Chaayos Methi Matthi Review - Perfect Chai Time Snack (2023)
Chaayos Methi Matthi Review

Chaayos Methi Matthi With Some Chai Is A Match Made In Heaven (2024)

Enjoy a crunchy and delightful tea-time treat with Chaayos Methi Matthi!

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Mishry Rating

4 / 5
4 / 5


Chaayos Methi Matthi is a delicious and crunchy snack that comes in premium packaging, perfect for enjoying as a tea-time indulgence.

When paired with tea or coffee, the simple joy of a matthi surpasses all. 

Methi matthis, primarily made with refined flour, spices, and dried fenugreek leaves (methi), are enjoyed for its khasta texture and a burst of flavorful complexity. 

Introducing a new addition to our snack aisle reviews is Chaayos’ Methi Matthi. Our detailed review on Chaayos Methi Matthi captures details on taste, texture, aroma, packaging, pricing and more.

Quick highlights about Chaayos Methi Matthi: 

Chaayos Methi Matthi Product Details 
Price  Rs. 139 
Net Quantity  150 gm
Shelf Life  6 months
Buy Now  On Amazon
Mishry Rating  4

Our Review Factors

We set the following review factors for evaluating Chaayos Methi Matthi.

1. Taste

In this area, we shed light on the following points: 

  • Balance of seasoning 
  • Prominent flavor
  • Any aftertaste of fat?

2. Texture

Traditionally, matthis are well-known for their crispy and flaky texture. How was our experience with Chaayos Methi Matthi? 

3. Other Factors 

Among the additional factors considered were the price, packaging, shelf life, and ingredients.

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Chaayos Methi Matthi Review  – Detailed Review

Price + Packaging 

Chaayos methi matthi comes in a green color cylindrical shape carton. A 150 gm carton is priced at Rs. 139. It has 6 months of shelf life. 

The premium packaging looks elegant, making it an ideal choice for gifting.

Main Ingredients 

The following main ingredients are seen : Refined wheat flour, Refined palmolein oil, Interesterified vegetable fat (Blend of palm oil, Palmolein oil, and sesame oil), Iodised salt, Coriander, Carom seeds, Fennel seeds, Turmeric powder and Fenugreek leaves.

Chaayos Methi Matthi carton pack
The outer pack of Chaayos Methi Matthi.

Our Take 


These matthis are small, round, and have irregular edges. The look and feel of these matthis appears quite rustic and homestyle. Notably, they feature a yellow tone. 

We also noticed specs of fennel, methi leaves and coriander seeds scattered across the matthis.


It exudes a prominent aroma of methi. Notably, there is no lingering smell of fat, which is definitely a positive aspect.

Taste + Texture 

In terms of texture, the bite was neither too firm nor too soft. It had the perfect khasta crunch as anticipated. Additionally, these matthis exhibited a slight crumbliness.

Taste-wise, it hits the mark perfectly! The seasoning strikes a perfect balance, featuring distinct notes of kasoori methi that captivate the palate. The best aspect is that they are so flavorful on their own that you can enjoy them even without any accompaniment like achaar.

Chaayos Methi Matthi ongoing review
These are round and unevenly shaped matthis.
Chaayos Methi Matthi macro shot
We loved the khasta texture and delectable taste.
Taste - 4/5
Texture - 4/5
  • Premium packaging. 
  • Flavorful evening snack. 
  • No aftertaste/smell of fat. 
  • Lovely aroma and flavor of kasoori methi.
  • Loved the khasta texture.

Elevate your evening tea-time snacking experience with this delightful and flavorful Methi Matthi by Chaayos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Chaayos Methi Matthi Review

No, these are not spicy. It has a well-balanced and flavorful seasoning.

These have a shelf life of 6 months.

To retain the crispness of these matthis post opening the pack, consider the following tips: store them in an air-tight container or re-seal the packaging.


To sum up, Chaayos Methi Matthi emerges as a delightful addition to the evening tea-time snack landscape. From its homestyle appearance to the well-balanced seasoning, these matthis are a satisfying blend of flavor and texture. The absence of an aftertaste of fat is another point of appreciation. 

What’s your preferred go-to tea-time snack?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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