Continental Greenbird Plant-Based Meat Review - Mishry (2024)
Continental Greenbird plant based meat

Continental Greenbird’s Plant-Based Meat Is A Brilliant Alternative To Real Meat (2024)

We reviewed three different plant-products by Greenbird – Mutton-like Keema, Chicken-like Sausage and Chicken-like Seekh Kebab. Here’s our verdict!

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Plant-based meat that makes you wonder if it's the real deal? Yes, please! All three plant-based meat products from Continental Greenbird offer a delightful, juicy mouthfeel reminiscent of real meat. They serve as an excellent alternative for recently turned vegetarians yearning for the taste of meat without deviating from their commitment towards this diet.

Whether it’s due to health concerns or environmental awareness, more and more people are choosing to follow a vegetarian diet. As a result, many brands have introduced a variety of plant-based frozen snacks to meet the increased consumer demand. These products are often high in protein and fiber and made with plant-based ingredients that are both healthy and sustainable. 

In this review, we tested three different variants of Continental Greenbird’s plant-based meat, evaluating their taste, texture, and overall convenience. We wanted to see how well these products mimic the taste and feel of actual meat. Let’s decode the answer in our Continental Greenbird Plant-Based Meat review.

The different plant-based products by Continental we reviewed:

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Mutton-Like Kheema  On Website
Chicken-Like Sausages  On Website
Chicken-Like Seekh Kebab  On Website

Our Review Factors

What are we looking for? We are looking for plant-based meat products that mimic the taste and texture of traditional meat. For individuals who have recently adopted a vegetarian lifestyle, or a non-vegetarian looking for sustainable alternatives – Does this suffice to satisfy their cravings? 

Who is the target audience? 

For those who have recently transitioned to a vegetarian lifestyle and seek alternatives to real meat, these options can provide a satisfying meat-like experience without the guilt. 

The criteria to evaluate the Continental Greenbird Plant-Based Meat are:

1. Taste 

Our checklist includes: 

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– Evaluating the overall flavor. 

– How close does it come to the taste of actual chicken/mutton? – Is the seasoning balanced? 

– Is there any industrial aftertaste?

2. Texture

When referring to the texture, we are considering the meaty, succulent mouthfeel. How tender, and juicy does it feel? Was it able to replicate the texture of animal-based meat in that particular dish?

3. Additional Factors 

We also recorded details on the pricing, packaging, cooking process, and the shelf life. 

Why are we not ranking it on the ingredients or nutrition? Simply put, it doesn’t label itself as ‘healthy’. This is supposed to be an alternative to regular meat for those who recently switched to a vegetarian lifestyle. This isn’t a way to add protein to your diet on an everyday basis. This is meant for occasional consumption. 

How Greenbird mimics the texture of meat in their products? Common ingredients found in plant-based products are chickpea protein, soy, and oat fiber. Oats provide a unique texture and contribute to the firmness or chewiness often associated with meat-based products. Oat fiber’s binding qualities help to keep the components of plant-based products together, which is especially important in making plant-based sausages or burgers. Another ingredient commonly used is soy, which has superb binding and emulsification qualities. It is useful in creating plant-based products that have a texture similar to that of meat, mimicking the mouthfeel and structure. 

Continental Greenbird Plant-Based Meat – Detailed Review

In this segment, you’ll find details about the three distinct plant-based meat products offered by Greenbird:

1. Mutton-like Keema

Product Details

Greenbird’s mutton-like keema comes in a yellow and dark green color pack. It has 12 months of shelf life. A 250 gm and 500 gm pack is priced at Rs. 350/- and Rs 625/- respectively. Do note that this is the new packaging which will be shortly available in stores. 

The main ingredients are Water, Vegetable protein mix (21%), {Textured protein (Soy) (13.6%), Vegetable fat (Hydrogenated coconut fat), Structured vegetable protein soy protein (<0.5%), Starch, Spices & Condiments (Chilli, Cumin, Rosemary), lodized salt, Vegetable fibre (Oats), Stabilizers (INS 461), Thickener (INS 415, INS 425, INS 407a))}, Natural & Nature identical flavouring substances. 

Manufactured in a facility that also processes wheat, dairy and nuts. Allergen: Contains oats and soy. May contain wheat and nuts.

Continental Greenbird plant based keema
The outer packaging of Mutton-like Keema.

