Catch Compounded vs. Catch Premium - Taste Test & Review
catch compounded vs premium hing review

Catch Compounded Hing vs. Catch Premium: A Flavorful Face-Off

Here’s the ultimate face-off between Catch Compounded Hing vs Catch Premium Hing.

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Hing, commonly known as asafoetida, is a resin-like substance obtained from Ferula roots. Though it is mainly grown in India, it is indigenous to Iran and Afghanistan. 

Known for its sulfuric pungency, it adds an unmissable flavor to any dish it is added to. Hing is available in two forms: pure (typically in the form of a hard, resin block) and compounded. Compounded hing is hing that has been blended with wheat to reduce the pungency and make it more consumer-acceptable.

In our Catch Hing Powders Review, we provide a full comparison of Catch Compounded Hing vs Catch Premium Hing. Continue reading to learn more.

Catch Hing  Compounded Hing  Premium Hing
Price  Rs. 74 Rs. 175
Net Quantity  25 gm 12 gm
Shelf Life  1 year  1 year
Buy Now  On Amazon On Amazon

Our Review Factors

We have evaluated Catch Hing Powders on the below-mentioned parameters:

1. Taste & Aroma 

We checked for how different these are in terms of flavor and aroma.

  • Strength of the hing (flavor). 
  • Level of pungency (aroma). 

2. Texture & Appearance

How is compounded hing different from premium hing in texture and appearance? 

3. Composition 

What is the difference between their composition, i.e., ingredients?

4. Other Factors 

The price, packaging, and shelf life for both the hing powders by Catch were recorded here. Why is premium hing priced higher? Is it justified? If yes, why? 

Catch Hing Powder – Detailed Review

This section covers in-depth details on both the types of hing – Compounded and premium. 

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How did we test the hing? A simple moong dal with a zeera-hing tadka did the trick for us. No fancy frills and frolics! Just a humble bowl of yellow dal with a tempering loved by most Indians. This was followed by a taste test. We used the same amount of hing for the tadka to achieve a fair and unbiased result. This helped us establish potency.

review process of catch hing
The setup for our review!
overview of catch hing review
Overview of the ultimate Catch hing face-off!

1. Compounded

Product Details 

This hing is packed in a sturdy yellow jar with a red lid. All you have to do is twist and turn, and it will open easily. 

The price of a 25 gm quantity is Rs. 74. It has a 1-year shelf life. 

Main Ingredients 

This has the following ingredients: Wheat flour (55%), Asafoetida, and Edible gum.

catch compunded hing packaging
Quick look at Catch Compounded Hing and its packaging.

Our Take 

At first, the pungency was pretty noticeable. However, after adding to the dal the hing flavor reduced slightly. 

Texture-wise, this hing has a powdery form and extremely tiny granules. This hing is best suited for making everyday dals and sabzis that require moderate amount of hing flavor. Although the potency is comparatively lower (than premium hing), this is pocket-friendly too.

2. Premium

Product Details 

Catch Premium Hing is packed in a rectangular jar which has a color combination of red and bright yellow. It features a press-and-pull type of lid. 

A 12 gm jar is priced at Rs. 175 which comes with 1 year of shelf life.

Main Ingredients 

Wheat flour (45%), Asafoetida, and Gum arabic are the main ingredients seen here. 

catch premium hing packaging
In Frame : Catch Premium Hing and its packaging.

Our Take 

Catch’s premium hing wins in terms of flavor and aroma. This is significantly far superior compared to regular compounded hing. Because of its strength, make sure to use this hing sparingly (very potent). 

Catch’s Premium hing has larger granules. It does not have a fine powder form, unlike regular compounded hing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Catch Hing Powders

Both the above hing powders by Catch have a shelf life of 1 year.

In English, hing is known as asafoetida. It’s also referred to as devil’s dung and stinky gum due to its sulfuric aroma.

The word asafoetida is pronounced “uh-suh-FEHT-uh-duh.” When pronouncing the term, more emphasis is placed on the second syllable, and the “f” is pronounced as a soft “ph” sound, similar to “pheasant.”

Asafoetida has a lot of health benefits. One of them is that it aids in digestion and is good for the gut.

Hing, along with other spices, is used in cooking to add a savory, umami flavor to lentil or vegetable-based recipes.

Final Words

This was a quick comparison review of Catch Compounded Hing and Catch Premium Hing. We appreciate the excellent and sturdy packaging of both variants. 

In terms of pricing, albeit Catch premium hing is more expensive, it surely provides greater value for money due to its intense taste and aroma. 

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.

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