Dairy Craft La Cremella Bocconcini Cheese Review - Mishry
dairy craft la cremella bocconcini cheese review

Dairy Craft La Cremella Bocconcini Cheese Review – Mishry

Dairy Craft La Cremella Bocconcini Cheese are small rounded cheese balls having a fresh taste. We cover more details on its texture, pricing, aroma, and packaging below.

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Dairy Craft La Cremella Bocconcini Cheese tastes fresh and looks delightfully creamy. We loved the balanced salt levels and the mild flavor of this cheese. However, they lack the milky sweetness commonly seen in Italian Mozzarellas.

A piping hot pizza topped with your favorite vegetables and stretchy mozzarella cheese is one of the most loved combos. Bocconcini cheeses are small round mozzarella cheese balls resembling the size of cherry tomatoes. Made from the milk of water buffalo, it has a taste similar to that of mozzarella cheese. Are you an ardent lover of Bocconcini cheese? After a series of searches, Dairy Craft La Cremella Bocconcini Cheese caught our attention. We cover details on the taste, texture, packaging, price, and other crucial parameters in our Dairy Craft La Cremella Bocconcini Cheese review. 

Is it a hit or miss? Let’s find out!

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A quick glance at a few details related to Dairy Craft Bocconcini Cheese : 


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Dairy Craft Bocconcini Cheese Product Details 
Price  Rs. 135
Net Quantity (with brine water) 300 gm 
Net Drained Quantity  100 gm 
Mishry Rating  3.25
Calories (per 100 gm) 279.80 kcal
Shelf Life  1 month 

Our Review Factors

Our review factors for Dairy Craft La Cremella Bocconcini Cheese are as follows:

dairy craft la cremella bocconcini cheese packaging
The eye-catching packaging of Dairy Craft La Cremella Bocconcini Cheese.

1. Packaging

The glossy white color pack of Dairy Craft La Cremella Bocconcini Cheese is eye-catching. We loved the air-tight packaging of this cheese. The cheese balls are immersed in brine water inside the pack. The 135 gm quantity holds around 10 of such cheese balls.

Since the packaging is not resealable, make sure to transfer the contents in an air-tight container keeping the brine water intact. 

Brine water is salt dissolved in water. It is a common way to preserve and store cheese. 

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2. Main Ingredients 

The list of the main ingredients goes as follows : 

Pasteurized buffalo milk, Starter culture, Enzyme (Renner), and Brine Water. 

3. Flavor

While gauging the flavor, we closely examine the signature cheese aroma and taste. What is the level of pungency in terms of taste and smell? Is it mild or too intense? Are the salt levels balanced or over salted? 

4. Texture 

Texture-wise, we look for how creamy and soft are these cheese balls? Is it too hard to bite? Does the texture feel chewy? 

5. Appearance

We checked here how consistent these cheese balls are in size? Are these big-sized or small-sized? 

6. Freshness & Quality

How fresh is the taste of these cheese balls? Is the buffalo milk used of good quality? 

7. Nutritional Information

Per 100 gm, Dairy Craft Bocconcini Cheese contains about 279.80 kcal of energy, 17.0 gm of protein, 5.93 gm of carbohydrate, and 466.80 mg of sodium.

8. Price

A 100 gm pack of Dairy Craft Bocconcini Cheese is available for Rs. 135. 

9. Shelf Life

The shelf life is 1 month. After opening the pack, make sure to consume within 2 days. 

Dairy Craft Bocconcini Cheese – Detailed Review

Dairy Craft Bocconcini cheese comes in a glossy white color pack. Immersed in a brine solution, these are small-sized cheese balls. 

A refreshing and creamy aroma was noticeable as we cut through the pack. 

Appearance-wise, these are round in shape and depict a creamy outer layer. We tasted these cheese balls at two stages as it is and with seasonings.  

When we had these cheese balls as it is, we loved how fresh they tasted. These are mild in flavor. The salt levels are balanced. Neither low nor high. 

For seasoning, we sprinkled some black pepper and extra virgin olive oil. The addition of seasoning enhances the overall flavor. Yum! 

The milky sweetness found in Italian Mozzarella was missing here. Though these cheese balls lack the signature Italian taste, the creaminess is commendable.

During our review, we found that these cheese balls are delicate. The texture appears to be stretchy. It is not chewy. The level of sponginess is low to medium. Nonetheless, the texture is not bad. 

Looking at the price at which these are available, it is a stellar deal.

dairy craft la cremella bocconcini cheese with brine water placed in a square bowl
The Bocconcini cheese balls and the brine water placed in a bowl.
closer look at dairy craft la cremella bocconcini cheese
These small sized cheese balls have a fresh taste!
Packaging - 4/5
Main Ingredients - 4/5
Flavor - 3/5
Texture - 3/5
Appearance - 4/5
Freshness & Quality - 4/5
Nutritional Information - 4/5
Price - 4/5
Shelf Life - 4/5

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  • These cheese balls make for a delicious starter snack. 
  • The salt levels are balanced. 
  • We loved the fresh taste of these cheese balls. 
  • They do not contain any added preservatives.
  • These cheese balls lack the milky sweetness usually seen in Italian mozzarellas.

This bocconcini cheese will make for a delicious addition to your Caprese salads. Toss these cheese balls with cherry tomatoes, basil, salt, pepper, and savor every bite. You can use this cheese as a filling for sandwiches as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Dairy Craft La Cremella Bocconcini Cheese 

After unpacking, the best way to store this cheese is to place them in an air-tight container. Keep them stored between 2 to 4 degrees in the refrigerator. Make sure to keep the cheese immersed in brine water. It is ideal to consume the cheese within 2 days of unpacking for a fresh taste.

No. We found the presence of no added preservatives in this cheese. 

Dairy Craft La Cremella Bocconcini Cheese has no additional flavor enhancing elements.

No. You cannot use this cheese as a dip for snacks. You can enjoy these cheese balls with a flavorful dip of your choice.

No, this cheese is not vegan. The ingredient list mentions the use of pasteurized buffalo milk.

Final Words

We loved the fresh taste and the mild flavor of Dairy Craft La Cremella Bocconcini Cheese. The texture of this cheese is soft and delicate. Though the creaminess does not match the original Italian ones, it does not fail to deliver in terms of flavor. Coming to the pricing, it is a value for money deal. 

Have you tried Bocconcini cheese yet? How did your experience turn out? Drop in your thoughts in the comments below.

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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