Our Experience 

We cooked the keema in an onion-tomato masala flavored with ginger, garlic paste, turmeric, coriander, red and green chilies, and salt as part of our review process. To improve the taste profile, we added fresh peas and garam masala. 

For four to five minutes, the ‘mutton’ was cooked slowly over low heat. We added butter, coriander, and a dash of lemon juice as the last touches. To complement the dish, we served it alongside buttered pav (bread) and finely sliced onion lachchas.

Continental Greenbird plant based close look
Macro shot of the mutton-keema.

Aroma + Appearance 

Appearance-wise, this keema has a reddish color hue. The color does not alter upon cooking. It emits a mild meaty aroma while cooking. 

What causes the change in color of raw mince from red to brown during cooking? Why did my plant-based mince not turn brown? Myoglobin, present in muscle

tissue, gives raw meat its red or purple hue. Meanwhile, hemoglobin, found in blood, also contributes to the meat’s color. In its raw state, myoglobin imparts a darker color. However, as heat is applied during cooking, myoglobin undergoes chemical transformations. The interplay between the iron in myoglobin and oxygen produces diverse pigment variations. While lower temperatures preserve a consistent pink color, an increase in temperature triggers additional alterations, eventually developing a brownish hue. Plant-based meat is not an animal product and thus, doesn’t turn brown. 

Taste + Texture 

The keema comes quite close to the characteristic feel of meat, but doesn’t feel overly meaty. When cooked like any other masala-loaded dish and paired with bread, it may become challenging for many to distinguish it as a vegetarian alternative. 

It successfully absorbed the flavors of the onion-tomato mix, displaying excellent taste integration. The mince is quite juicy as well.

Continental Greenbird plant based keema close look
This has the characteristic feel of meat.
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4.5/5
  • The mince has excellent juiciness. 
  • Meaty aroma. 
  • The keema mimics the texture well.
  • We loved how well the keema takes on the flavors.

This plant-based keema is a good option for people who have just switched to being a vegetarian and are craving animal-derived keema.

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2. Chicken-like Sausages

Product Details 

This too comes in a yellow and dark green color pack. This has a quantity of 250gm and 500 gm. It has a shelf life of 12 months. Do note that this is the new packaging which will be shortly available in stores. 

The key ingredients are Water, Structured vegetable protein (12%) {Textured protein (Chickpea) (8.4%), Chickpea protein (<0.5%), Starch, Spices & Condiments (Chilli, Cumin, Rosemary), Iodized salt, Vegetable fibre (Oats), Stabilizers (INS 461), Thickeners (INS 415, INS 425, INS 470a), Vegetable fat (Saturated)}, Seasoning mix* {Iodized salt, Chipotle, Cumin, Red chilli, Black pepper), Dehydrated vegetables (Garlic, Onion, Tomato), Brown sugar, Edible vegetable oil (Sunflower), Flavour enhancer (INS 627 & INS 631), Natural spices extract (INS 160c(i))}, Natural & Nature identical flavouring substances & Permitted natural colours (INS 150d & 162), Iodized salt, Sugar, Edible vegetable oil (Sunflower). 

*Seasoning mix used as a flavoring agent.

Manufactured in a facility that also processed wheat, dairy and nuts. Allergen: Contains Oats. May contain wheat, soy and nuts.

Continental Greenbird plant based sausage
The outer packaging of Greenbird's Chicken-Like Sausage.

Our Experience 

Appearance-wise, these look similar to regular chicken sausages. It has a slightly reddish hue. 

We really appreciate how the brand has beautifully recreated the texture of a tightly and densely packed sausage using plant-based ingredients including – vegetable fiber (oats) and textured protein (chickpea). 

It is juicy, meaty, and feels just like having a real chicken sausage. These are well-seasoned on their own and can be the perfect addition to your Sunday brekkie platter!

What causes the chicken sausage to turn brown? The protein called myoglobin is what gives meat its color. Myoglobin can undergo chemical reactions and turn brown when exposed to air or temperature fluctuations.

Continental Greenbird plant based sausage close look
Close look at the chicken-like sausage.
the review process of sausage
Juicy and meaty plant-based sausages by Greenbird.
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4.5/5
  • Juicy! Comes close to the texture of real sausage.
  • Well seasoned.

