Britannia Cake Gobbles Review - Four Flavors

Britannia Cake Gobbles Review – Four Flavors

Britannia Cake Gobbles are soft and economical, but are they flavorful? Let us find out.

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Remember the yellow-colored, tutti-fruity cakes we stuffed our faces with as kids? The sheer happiness it brought to our faces when we heard the rustling of the plastic tray sliding out of the outer covering. If you can relate to it, then here’s something that will brighten your day. Britannia has come up with a range of cakes in a variety of flavors. We tried and tasted four different flavors of Britannia Gobbles Cake – Choco Chill, Fruity Fun, Pineapple Plunge, and Orange Bites. Their taste, texture, and price aspect were all put to test and here is our #FirstImpression.

What You Need To Know About Britannia Cake Gobbles

*As per information on the pack

  • Contains added flavors.
  • Britannia Cake Gobbles contains wheat and egg.
  • Best before – 4 months from date of packaging.

#FirstImpression Of Britannia Cake Gobbles

Price and packaging – All the flavors of Britannia Cake Gobbles are priced at Rs 15/- for a 55-gram pack. The cakes come in a plastic tray which is effective in preventing breakage of cakes.

Appearance – All the cakes have been cut into thick slices. There are approximately 5 pieces in each tray. None of the cake pieces were broken, crumbly, or damaged.

Texture – The Britannia Cake Gobbles are soft, but not moist. The cake is not dry and texture is not crumbly at all.

The Variants – Flavor Notes

We loved how each flavor shined through. The flavor promised on the pack definately delivered, taste wise.

1. Britannia Cake Gobbles – Choco Chill

The aroma is very nice and chocolaty. We love that the flavor is not eggy like some packaged cakes tend to have. The sweetness is very well balanced and you would definitely go back for some. This cake would pair beautifully with a dark roast coffee or a mild tea.

2. Britannia Cake Gobbles – Pineapple Plunge

We could see the little chunks of pineapple which give a nice punch of flavor to the cake. Britannia Cake Gobbles – Pineapple Plunge flavor is sweeter than the other variants.

3. Britannia Cake Gobbles – Orange Bites

The Gobbles Orange Bites cake has a very strong orange flavor and is orangish-peach in color. Small chunks of orange rind can be seen spread throughout the cake and add a fresh-citrusy note to the overall flavor. The sweetness is balanced.

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4. Britannia Cake Gobbles – Fruity Fun

The Fruity Fun variation was exactly like your old-school packaged cakes. You can see the fruity-chunks throughout the cake. The base flavor is almost like a vanilla, tutti-frutti hybrid. The sweetness is balanced.

Britannia Cake Gobbles

Soft, tasty and economical – The Britannia Cake Gobbles are a good addition to your snack tray.

MRP – Rs 15/-*

Net Weight – 55 grams

*Price at the time of review

The flavors are clean, not industrial, and the pieces are intact which makes it a good addition to the snack tray when guests come over. You can also use them as a base for homemade desserts like trifles. A big plus is how pocket friendly the cakes are. These are also great as a kiddy snack for those mid-meal hunger pangs. For the amount you are paying, the Britannia Cake Gobbles surely is worth the money.

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