors that make you prone to heart disease.

A group was asked to eat 5 omega-3 enriched eggs per week for three weeks. Consuming these 15 eggs brought about a significant change in their blood tests. The triglycerides count had gone down by 16 to 18% for these people, thanks to the goodness of the omega-3 enriched eggs.

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8. Eggs help in fetal development

Have you noticed that most of the doctors advise pregnant women to include eggs in their meals regularly? Why do you think this is the case? Eggs are rich in proteins that are responsible for the development of the muscles, bones, and tissues in the fetus. It is loaded with many vitamins and minerals that help in the normal functioning of the baby’s vital organs even when it is in the womb.

eggs with salad
Eggs are rich in proteins that are responsible for the development of the muscles, bones, and tissues in the fetus.

9. Source of Vitamin D

We all know that sunlight is the natural source of sunlight. However, did you know that the egg is one of the rarest food sources of Vitamin D?

Due to this feature, eating eggs every day can help to keep your bone health intact. Eating eggs regularly during your youth can help you stay safe from bone-degeneration diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis in your old age.

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10. Beauty Benefits of Eggs

Apart from these numerous health benefits, egg whites and egg yolks are extensively used in beauty treatments. Using egg-based treatments results in silky, nourished hair and glowing skin. You can use egg whites for the following issues:

  • Removing unnecessary facial hair
  • Removal and disappearance of pores, fine lines, wrinkles and symptoms related to aging
  • Removing excess oils from your skin and scalp
  • Remove acne and pimples from your face
  • Add volume and shine to your dry and dehydrated hair
  • Bring youth and vibrancy to your skin by removing dark circles, sagging skin, blackheads and the like
sliced boiled eggs
Benefits Of Eggs


Eggs are affordable and easily available. What’s more, they are super healthy as well! Make a promise to yourself that you will start including eggs in your meals regularly from today. You will see a visible improvement in your overall health when you start doing this. Eggs may be small in size, but they come packed with healthy nutrients that you cannot afford to miss.

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