Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha Review

Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha Review

Kaadhas, now in the convenience of a small sachet. Let us find out what all goes in this pack of Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha.

Age old kaadhas (concoctions) made using herbs and spices are one of the top things most Indians rely on when a small cold or cough occurs. Most kaadha recipes have been passed on through generations, but now everyone needs convenience attached to these herbal beverages. Each ingredient added to a kaadha has a special role to play in improving the overall health. We came across the very popular Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha and here is what we thought about it.


What You Need To Know About Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha

*As per information on the pack


  • Fortified with 15 herbs.
  • Contains potassium sorbate.
  • Add to hot water, milk or tea.


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Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha

The ginger-pepper kick that the Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha provides is soothing for a sore throat.

MRP – Rs 300/-*

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression Of The Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha

Price and packaging – The Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha comes in a yellow and red box packing. The box is priced at Rs 300/- and contains 30 sachets. That comes to Rs 10/- per sachet. Each sachet contains 4 grams of powder which can be turned into a kaadha by adding hot water. This is very handy for traveling or for when you live away from home and find it hard to collect all the desi herbs and spices for making a kaadha.



Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha

Appearance, texture, and aroma – The texture of the powder is coarse, is a very mild yellow in color, and resembles a chai masala. The aroma is sweet and has robust ginger and pepper notes.


Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha – Texture of the powder

How to use it – This can be made using hot water, milk, or can be added to tea as well. We tried this ayurvedic powder in hot water. We saw that it dissolved properly in the water with ease and had a mild yellow color.

Taste of the kaadha – The ginger and pepper flavor is dominant and very warming. The Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Kaadha is mildly sweet, unlike most premixed kaadhas you get in the market. Overall, the taste was very pleasant and none of the herbs or spices created a pungent aftertaste.

The gentle taste allows you to have a couple of cups every day, without a doubt. We also noticed that after each mug, the concoction did seem to provide some relief a sore/scratchy throat. Of course, symptomatic relief does not always validate the efficacy of a product. However, it’s important to note that this can easily serve as a substitute for at least one cup of green tea that you have every day, especially as we head into cooler days.


List of ingredients – The Dabur Honitus Hot Sip Ayur Kaadha contains the following – Dhanyaka (coriander), Maricha (black pepper), Vasa (malabar nut), Shvetajiraka (cumin), Shankhpushpi (Asian pigeonwings), Kantakari (Indian night shade), Shunthi (ginger), Bharangi (blue fountain bush), Pippali (long pepper), Kulanjana (blue ginger), Daruharidra (tree turmeric), Tulasi (Tulsi), Bhutrin (lemongrass), Yuvani, Yashti (Liquorice), Sharkara (sugar), Madhu (honey).

What could have been better is the nutritional label. There was none. The pack recommends that you have it 2-4 times a day or as directed by the doctor. While you are drinking this 2-4 times a day, you would want to know the number of calories taken too.

Mishry Rating - 4/5

* While reviewing and assessing Ayurvedic products we take a holistic approach. We consider the ingredients used and their established benefits. We also look at other relevant parameters like quality, pricing, etc. In such cases, the rating is not indicative of the efficacy of the product.

* We urge users to read labels carefully and consult a certified Ayurveda practitioner before making these a part of your regular diet. We are all unique, and each person may benefit differently by using such a product.

* Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

* No part of this review is sponsored by any brand. All expenses were borne by us.

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