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chitale bandhu shrikhand review

Chitale Bandhu Full Cream Shrikhand Review – Fresh & Creamy

Four flavors, all loved equally. Which wins the title of Mishry’s favorite Chitale Bandhu Shrikhand?

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Mishry reviewed Chitale Bandhu Shrikhand in Elaichi, Badam Pista, Amba, and Keshar. Though all variants featured a rich, creamy consistency, we loved Elaichi the most for its pleasing flavors and inviting aroma as indicated in the ratings.

Creamy, luscious, and sweet- Shrikhand is one of those soul-satisfying desserts that make life better one spoonful at a time.

Chitale is one of the popular dairy brands in Mumbai. We tried four flavors of this heavenly dessert- Elaichi, Amba, Keshar, and Badam Pista. Our collective favorite, what we liked, what we loved, is all covered in this Chitale Bandhu Shrikhand review.

Can you guess which variant we liked best?

All you need to know about the four variants we reviewed is discussed here.

Chitale Bandhu Shrikhand Buy Now Mishry Rating (on 5)
Elaichi 5
Badam Pista On Amazon 4.6
Amba On Amazon 4.6
Keshar On Amazon 4.6

Our Review Factors

We were looking for fresh flavors, pleasing aromas, and a creamy, desirable consistency.

Other aspects like quality of ingredients and packaging have also been considered.

1. Flavor 

These four variants are flavored with fruits and spices. How prominent are the flavor profiles? Did the flavors do justice to the tags? What about sweetness, was it overwhelming or balanced?

In the Badam Pista variant we looked for fresh, nutty flavors. Did the Elaichi variant have that distinct warm sweetness? What about Amba– was the mango richness present? And finally, did Keshar feature the sweet, floral notes?

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2. Consistency

Were the Shrikhand cups smooth and creamy or was there a grainy mouthfeel? Did the nutty and fruit variants have pieces/chunks of the main ingredient? 

3. Freshness

Milk-based products have a short shelf life as compared to other packaged products. Ingredients like nuts, fruits, and spices, when gone bad, develop undesirable and bitter tastes. 

How was our experience with Chitale Shrikhand?

4. Other Parameters

Main Ingredients

Does the brand specify the type of milk (curd) and sweetener they use? What about the quantity of the flavoring agents? Have real ingredients been used or artificial flavors been added? What about preservatives?


Can the Shrikhand cups be restored once opened? Are they spill-proof?


Compared to other brands and local dairy shops, Chitale Bandhu Shrikhand is priced…

Shelf Life

A week, a month, a year- how long does this packaged Shrikhand stay good for?

Chitale Bandhu Shrikhand Flavors – Detailed Review

The four Shrikhand cups by Chitale Bandhu were brought to our review lab in Gurgaon from Mumbai. These traveled surprisingly well. More details in the following section.

1. Elaichi

Price & Packaging

The Shrikhand is packed in a plastic cup with a well-fitted lid. Inside, there is a sheet of foil for enhanced protection plus preventing spills/leaks. A 250-gram cup of the Elaichi variant is priced at Rs 70/- and has a shelf life of three months when stored under refrigeration.

Main Ingredients

Chakka, sugar, and cardamom are all ingredients used. 

This variant offers 298.2 Kcal per 100 grams which is divided as 8.6grams of fats, 50 grams of carbohydrates (of which 43.9 grams is sugar), and 5.2 grams of protein. The nutrition values are almost the same as the above variant.

chitale bandhu elaichi
Our collective favorite! Sweetness, sourness, all flavors were in sync.

Taste & Consistency

This had a pale yellow appearance with a pleasing aroma of cardamom. This sweet and warm aroma was paired with a consistent texture throughout the cup. There were no separated layers of whey or water. We could see some cardamom powder.

This variant had a rich consistency and a creamy mouthfeel, just like Shrikhand should. The flavor of cardamom felt natural and was balanced. Additionally, the sweetness was desirable too. A favorable balance of sweetness and natural sourness of curd was maintained. 

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Flavor- 5/5
Consistency- 5/5
Freshness- 5/5
  • This fared well on our prime parameters.
  • Other aspects like price and packaging were remarkable.
  • Thumbs up for the clean ingredient list.
  • The aroma, taste, and mouthfeel were TOO good.

Love the sweet, warm flavors of cardamom? Can’t seem to get enough? We recommend trying Chitale Bandhu Shrikhand in Elaichi to fall in love with this spice all over again.

2. Badam Pista

Price & Packaging

While the packaging and shelf life is the same as the above variant, this is priced at Rs 78/- for a 250-gram cup.

Main Ingredients

Chakka, sugar, badam, pista, and nutmeg are all the ingredients used.

