Best Chilli & Cheese Sandwich Spread Brands in India - Mishry (2023)
cheese and chilli sandwich spread review

Looking To Spice Up Sandwiches? Try This Chilli Cheese Spread (2024)

Flavors? Top notch. Texture? Had us drooling. We reviewed three chilli and cheese spreads to find the best. The winner is…

Cheese has that pleasing umami flavor. Chilli brings the appetizing heat. Bring them together, and you have a remarkable sandwich spread.

Sandwiches are the top-tier snacks on-the-go for people who are on-the-go. If you’re someone who doesn’t drool over the thought of a thick PB and J (no, we aren’t judging), a savoury, spicy spread may be it for you. Testing two of the highest preferred sandwich components combined, here is our cheese and chilli sandwich spread review.

Wingreens Farms, Veeba, and Dr Oetker Funfoods were the brands we picked, where the spread by Wingreens Farms (Mishry Top Pick) was the collective favorite for its perfect balance between the two flavors.

What else sets it apart? Details down below.

Quick details on the contenders explained below.

Chilli Cheese Sandwich Spread Mishry Rating Buy Now
Wingreens Farms – Mishry Top Pick 4.5 On Amazon 
Dr Oetker Funfoods 4 On Amazon
Veeba 3.25 On Amazon
top pick of the cheese and chilli sandwich spread

Qualifiers- How did we select brands?

We were looking for bread spreads that had cheese and chilli in the ingredient list. The contenders must have RED chillies, and no other type for a fair review.

Our Review Process

This was a two-stage review, stage two being more elaborate than one. 

The first stage was visual assessment and tasting the spread without any base. For stage two (Mishry Secret Sauce), we applied the spread on bread slices, added lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, and made a veggie sandwich. This helped us gauge the spreadability and how the flavor intensity varies.

cheese and chilli sandwich spread contenders
Cheese & Chilli Sandwich Spread contenders for review.
cheese and chilli sandwich spread overview
Here's how our review looked like!

Our Review Factors

What were we looking for in our cheese and chilli sandwich spread review? What were the parameters we set?

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1. Flavor

Balance of flavors

The spreads have two elements, cheese and red chilli. We tested to find if the flavors were balanced, they complemented each other well, and were the characteristic flavor profiles robust enough.


Cheese, when stale, has a peculiarly displeasing taste. Chilli doesn’t really go bad, but if it does there is an intense bitterness.

Here, we were looking for a fresh creamy flavor with a bold spice kick.

2. Texture

Since these are bread spreads, we gauged the texture primarily on how easily, effortlessly it spreads on bread slices. 

Was the spread smooth, or did it have some bits of chilli, seeds, perhaps?

3. Other Parameters 

The price, packaging (how convenient serving and storing is), ingredients, and shelf life were compared.

Chilli and Cheese Sandwich Spread Brands – Detailed Review

The following section holds key details on each contender and our experience with it.

1. Wingreens Farms Cheesy Chipotle Sauce – Mishry Top Pick

What made Wingreens Farms Win? Our Experience 

Wingreens Farms Cheesy Chipotle Sauce was our Top Pick owing to its exceptional flavor and texture.

The heat of chilli was far better than that of other contenders. It was incorporated beautifully with the creaminess of cheese. Both these elements on the flavor profile were fresh and balanced, especially the cheese. It had a noticeable freshness that was lacking in the other contenders. The fact that the flavor intensity wasn’t diluted with the add-one in the sandwich was a plus.

As for the texture, Wingreens Farms nailed it! This was rich and luscious, but a dream to apply on bread slices. It had a more sauce-like consistency but in no way did it make the sandwich soggy. 

Overall, an impressive experience.

cheese and chilli sandwich spread wingreens farms
Our Top Pick!

Product Details 

This is made with Water, Refined sunflower oil (37.5%), Sugar, Red chilli paste (7.5%), Cheese powder (3%), Liquid glucose, Milk solids, Iodised salt, Garlic, Thickeners (INS1442, INS 415), Acidity regulators (INS260, INS330), Yeast powder, Mixed spices, Preservatives (INS200, INS211), Antioxidant (INS386), Nature identical flavoring substances.

