The New Britannia Nutri Choice Sugar-Free Cracker Review

The New Britannia Nutri Choice Sugar-Free Cracker Review

Britannia Nutri Choice Sugar Free Crackers are thin and crispy but the list of ingredients is less than impressive. Read our review to know about the taste, nutritive values and pricing.

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A deliciously crisp cracker, as simple as it may sound, can be very hard to find. Most of the crackers available in the market are either dry and tasteless or just loaded with salt. Crackers can be eaten with tea, coffee, yogurt dips, hummus, fondue or just by themselves. They can also be turned into tasty canopies as a party starter or as a neutral addition to the cheeseboard. We tried as tasted Britannia Nutri Choice Sugar-Free Crackers for their taste, texture, and crispiness and here is our #FirstImpression.

What You Need To Know About Britannia Nutri Choice Sugar-Free Cracker

*As per information given on the pack

  • It contains added flavors.
  • It contains wheat, milk, soy, and sulfite.
  • The key ingredient is refined wheat flour (maida) – 90%
  • It provides 463 Kcal of energy per 100 grams of serving.

Britannia Nutri Choice Sugar-Free Cracker

Crisp and light, these sugar-free Nutri choice crackers by Britannia are versatile.

MRP – Rs 15/-*

Net weight – 100 grams

*Price at the time of review

#FirstImpression Of Britannia Nutri Choice Sugar-Free Cracker

These crackers come in different sized packings. A large 300-gram pack is priced at Rs 45/- and a 100-gram pack is for Rs 15/-.

Ingredients and label reading – Are these crackers sugar-free, as they claim to be? Yes, there is no ADDED sugar in these crackers. The crackers are made with one main ingredient that makes up for 90% of the product – refined wheat flour (maida). It also uses palm oil. So two key ingredients that constitute these crackers are not particularly healthy. Having said that, unlike other cookies and crackers available in the supermarkets, these do not have any added sugar, so that’s a good thing. Also, these crackers aren’t labeled as healthy ones. They are advertised as sugar-free, which they are!

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Britannia Nutri Choice Sugar-Free Crackers can be used in multiple ways.

Texture and taste – The Britannia Nutri Choice Sugar-Free Crackers are thin and crispy with a neutral taste. They are light to eat. The original nutria crackers were drier and thicker than these ones. This new and improved cracker by Britannia is crispier and lighter than the originals. It is sugar-free, but there is no change in the taste.

You can eat these crackers with multiple things – tea, dips, hummus, cheese platters, soups or even dunk it in peanut butter for a satisfying snack.

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