Chowringhee Lane Gobindo Bhog Rice Review - Mishry
chowringhee lane gobindo bhog rice review

Chowringhee Lane Gobindo Bhog Rice Review – Mishry

FIVE ON FIVE Mishrys? Our Team loved Chowringhee Lane Gobindo Bhog rice for…

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Mishry Ratings

5 / 5
5 / 5


Chowringhee Lane Gobindo Bhog rice gets a full five on five on aroma, taste, and texture.

An aromatic staple of eastern India, Gobind Bhog rice was offered to the Prince of Lord Krishna- Govinda (Gobindo). This short-grained, non-Basmati rice is renowned for the unique flavor and texture it features. 

For our Chowringhee Lane Gobindo Bhog rice review, we ordered the 1 kg pack and prepared some steamed rice and a rice-based dessert. Team Mishry is a fan!

Chowringhee Lane Gobindo Bhog Rice Product Details 
Price  INR 145
Net Quantity 1 kg 
Mishry Rating 5/5
Grain Size  Short

Our Review Factors

Our Chowringhee Lane Gobindo Bhog rice review takes the following parameters into account. 

1. Packaging

The 1 kg variant is offered in a transparent, non-resealable pack. Once opened, the contents must be transferred to an air-tight container. 

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

2. Flavor

Gobindo Bhog rice is relished for its subtle flavors. 

Did Chowringhee Lane’s rice showcase the same?

3. Aroma

Sweet. Buttery. These best describe the aroma of Gobindo Bhog rice. 

Straight out of the pack, during cooking, once done- how prominent was the aroma?

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4. Texture

Gobindo Bhog is a short-grained rice variant with significant amounts of amylopectin (starch). This yields thicker, softer rice.

What did our review conclude?

5. Grain Size

Full marks on this parameter! We were looking for short-grained rice and that is exactly what we got. 

6. Appearance

These pearl-sized rice grains had a pearly white appearance. There were no bugs, grits, or undesirable particles found. 

7. Price

A 1 kg pack is priced at Rs 145.

We compared this price against that at our local grocery store and found Chowringhee Lane to be marginally more expensive.

Benefits of having Black Rice !

Gobindo bhog Rice – Detailed Review

Our review of Chowringhee Lane Gobindo rice was divided into two stages. Since this type of rice is typically used for preparing offerings, we made some kheer and later some steamed rice. 

Kheer – Soaked rice was added to a pot of boiling milk. This was cooked until the rice grains turned mushy and the milk reduced/thickened. After this texture was achieved, we added sugar proportionately. While cardamom was skipped, we added some saffron and garnished it with chopped green unsalted pistachios. 

The result? DIVINE! The aroma, taste, and texture were all sublime. It had a thick creamy consistency and a rich taste. 

Steamed rice- One of the focus points here was testing how well the rice absorbs the flavor of dal. 

For a cup of rice, we added 2 cups of water. In 12-15 minutes, changes in texture could be observed. The rice turned sticky and starchy and that’s when we took it off the flame. 

With an appetizing aroma and pearl white appearance, this rice featured a remarkable taste. The rich buttery flavor is toothsome even without any accompaniment.

Rating the brand out of 10 on all of our review parameters

Packaging – 4/5

Flavor – 5/5

Aroma – 5/5

Texture – 5/5

Grain size – 5/5

Appearance – 5/5

Price – 4/5

chowringhee lane gobindo bhog rice soaked in water
We soaked the Gobindo Bhog Rice in water.
preparation of kheer using chowringhee lane gobindo bhog rice
We started our review with the kheer preparation process.
the kheer prepared using gobindo bhog rice placed in a bowl
This kheer has a thick and creamy consistency.
preparation of rice using chowringhee lane gobindo bhog rice
The rice prepared using Gobindo Bhog Rice.
the rice prepared using gobindo bhog rice
Gobindo Bhog Rice has an appetizing aroma!


  • These are short-grained and starchy.
  • There were no bugs or grits in the pack.
  • Full marks on aroma and texture.
  • It had the buttery taste Gobindo Bhog is known for. 

Best Suited For

Gobindo Bhog is a fiber-rich, starchy rice ideal for kheer, khichdi and similar preparations. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Chowringhee Lane Gobindo Bhog rice

1. Is this rice good for preparing pulao?

Yes, Muri Ghonto (Bengal special) is a tried and tested recipe with Gobindo Bhog rice.

Muri Ghonto is a vividly flavored dish. Fish head with mushy curry, the texture of Gobindo Bhog rice is ideal for this dish.

2. What is Dubar and Tibar rice?

Both Dubar and Tibar rice are broken rice grains. While Dubar is priced relatively higher and used for desserts, Tibar is a good choice for pulao and biryani. 

3. What is the significance of Gobindobhog rice?

Gobind is another name for Lord Krishna. Therefore, this rice gets its name as it was offered to Lord Krishna. 

Moreover, its fiber content, sticky texture, and wonderful aroma make it a prized staple in many areas of northern India.

4. Where has Gobindo Bhog rice originated from?

This is a staple of West Bengal and Calcutta. 

5. Is this rice a vegan food item?

Yes, rice is a vegan food item. 

Final Verdict

We aren’t exaggerating when we say- We can’t get enough!

Chowringhee Lane Gobindo Bhog rice gets a full five on five on aroma, taste, and texture. 

While kheer is a delicacy most indulge in, the steamed rice prepared with Chowringhee was exceptional too. The subtle sweetness and buttery flavor- we are still drooling. 

Have you tried Gobindo Bhog rice before? What do you know about this short-grained rice?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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