Ching's Secret Just Soak Hakka Noodles Review - Tried 2 Variants (2022)
ching's secret just soak hakka noodles review

Ching’s Secret Just Soak Hakka Noodles Review – Quick & Easy (2024)

Ching’s Secret Just Soak Hakka Noodles bring the characteristic bite without much hassle. Another plus? The noodles were not sticking to one another!

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Mishry Rating

Taste + Texture
4 / 5
5 / 5


Ching's Secret Just Soak Hakka Noodles were a delight to prepare. Reduced efforts, reduced overall wastage, with the perfect chewy bite- the quick prep method had us stocking our pantries with it.

This innovative product is here to change the way we prepare Hakka noodles at home, here’s how.

Ching’s, one of India’s favorite desi-Chinese brands, launched their range of Hakka noodles, but with a twist. Unlike regular noodles, these do not need to be boiled, but just soaked. We ordered the Whole Wheat and Veg variants for our Ching’s Secret Just Soak Hakka noodles review.

Was the characteristic soft yet chewy bite achieved?

Quick details on both variants discussed below.

Ching’s Secret Just Soak Buy Now Mishry Rating
Whole Wheat On Amazon 4.3
Veg On Amazon 4.3

Our Review Factors

Overall convenience, taste, and texture of Ching’s Secret Just Soak Hakka noodles were the key parameters of our review.

1. Taste

How did these pre-cooked noodles taste? Were they too doughy, did this method of preparation yield half-cooked, raw noodles? Was there a bold distinction between the two variants, taste-wise?

2. Texture 

Tender from the inside, with a firm chewy bite on the outside- that’s the texture we were looking for. Were the noodles clumping together or were they non-sticky?

Did soaking for 5-7 minutes get the job done?

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3. Convenience

Ching’s Secret noodles are to be soaked, not boiled. In addition to the time saved, what are the other factors that add to the convenience?

4. Other Parameters

We also reviewed these noodles on parameters like price, packaging, and shelf life. 

Ching’s Secret Just Soak Hakka Noodles – Detailed Review

For a fair and unbiased review, we prepared both variants in some oil with sauteed veggies. No additional sauces or flavor enhancers were used. We only added salt and pepper. 

As recommended by the brand, we soaked the noodles in boiled water for 5-7 minutes. After soaking, we drained and washed them and cooked them as desired.

1. Whole Wheat

Price & Packaging

The dried noodle cake is placed in a non-resealable pack. A 150-gram pack is priced at Rs 44 and has a shelf life of 18 months.

Nutrition information and cooking instructions are mentioned at the back of the pack. 

Main Ingredients

Whole wheat flour (atta 98%), salt, thickening agent (E 412), raising agent (E 451 (I)), emulsifying and stabilizing agent (E 471), and acidity regulator (E 501 (I)).


E 412 Guar Gum

This is a neutral-tasting agent that works as a thickener but also adds flexibility and water retention properties. This prevents noodles from sticking to each other and also reduces the time needed for them to turn soft.

E 451 is a food additive that helps retain moisture content.

E 471 is not just an acidity regulator but also an anti-staling agent. 

ching's secret just soak hakka noodles packing
These were packed in non-resealable packs.

How we made it?

Following the instructions on the pack, we soaked the dried noodle cake in boiled water for 5-7 minutes.

As the noodles were soaking, we added sauteed some ginger and garlic in oil using our trusty Amazon Cast Iron Wok. This was followed by some veggies like sliced capsicum, mushrooms, carrots, and some chopped green chillies. For seasoning, we added some salt and chilli powder. 

Finally, we drained the soaked noodles, added them to the wok, sauteed the contents for a few more minutes, and garnished the preparation with some toasted sesame seeds.

PS- as mentioned above, we did not add any sauces to gauge the true flavor of the noodles.

Steps to prevent sticky noodles like draining, washing under tap water, and oil drizzling were all eliminated as these were non-sticky after soaking. 

ching's secret just soak hakka noodles preparation
A peek at the ingredients we used for the review.

Taste & Texture

After they were soaked, drained, and mixed, the noodles were not sticking to one another. They looked well-cooked and had a firm yet chewy bite aka they were al-dente. A delightful fact- despite being cooked without oil, the noodles had not turned squidgy, they had a light springy bounce.

On tasting, we realised the noodles were ever-so-slightly salted. (Make note of this when you season). The noodles had absorbed the flavors quite well. This Whole Wheat variant had unmissable earthy flavor notes. 

ching's secret just soak hakka noodles whole wheat raw
The Whole Wheat variant had a brown hue.
ching's secret just soak hakka noodles ready to eat whole wheat
The Whole Wheat variant ready to eat.
Taste + Texture- 4/5
Convenience- 5/5
  • The preparation is convenient and time-effective.
  • The texture is on point, not sticky, well-cooked.
  • No oil is required to achieve the non-stickiness.
  • There was an earthy flavor that we liked.
  • The noodles took on the flavors beautifully.
  • They are made with 98% whole wheat flour!
  • One pack would suffice three servings. 

Looking to eliminate refined flour from your diet? To cut down the prep time needed for homemade noodles? The Whole Wheat variant of Ching’s Secret Just Soak Hakka noodles might be the product for you.

2. Veg

Price & Packaging

The Veg variant was wrapped in a pastel blue pack. Priced at Rs 30/- for a 140-gram pack, this has an 18-month shelf life.

Main Ingredients

Refined wheat flour (maida 96%), wheat gluten, iodized salt, raising agent (INS 500 (II)), INS 500 (I)), INS 471, INS 339 (II), INS 412, acidity regulators (INS 450 (III)), INS 501 (I).

How we made it?

The preparation was identical to the T as the first variant. 

ching's secret just soak hakka noodles veg
Thin and long, these noodles developed a chewy bite.

Taste & Texture

Not chewy or clumpy, the noodles had that desirable non-sticky texture after soaking. Since these are semi-cooked, soaking them for 5-7 minutes results in perfect bouncy, chewy, yet firm noodles. 

These did not taste doughy, in fact, they had absorbed the flavor of the seasoning well. As compared to the Whole Wheat variant, these Veg noodles had a marginally higher moisture content.

As desired, you can add sauces or sources of lean protein.

ching's secret just soak hakka noodles veg cooked
We garnished the Veg variant with some roasted sesame seeds.
Taste + Texture- 4/5
Convenience- 5/5
  • Ideal for quick and oil-free boiling.
  • Commendable texture achieved without boiling.
  • Priced within the regular range.
  • Absorbs flavors well.

Who can say no to adding convenience to their culinary journey? Ching’s Secret Just Soak range is exactly that. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Ching’s Secret Just Soak Hakka Noodles

The noodles, as they are, aren’t spicy. The spice quotient depends on the sauces and seasonings added.

The caloric values are more or less the same as compared to other noodle brands.

However, you can make your serving of noodles more nutritious by added veggies and proteins.

Yes, it contains INS 471 that is anti-staling agent.

When prepared to bring a balance between carbohydrates, fats, and protein, you can occasionally have Ching’s Hakka Noodles as the first meal.

This serves 2-3 individuals with a medium appetite.

Final Words

Mishry’s experience with Ching’s Secret Just Soak Hakka Noodles was a positive one. In just 7 minutes, we had perfectly chewy, non-sticky noodles ready without the boiling and excess water.

Is this something you’re intrigued to try?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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