Add it to your breakfast plate or in soft hot dog buns if you are looking to satisfy meat cravings without compromising your commitment to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

3. Chicken-like Seekh Kebab

Product Details 

These come in a yellow and dark green pack. A 250gm and 500 gm pack are priced at Rs. 350/- and Rs 625/- respectively. The shelf life is 12 months. Do note that this is the new packaging which will be shortly available in stores. 

The key ingredients include: Vegetable protein mix (17%) {Textured protein (Chickpea) (11.9%), Vegetable fibre (Oats, Wheat), Chickpea protein (<0.5%), Dehydrated onion, Iodized salt, Methyl cellulose (INS 461)}, Water, Edible vegetable fat (Hydrogenated coconut fat), Vegetables (Onion, Ginger-Garlic paste, Green chilli, Coriander), Seasoning mix* {Corn starch, Iodized salt, Spices & Condiments (Coriander, Cumin, Chilli, Cardamom, Ginger, Cinnamon), Yeast extract powder, Flavour enhancer (INS 631, INS 627), Anticaking agent (INS 551)}, Natural & Nature identical flavouring substances, Iodized salt, Sugar, Edible vegetable oil (Sunflower).

*Seasoning mix used as a flavouring agent. 

Manufactured in a facility that also processes wheat, dairy and nuts. 

Allergen: Contains oats and wheat. May contain soy and nuts.

Continental Greenbird plant based seekh kebab
The packaging of Seekh Kebab looks like this.

Our Experience 

We initiated the review process by allowing the seekh kebabs to thaw for 3 to 4 minutes. Following that, we pan-fried them in hot oil on all sides, before cutting them into diagonal pieces. 

Subsequently, the sliced seekh kebabs were cooked in a flavorful onion-tomato masala infused with garam masala, salt, red chili, and ginger-garlic paste. After letting the cut seekhs simmer in the masala for some time, we garnished the dish with fresh coriander and a splash of lemon juice. 

Finally, for our tasting we served the seekh kebabs along lachcha pyaz, coriander chutney and roomali roti.

Continental Greenbird plant based seekh kebab close look
A quick glimpse at the seekh kebab.

Aroma + Appearance 

Visually, these are long cylindrical seekh. These have a hole that goes through the center. 

Taste + Texture 

In terms of texture, it closely resembles the traditional Chicken Seekh that we typically savor. It’s juicy, wholesome, and provides a satisfying meaty sensation in the mouth. 

It effectively absorbs flavors and serves as a perfect alternative to meat-based chicken seekh. The seekh is exceptionally flavorful on its own. It has a noticeable flavor of chilli and ginger that feels extremely fresh. The best part is that it does not taste industrial or synthetic like some plant-based meat does.

review process of seekh kebab
The final dish!
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4.5/5
  • Loved the fresh flavor of ginger and chilli. 
  • No preservatives. 
  • Replicate similar flavor and texture of classic chicken kebab.
  • Excellent alternative to meat-based chicken seekh.
  • No industrial or synthetic taste.

Looking for a tasty vegan-friendly seekh kebab? We recommend trying this option for homemade tawa seekh for seekh kebab rolls.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Continental Greenbird plant based meat :

Plant-based meat involves food products that replicate the taste, texture and appearance of traditional animal-based meat but are made using plant-based sources. These are a sustainable and cruelty-free alternative to regular meat.

Yes. These are entirely composed of plant-based ingredients and are free from animal products including meat, dairy and eggs.

Plant sources such as soy, wheat, peas, and mushrooms are frequently used as ingredients. These components are frequently mixed with different seasonings, spices, and binding agents to replicate the taste, texture and aroma.

These products have a shelf life of 12 months when kept at -18 degrees Celcius.

Compared to diets abundant in animal products, plant-based diets are more sustainable as they consume significantly fewer natural resources and exert a lesser impact on the environment. 

According to studies conducted in California, the production of a non-vegetarian diet necessitates 2.9 times more water, 2.5 times more primary energy, 13 times more fertilizer, and 1.4 times more pesticides compared to a vegetarian diet. 

There are several environmental benefits of plant-based products such as – reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, less use of land, reduced pollution, and most importantly, no harm to animals.

Our Verdict

Team Mishry gives a thumbs-up! 

Continental Greenbird’s Plant-Based meat products taste and feel similar to animal meat. Each product delivers a succulent mouthfeel and is very well-seasoned. If you’re a newly turned vegetarian who is craving a juicy bite of meat – this is the perfect alternative minus the guilt! 

Have you tried plant-based meat yet?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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