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A traditional dish such as Sheer Khurma can be quite hard to replicate. We check out how well have Shan has managed to create this ready-to-cook, unique Sheer Khurma mix.

A classic Indian dessert, Rasgulla, is one of those few delicacies that are evergreen and still on high demand. Here is our first impression of the Haldiram’s version of this cultural icon.

Considered to be one of the most popular North Indian desserts, Rabdi is a dish made from condensed milk that also contains a good quantity of nuts. Let’s see if Gits Instant Rabdi Dessert Mix, that promises to be convenient, matches up on the authentic Indian taste or not.

Made from a mix containing sugar, dry-fruits, and gram flour, besan ladoos constitute a significant delicacy for various Indian festivals. Here are our first impressions of Haldiram’s version of this popular dessert.

Bengali sweets are unmatchable and popular throughout the world. Here is a list of Bengali Sweets that you must try to satiate your sweet tooth.