Thumbs up for the exceptionally clean ingredient list. This is just like one would make at home or buy from a local dairy shop. 

A 250-gram cup holds 2.5 servings. Per 100 grams, this offers 300 Kcal of which 8.6 grams is fat, 50.3 grams are carbohydrates, and 5.3 grams is protein.

chitale bandhu badam pista
Smooth, rich, and creamy best describes the texture.

Taste & Consistency

Nutmeg has a pungent but sweet aroma which was witnessed in this Shrikhand. It had a pale white appearance with a smooth-looking texture.

It had a smooth, rich, and creamy texture. That said, the creaminess wasn’t milky-greasy, it was just perfect. The nuts have been chopped minutely. Almonds were more than pistachios (as indicated in the ingredient list).

It had that distinct yet desirable sourness that curd does. The sweetness was balanced and the primary flavor was that of nutmeg, like aroma. 

Flavor- 4/5
Consistency- 5/5
Freshness- 5/5
  • This was packed really well.
  • The flavor, consistency, and ingredient list get a thumbs up.
  • Fresh tasting!
  • This packaged shrikhand had no preservatives.
  • The pista was relatively less.

A packed Shrikhand with the richness of a freshly prepared one? We recommend trying Chitale Bandhu Shrikhand in Badam Pista if you’re on the hunt for something nutty.

3. Amba

Price & Packaging

The shelf life and packaging is the same as above, but a 250-gram cup is priced at Rs 73/-.

Main Ingredients

Chakka, sugar, alphonso mango pulp

Per 100 grams, this offers 284.12 Kcal and 48.2 grams of carbohydrates (42.1 grams of which is sugar), 5.1 grams of protein, and 7.88 grams of fat.

We appreciate how the brand mentions the type of mango pulp used.

chitale bandhu amba
This tasted super fresh.

Taste & Consistency

This had an aesthetic Alphonso mango-like yellow appearance. The aroma of curd was more prominent than that of the fruit. The texture was consistent throughout, there were no separated layers. Just like other variants, this tasted fresh and had a creamy mouthfeel. Similar to the aroma, the flavor profile was led by the desirable sourness of curd while the subtly sweet-sour mango flavor was comparatively subtle. The sweetness was relatively low than other variants, but pleasing nonetheless. 

PS- those with a high sugar tolerance may feel the sweetness is low.

Flavor- 4/5
Consistency- 5/5
Freshness- 5/5
  • No complaints on the price and packaging.
  • The detailed ingredient list and nutrition label get a thumbs up.
  • The consistency and freshness were remarkable.
  • A bolder mango flavor would have been appreciated.

Missing the season of the King of fruits? Chitale Bandhu Mango shrikhand offers a delightful alternative.

4. Keshar

Price & Packaging

Price, packaging, and shelf life are the same as the Badam Pista variant.

Main Ingredients

Chakka, sugar, nutmeg, and saffron are all the ingredients used. 

This offers 301.6 Kcal per 100 grams which is divided as 8.8 grams of fat, 50.5 grams of carbohydrates (45.2 grams of added sugar), and 5.1 grams of protein.

chitale bandhu keshar
No saffron strands were visible but the aroma was strong.

Taste & Consistency

This featured a subtle yellow hue and emitted a strong but natural aroma of saffron. We couldn’t see any saffron strands. This variant had a smooth and creamy consistency like other variants we reviewed from the range.

Taste-wise, this was very fresh. The sweetness is mild and the innate sourness of curd paired well with it. Nutmeg lends a very very subtle taste. Overall, the sweetness and sourness was quite appetizing.

Flavor- 4/5
Consistency- 5/5
Freshness- 5/5
  • The flavors were well-rounded.
  • Smooth and creamy, we liked the consistency.
  • We could identify the ingredients via taste.

Warm, floral, and sweet- if that’s how you like your desserts- we’d recommend Chitale Bandhu Shrikhand in Keshar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Chitale Bandhu Shrikhand.

Moderate and occasional consumption should be okay. This contains a large quantity of sugar.

No, this is devoid of preservatives. All variants are prepared with natural ingredients.

Since these are high in sugar and fats, you should consume a monitored portion during diets.

No, it is prepared with only natural ingredients.

Fat burn takes place when the calories consumed are lower than calories burned. No one food item helps lose or gain weight.

Final Words

Chitale Bandhu Shrikhand is nothing if not rich, delicious, and creamy. The consistency and mouthfeel of all four variants were just like that from a local dairy shop. Fresh and free of preservatives, Chitale Bandhu offered a delightful surprise for a packaged milk-based product.

Plain and smooth or with bits of nuts- how do you like your Shrikhand?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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