It comes in a squeeze tube. The tube priced at ₹ 99/- holds 180 grams of content and has a shelf life of four months.

Taste- 4.5/5
Texture- 4.5/5
  • Commendable balance of flavors
  • Thumbs up on the texture 
  • Creamy mouthfeel
  • Excellent spreadability 
  • Fresh flavor of cheese
  • Rounded spice

Level up your sandwich game with Wingreens Farms Cheesy Chipotle Sauce.

2. Dr. Oetker FunFoods Cheese & Chilli Sandwich Spread

What Worked And What Didn’t? Our Experience 

Funfoods Cheese & Chilli Sandwich Spread had the highest cheese content (8%). The texture was pretty good too. So why was it not titled our Top Pick?

While the cheesy freshness was on point, the heat, the spice chilli is supposed to have was completely missing here. Talking about the texture, this featured an effortless application. It had some chilli seeds that lent a lovely crunch when bit into.

cheese and chilli sandwich spread dr oetker funfoods
This has the highest cheese content.

Product Details 

The main ingredients are Refined soybean oil, Water, Cheese (8%), Milk solids, Sugar, Lemon juice, Iodised salt, Tomato paste, Red chillies (0.8%), Acidity regulators (INS260, INS330), Emulsifier and stabilizer (INS415), Mixed spices, Preservatives (INS211, INS202), Antioxidant (INS319).

This is offered in a plastic jar that holds 250 grams and is priced at ₹ 89/-. It has a six-month shelf life.

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
  • Fresh cheese flavor
  • Highest cheese content
  • EFFORTLESS spreadability
  • Chilli kick is very weak 

This is recommended for those with a low spice tolerance or tiffin snacks for kids.

3. VEEBA Cheese & Chilli Sandwich Spread

Why Did Veeba Not Win? Our Experience 

All-in-all, average. There was nothing noteworthy about Veeba Cheese & Chilli spread. The flavor profile was heavier on the cheese presence than chilli. Moreover, it did not taste appetising. It’s texture resembled that of mayonnaise. Spreadability wasn’t an issue but this did not work in because of it’s thick, gloopy texture. The balance between cheese and chilli was also off. 

cheese and chilli sandwich spread veeba
This was overall average.

Product Details 

The packaging is similar to the above contender. A plastic jar holding 250 grams is priced at ₹ 99/- and this has an expiration period of seven months.

The main ingredients are Refined soybean oil, Water, Synthetic vinegar (Water, Acetic acid (INS260)), Sugar, Cheese (4%), Milk solids, Emulsifiers and stabilizers (INS 1442, 1450, 415), Red chillies (2.25%), Iodised salt, Tomato paste, Spices and condiments, Acidity regulators (INS300), Preservatives (ISN211, INS202), Antioxidant (INS319), Nature identical flavoring substances and sequestrant (INS385). 

Taste- 3.5/5
Texture- 3/5
  • Decent spreadability 
  • Not appetizing
  • Imbalance between cheese and chilli flavor
  • Very gloopy

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Our Top Pick, Wingreens Farms Cheesy Chipotle Sauce rightly won the title. The primary flavor profiles work beautifully in sync. The flavors remain prominent inside a sandwich too. Easy applicability, a smooth texture, fresh creaminess, we didn’t find anything to complain about.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on cheese and chilli sandwich spread.

Yes, all three contenders are prepared with vegetarian ingredients.

The spice level in our Top Pick, Wingreens Farms, is well-rounded.

Yes, INS 211 and INS 202 are present in all three. It is advised not to consume them regularly in large quantities. 

The bottles must be stored under refrigeration.

Final Verdict

Mishry was looking for a desirable balance of cheese and chilli flavors, easy application, which we found in Wingreens Farms Cheesy Chipotle Sauce. Fresh, pleasing flavors and richness in texture. 

Simply salted butter or an extravagant spread, how do you spice up your bread slices?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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