Chef Boss Sweet Chilli Sauce Review – Sweet + Spice (2023)
chef boss sweet chilli sauce review

The Sweet Chilli Sauce by Chef Boss Is A Versatile Pick (2024)

The consistency? On point. The flavors? Spot on. Here’s why we recommend Chef Boss Sweet Chilli Sauce.

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Mishry Rating

3.5 / 5
3.5 / 5


Chef Boss Sweet Chilli sauce is a versatile Oriental style sauce that showcases balanced sweet and spicy flavors.

Sometimes ketchup doesn’t satiate the taste buds enough. When you need something more flavorful, nothing like a sweet and spicy dip to elevate your snacking experience. 

After a worthwhile experience with their Kung Pao and Hot Garlic sauces, here is Mishry’s Chef Boss Sweet Chilli Sauce review. With a similar set of parameters, we dive into details regarding the flavors, consistency, and more.

Was this as impressive as the previous variants?

Quick details about Chef Boss Sweet Chilli Sauce listed in the table below. 

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings
Chef Boss Sweet Chilli Sauce Product Details
Price Rs 145/-
Net Quantity 350 grams
Main Ingredients
  • Sugar
  • Liquid Glucose
  • Red Chilli Puree
Mishry Rating 3.5

Our Review Factors

What were our parameters while reviewing Chef Boss Sweet Chilli Sauce?

1. Flavor 

Sweet chilli sauces are savored for chilli kick laced with the sweetness. In addition to this, we were looking for a sauce that showcased fresh flavors, and a well-rounded seasoning.

2. Texture + Consistency 

Smooth or chunky? Extra flowy or a thick but dippable consistency? How was Chef Boss Sweet Chilli sauce like?

3. Other Parameters

Here we gauged some other parameters like the price, packaging, shelf life, etc. 

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Chef Boss Sweet Chilli Sauce – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging

This sauce is offered in a PET bottle that has a white snap cap. It holds 350 grams of content and is priced at Rs 145/- with a nine-month shelf life. With easy to read labels, this has a medium spice tag.

Main Ingredients

The main ingredients are water, sugar, liquid glucose, red chilli puree (12.2%), tomato paste (3%), iodised salt, green chilli puree (2%), thickener (INS 1422), acidity regulator (INS 260, 330), ginger (1%), dehydrated garlic, lemon powder, red chilli flakes, stabilizers (INS 145), preservative (INS 211), flavors (natural and nature-identical), color (INS 150D)

This is cholesterol and trans fat-free and contains no artificial flavor. 

How we tested this

To test the flavor and consistency, we tasted this sauce with a variety of snacks like fries, chicken nuggets, spring rolls, mozzarella sticks, and as a salad dressing (Raw papaya salad, Greek salad).

chef boss sweet chilli sauce packaging
This sauce comes in a bottle.
chef boss sweet chilli sauce appearance
A classic, oriental appearance.
chef boss sweet chilli sauce consistency
A desirable, dippable consistency.

Taste + Consistency

This was a deep red dip and we could see a lot of red chilli seeds, some flakes, and even the skin of chillies in varying sizes. This makes for a pretty decent dipping sauce, owing to its thick yet flowy consistency.

Next, the aroma- sweet with a sharp chilli kick, this resembled the classic / regular sweet chilli sauces. 

Taste-wise, this was an apt mix of sweet and spicy flavors. It also had some gingery warmth hitting in the middle. It was slightly tart with a commendable seasoning, in terms of salt. 

Taste- 3.5/5
Consistency- 3.5/5
  • Decent packaging
  • Consistency is apt
  • The flavors hit all the right spots

Need a hit of chilli with a sweet and tangy flavor? We’d suggest trying Chef Boss Sweet Chilli sauce. It adds tons of flavor to salads too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Chef Boss Sweet Chilli sauce.

Sauces are meant to be used in small-moderate quantities only. This means they would not have a significant impact on health.

That said, it is crucial to monitor and consume mindfully packaged foods. 

Yes, this is FSSAI-approved. 

No, the sweet-spice-tang is balanced. Moreover, this is not meant to be used in curries. 

Yes, it contains preservative INS 211.

Yes, it contains natural and nature-identical flavors. 

Should You Buy It? 

It’s sweet, spicy, a bit tangy, with the warming flavor of ginger- Chef Boss Sweet Chilli sauce must be invited to your next houseparty. The flavors and consistency were fairly good and it pairs well with a large array of snacks and salads.

What do you think, is this something you’d give a try?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.


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