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deepak premium quality murmura review

Deepak Premium Quality Murmura Review – Fresh & Crunchy

Murmuras are best for light evening snacking. We tried the one by Deepak brand and…

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Fresh, crunchy, crispy and well seasoned! Deepak Premium Quality Murmura was a hit in our taste test. It is a pocket friendly snack and can be used as a base for making different namkeens.

Whenever we hear someone say murmura the first thought that comes to our mind is a plate of mouth-watering bhel puri or an addictive namkeen. Murmura, also known as ‘mamra’ or ‘kurmura’ or puffed rice, is a popular cereal made using rice. It is the most common ingredient used for preparing lip-smacking chaats and namkeens. It is a light snacking option and is a quick fixture to satisfy evening pangs. 

We ordered a popularly available brand of murmura online and tested it for its taste and texture. Find out more details in our Deepak Premium Quality Murmura review.

Deepak Premium Quality Murmura – What You Need To Know

deepak premium quality murmura packaging
Deepak Premium Quality Murmura Packaging

In this part, we have discussed everything that you need to know about Deepak Premium Quality Murmura. 

1. Packaging

We reviewed the 200 gm pack of Deepak murmura which comes in a see-through pack with green detailing. It isn’t resealable.  

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2. Main Ingredients

The main ingredients used in this murmura includes – puffed rice and edible salt. 

3. Taste

Murmura, by itself, isn’t very flavorful. It acts like a superb base for other namkeens unless it contains seasonings. As per the ingredient list, Deepak murmura includes edible salt which we feel is very balanced.  

4. Texture + Crunch

This parameter is crucial when it comes to reviewing any raw murmura. Usually raw murmura requires a little bit of dry roasting on low flame to achieve the desired texture. Deepak Premium Quality Murmura has a fresh taste and pronounced crunch.

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5. Appearance

Talking about the appearance, these murmura have a mix of both white and light brown color shade. The murmuras are small-medium sized. 

6. Shelf Life 

Deepak premium quality murmura offers a shelf life of 6 months from the date of packaging. 

7. Price

The 200 gm pack is available at a MRP of Rs. 25/-.

8. Nutritional Information

Here is a table showcasing the nutritional information related to Deepak murmura : 

Parameters  Nutritional Information (per 100 gm)
Energy 339 kcal
Protein 7.1 gm 
Fat  0.0 gm 
Fiber  7.1 gm 

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Deepak Premium Quality Murmura – Detailed Review

A table depicting the product details of Deepak Premium Quality Murmura :

Deepak Premium Quality Murmura   Product Details 
Price  INR 25
Net Quantity  200 gm
Ingredients Puffed rice and salt 
Calories (per 100 gm) 339 kcal
Shelf Life 6 months from date of packing
Protein (per 100 gm) 7.1 gm


During visual inspection we noticed that there are no sand particles or dry grit in this murmura. We checked for this because during the manufacturing process, rice are roasted in sand at high heat which is later sieved. But in some packs the sand isn’t sieved well, which is why we feel some grit upon eating.

We tried the Deepak brand murmura by turning it into a basic namkeen recipe. We used ¼ tsp oil, salt, murmura and turmeric. We roasted this mix on high flame for about 3 to 4 minutes. The result was a bowl of crispy murmura prepared in no time. 

Individually the murmuras are fresh tasting and have a pronounced crunch.

deepak premium quality murmura placed in a bowl
The raw murmura after opening the pack!
cross sectional look at deepak premium quality murmura
The texture of these murmura is crispy.
closer look at deepak premium quality murmura
The murmura post dry roasting.


  • A 200 gm is priced at INR 25. 
  • The main ingredients include – puffed rice and edible salt. 
  • It offers a shelf life of 6 months from the date of packing. 
  • There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives used.    


  • The salt levels are balanced. 
  • The texture is super crispy. 
  • It is an ideal light snacking option. 
  • These murmura have a fresh taste. 
  • No sand particles or grit.


  • The brand has not mentioned the variant of rice used for preparing these puffed murmura. 

Best Suited For

These murmura are best suited for preparing homemade bhel puri, jhal muri, or peanut & chana murmura chaat. You can also have them by simply roasting them with a few basic spices together with a hot of tea or coffee as accompaniment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Deepak Premium Quality Murmura.

1. Can this murmura be eaten as breakfast?

Though murmura is ideally eaten as an evening snack you can also relish them during breakfast time. Some of the breakfast options you can prepare using murmura are – murmura appe or murmura upma.   

2. Is this murmura made with palm oil?

This murmura does not include the presence of palm oil. 

3. Is murmura good for weight loss?

Weight loss is a result of different factors including regular exercise and a balanced diet. Murmura is low in calories and hence an ideal option to include as a snack to satisfy hunger pangs. 

4. How to store this murmura after unpacking to retain its crunch?

Though the brand has not mentioned how to store these murmura after unpacking, it is best to keep them placed in an airtight container to make sure that the crunch remains intact.


Deepak Premium Quality Murmura are crunchy, fresh and perfectly salted. You can have these as it is or dry roast them with a few spices. Dry roasted murmura is best paired with tea or coffee and makes for a light snacking option. 

Have you tried preparing a unique recipe using murmura? Do let us know your ideas in the comments below.

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