Chheda's Farali Potato Chivda Review - Mishry (2022)
chheda's farali potato chivda review

Chheda’s Farali Potato Chivda Review – Is it fast-friendly? (2024)

Additive namkeen alert! You won’t be able to stop munching on Chheda’s Farali Potato Chivda. But is it fast-friendly? Let’s find out.

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5
4 / 5


What's noteworthy is the perfect balance of sweet, salty and spicy flavors in the namkeen. Another aspect we loved are the crunchy elements. Would this be qualified for fasting? That you need to ask someone in your family as per the rules and regulations set.

When fruits don’t hit the spot, and milkshakes seem like a task to make, namkeens can prove to be a boon to resolve those mid-meal cravings. Especially during fasting. Finding tasty namkeens that are also fast-friendly can be a task.

Chheda’s Farali Potato Chivda review is based upon aspects like taste, texture and ingredient list. Labeled as ‘Farali’, is this potato chiwda truly fast friendly?

A quick glance at the information about Chheda’s Farali Potato Chivda – 

Chheda’s Farali Potato Chivda Product Description
Price Rs 80/-
Net weight 170 gm
Shelf life 4 months
Buy Now On Amazon
Mishry Rating 4

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for? We were looking for a fresh tasting, addictive namkeen that is also fast-friendly. 

To test Chheda’s farali potato chivda, we set the following parameters – 

1. Main Ingredients

Ingredients played an important role because this snack is labeled as ‘farali’ which means fasting. Does the brand use fast-friendly ingredients? Is the type of salt used mentioned separately on the pack? What is the source of fat used?

2. Taste

Spicy, sweet, salty or everything at once? How does it taste? Balanced salt levels? Any rancid taste of the nuts? Oily aftertaste?

3. Texture

Crunchy potato flakes or stale and soggy? The crunch of certain elements like potato flakes, peanuts and almonds were very important. 

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Taste and texture, together, account for the freshness. 

4. Others


Stale, oily or fresh? What does this pack of namkeen smell like? 


Is the quality of the product in sync with the pricing? Is this a value for money purchase? 


Resealable pack? Is the namkeen packed conveniently or does it need to be transferred in a different container? 

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Chheda’s Farali Potato Chivda – Detailed Review

Price and packaging

Chheda’s Farali Potato Chivda comes in a non-resealable pouch pack. A 170 gm pack is priced at Rs 80/-. You will need to transfer the contents of the pack once opened.

chedda farali namkeen packaging
Chedda's Farali Namkeen comes in a brown pouch pack.


This contains the following ingredients – Potato (49.2%), Peanuts (8.5%), Palm oil (18%), Sugar (10%), Raisins (6%), Green chilly (2.6%), Cashew nuts (0.8%), Cumin seeds, and Salt.

All the ingredients mentioned above are more or less fast friendly. But there are two aspects that need more clarity.

  • During fasting, only sendha namak is permitted for consumption. So the type of salt used in this namkeen needs more explanation.
  • Secondly, the use of palm oil is a bit confusing. Every household in India has their own set of rules and regulations when it comes to fast-friendly foods. Some only use ghee or nut-based oil and avoid seed-based fats, while some have no restrictions.

So do ask your elders before consuming this namkeen if you’re fasting. Other than that, all ingredients can be labeled as vrat-friendly.


This is a mix of thin potato flakes (like sev), plump raisins, thin fried pieces of green chilli, thin flakes of almonds and small, peeled peanuts. 


The aroma is non-oily and this namkeen is not greasy to touch.

closer look at chedda farali namkeen
Closer look at Chedda's Farali Namkeen.

Taste + Texture

This is a very crunchy namkeen. Elements like peanuts and potato flakes have a pronounced crunch. The raisins have a soft, chewy bite. We appreciate that the fried chillies also add a layer of texture. 

The almonds are very few and you won’t get them in every bite, but whenever you do, the slivers add a nice light crunch as well.

Taste wise, this is a mix of sweet-salty and mildly spicy flavors. The salt levels are balanced and the sweet profile really brings out the flavor. The green chilli flavor has mingled really well with the entire namkeen, making every bite balanced and the correct amount of spicy. 

Everything is fresh tasting and nothing seems to taste stale or oily.

Do note that this chivda is high on calories and because it’s so addictive, you might end up eating a larger than normal quantity. We suggest portion control.

Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
Ingredients - 4/5
  • Fresh tasting namkeen.
  • Crunchy elements like peanuts and potato flakes.
  • Good balance of sweet, salty and spicy flavors.
  • We liked the fairly clean ingredient list, which is more or less fast-friendly.
  • No oily aroma or aftertaste.
  • The use of palm oil may be questionable for some.
  • We would have liked it if the type of salt used was mentioned.

Delicious and addictive potato based namkeen that can be had during fast, depending on your food regulations during vrats.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Chheda’s Farali Potato Chivda.

The answer to this depends on the food regulations set in your homes during fasting. The type of salt used is not mentioned and the use of palm oil is questionable. We recommend asking someone from your family before consuming this during fasting.

Yes. This would taste great when had with tea or coffee.

No. This is deep fried, contains sugar and is made using potatoes.

No, there are no added preservatives in this potato chivda.

As per the pack, this chivda has 0 gm of trans fats.

Final Verdict

It’s tasty, crunchy and addictive. We liked the balance of salty, sweet and mild spicy flavor in this potato chivda. Depending on the rules and regulations set at your home, most ingredients are completely fast-friendly. The use of palm oil may or may not be allowed, and the type of salt used is not mentioned. Please ask someone in your family about this before consuming it during your fast. 

Which is your favorite namkeen during fasting?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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