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cleaning slime for gadgets

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Now cleaning gadgets is as easy 1,2,3. Here’s the best cleaning slime we discovered on Amazon. More details below:

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Mishry Rating

Overall Experience
4.5 / 5


We are impressed with the quality, overall performance, and usability of this cleaning slime. Green flags only!

Cleaning electronic items such as keyboards, cell phones, gadgets, and other devices on a regular basis is a practice that everyone should engage in. And cleaning slimes are a fun way to get started!

But what is it? It is a gel-like substance designed specifically to clean and remove dust, dirt, crumbs, and debris from difficult-to-reach or delicate surfaces, such as electronics and gadgets.

We recently ordered this cleaning slime from Amazon and tested it to see how effective it was. 

Key product highlights detailed in the table below: 

Cleaning Slime For Gadgets  Product Details 
Price  Rs. 249
Special Feature  Cleans effectively
Buy Now  On Amazon
Mishry Rating 4.5

Features of the Cleaning Slime For Gadgets


Perfect for cleaning car interiors, gadgets and other electronics.

Value For Money

Yes! A single jar can be used up to 10 times before changing it.


Effectively helps trap dust, dirt, and other particles between hard-to-clean nooks and corners.

Mishry’s Experience

Moving away from traditional cleaning methods, this innovative cleaning slime offers an efficient way to remove dirt and dust from your everyday gadgets. It is especially useful to get rid of dust, dirt from hard to reach corners where the dirt gets accumulated the most.

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Appearance & Packing 

This cleaning slime appears to be wet and has a gel-like appearance. However, when you hold it, your hands remain dry. It comes in a container and is easy to use.

outer pack of the slime
The packaging of the cleaning slime.
quick look at the slime
This cleaning slime has a non-sticky texture.
Appearance & Packing - 4.5/5


Exceptional! In terms of the performance, this cleaning slime gets full marks from us. We tested the slime to clean our keyboard. It effectively picks up dust and dirt particles and leaves behind a sparkling keyboard in just 30 seconds. 

You can also use the slime for cleaning mobile phones, window stills, car interiors among others. The best part is that it does not stick to the surface and has a pleasant, enticing fragrance.

Performance - 4.5/5

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on cleaning slime for gadgets:

Yes. Cleaning slime can be reused as long as it does not become visibly dirty or lose its stickiness.

A single pack contains two containers of slime. You can, however, purchase a single container at a time.

The main distinction between cleaning slime and glitter slime is thickness. Cleaning slime is thicker and functions similarly to a lint brush. Glitter slime, on the other hand, is a basic slime mixed with glitter.

No. You don’t have to worry about the slime sticking to the surface when you use it.

Team Mishry’s Verdict

A big thumbs up! Team Mishry approves of this gadget cleaning slime. It’s a fun and interesting way to clean dirt and dust from your gadgets, electronics, and other devices. It is a total value for money product at a reasonable price. 

Have you ever used slime to clean electronics?

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