DNV Appalam Papad Review - Mishry (2022)
dnv appalam papad review

DNV Appalam Papad Review – Mishry (2024)

DNV Appalam has a nice crunch but did it impress us taste-wise? Let’s find out.

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Mishry Rating

3 / 5
3.5 / 5


These appalams from DNV showcase a prominent crunch, but are thicker than usual. However, taste-wise it could have been better.

Call it papad, pappadam, or appalam, this crunchy side dish is the most common food item you will come across in Indian households. Be it a piping hot plate of dal chawal, khichdi, or curd rice, a crunchy side dish is loved by many. 

Appalams find their origin in Tamil Nadu and are known for their large size. It is a kind of papad where urad dal and rice are used as the main ingredients and seasoned with minimal spices. These pair up well with rice and are perfect to snack on.

Our DNV Appalam Papad Review is based on its taste and texture. 

We have listed a few details that you must know about DNV Appam : 

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DNV Appalam  Product Details 
Price INR 50
Net Quantity  100 gm 
Main Ingredients (top 5) Udad dal, Flour, Refined salt, Rice flour and Sunflower refined oil
Shelf Life  6 months 
Buy Now  On Amazon
Mishry Ratings (on 5) 3.25

Our Review Factors

What are we expecting?  These ready to cook appalams should be crisp, thin, easy to fry and seasoned with the right level of salt.

Our review factors for DNV Appalam Papad are as follows:  

1. Taste

A signature appalam is made using urad dal as the hero ingredient and is not seasoned with too many spices. Does it taste fresh? Any undesirable taste? 

What is appalam? Appalam is basically a thin, crisp, large and round shaped papad-like disc, commonly served as a side dish with meals. 

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2. Texture/Crunch

Appalams are thin, crispy, and light in texture. How pronounced is the crunch? Are these thin or thick in size?  

3. Other Observations

In addition to the above parameters, the main ingredients, packaging, price and shelf life were the other supporting parameters.

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DNV Appalam Papad – Detailed Review

Our detailed review section discusses more details about the product in terms of the overall experience, pros, and cons

Product Details

DNV Appalam comes in a yellow color pack. We reviewed the 100 gm pack, which costs Rs.50. The shelf life is six months.

dnv appalam papad packaging
The overall packaging of DNV Appalam Papad.


These are round papads with a diameter of 4 to 4.5 inches before frying. Once fried, they expand up to 6 to 7 inches in diameter. Considering the fact that these are handmade, the size and shape of all the appalams might not be a perfect circle.

These have a yellowish color.  

the appalam papad as removed from the pack
A look at the raw appalam papad.

Main Ingredients 

Here’s a breakdown of the main ingredients – Urad dal, Flour, Refined salt, Rice flour, and Sunflower refined oil. Asafetida and Sodium carbonate are among the other additions.

the appalam papad post frying
We deep-fried these appalam papad.

Our Findings 

Taste & Texture 

As we took a bite of the papad, the overpowering flavor of soda was instantly noticed. It’s definately not appealing. We were also able to taste the flavor of urad dal. The salt level was a tad bit on the higher side. 

Although the ingredient list mentions the use of asafoetida, its presence was negligible. 

In terms of the texture, the crunch is on point. A traditional appalam is thin and large. However, these appalam’s were slightly thicker. These are not as light as traditional appalams. 

the setup for our review process
This is how our review process of DNV Appalam Papad looked like.
Taste - 3/5
Crunch - 4/5
Appearance - 3/5
  • These appalams have a nice crunch. 
  • We could taste the flavor of urad dal. 
  • The level of salt is slightly higher. 
  • There is a dominant flavor of soda. 
  • Unlike a traditional appalam, these have a thicker texture. 

If you are looking to try something different from a regular papad, you can give DNV Appalam a try. Serve it alongside your meals, rasam or sambar, or crush them and top it up on khichdi, pulao or upma. A few recipes you can prepare using these papad includes – an appalam papad salad, appalam potato rolls or appalam and paneer ke kurkure.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on DNV Appalam Papad.

Papads are generally not considered as a healthy side because they’re often deep fried. Roasted or otherwise, it is best to keep the consumption occasional. 

The energy per 100 gm serving of DNV Appalam Papad is 325 kcal.

No. The main ingredients of DNV Appalam Papad includes urad dal, flour, refined salt, and rice flour.

No. This papad has no preservatives.

Yes. These Appalam papads from DNV can be enjoyed as a snack in the evening or for some mid-meal munching.

In Conclusion

We liked the overall crunch of DNV’s Appalam Papad. But taste-wise, we felt it could have been better. We would have liked it more if the presence of salt and soda was more balanced. These factors led to a low rating on the taste parameter. Moreover, these weren’t as light and thin.

Have you tried appalam papad before? How did your experience turn out?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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