Best Thousand Island Dressing Brands in India- Mishry (2023)
best thousand island dressing review

Your Search For The Tastiest Thousand Island Spread + Dressing Ends Here (2024)

From your bland salads to dry sandwiches, this Thousand Island Dressing instantly adds flavors and a creamy richness.

From salads to sandwiches, and an array of snacks in between, Thousand Island dressing upgrades the flavors, texture, the entire experience.

Simply, Thousand Island dressing is a tangy sauce laced with some sweetness, spiciness, and a subtle zest. To find the best Thousand Island Dressing brands in India, we selected four easily available brands and put them to the test. Our review was conducted in three stages where we tested the sauces as a dip, dressing and a spread. Veeba’s Thousand Island Sauce was chosen as our Top Pick because it was the tastiest amongst all the contenders.

Wondering what made it stand out? Read to know more. 

Must-know details on all our contenders are listed in the table below. 

Thousand Island Dressing Mishry Rating Add To Cart
Veeba 4 On Amazon
Dr Oetkar Funfood 3.5 On Amazon
Wingreeens Farms 3.25 On Amazon
American Garden 3 On Amazon
top pick best thousand island sauce

Our Review Factors

How did we pick the Best Thousand Island Dressing?

The flavor and texture were the core parameters of this review. That said, we also took into account the price and packaging.

1. Taste 

As described above, Thousand Island Dressing is a tangy-zesty sauce with some sweet and spicy notes. Allegedly, chefs curated this dressing as a way to bring down the bitterness in salads full of greens while simultaneously enhancing the flavor. 

Which brand offers the most flavorful blend of this dressing? 

2. Texture 

Mayonnaise is the primary component of a Thousand Island dressing. It adds the creaminess, and the thick, luscious mouthfeel. Taking into consideration that this dressing is also used as a spread and dip, we gauged the consistency to find out whether it was thick, runny, flowy, or gloopy?

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Easy to spread or a nightmare? How well does it coat the leafy greens? Spreadability, mixability and consistency were all checked.

What is the texture of the relish/onion/cucumber bits?

3. Other Parameters

The ingredients, price, packaging, and shelf life were other parameters. 

Our Review Process

Thousand Island Dressing, a versatile culinary dip, can be used as a dressing, a spread, and a dip. We used this in all three ways to arrive at a fair conclusion.

  • Used it as a dressing to check the mixability and consistency – A lettuce-tomato salad with some carrots and croutons was prepared. We only added the dressing to it, no seasoning like salt or pepper.
  • As a spread– Stage two was making a sandwich. We applied some dressing on the slice of bread and added some sliced cucumbers. This helped us gauge spreadbility.
  • Finally, we tasted this as a dip with some fries.
best thousand island dressing salad prep
A sneak peek at the salad prep.
best thousand island dressing salad overview
Our salads ready to be tasted.
best thousand island dressing as spread
We prepared sandwiches to check the consistency as a spread.

Best Thousand Island Dressing Brands – Detailed Review

The following section details our experience with each brand.

Thousand Island Dressing – What is it? Who created this? Why is it named so?

This dressing is named after the chain of islands in the north of New York and Canada. This creamy pink dressing was all the rage during the Gilded Age in the 1870-1900.

Originally, Thousand Island Dressing was prepared with mayonnaise, ketchup, pickle relish, and a hard-boiled egg. 

1. Veeba Thousand Island Dressing – Mishry Top Pick

Our Experience

Our winner, Veeba, is the tastiest Thousand Island sauce amongst all our contenders. This light-orange colored sauce nailed the balanced between zest, tart, and sweet profiles. The overall seasoning was spot on, we got no complaints. 

Veeba’s Thousand Island Dressing was loaded with bits of cucumbers. This was a rich, creamy, and super thick dressing. While it spread fairly effortlessly, the consistency is not best suited to be used as a salad dressing.

best thousand island dressing veeba
Loaded with cucumber bits.

Main Ingredients

Water, refined soybean oil (17.5%), synthetic vinegar (water, acetic acid (INS 260), sugar, cucumber (10%), milk solids, tomato paste (5%), emulsifiers and stabilizers (INS 442, INS 1450, INS 415), iodized salt, spice and condiments, acidity regulator (INS 260, INS 330), preservatives (INS 211, INS 202), antioxidant (INS 319), and sequestrant (INS 35)

Allergen information states this contains milk. 

Product Details

A squeezy bottle holds 300 grams of the product and is priced at Rs 155/- It has a shelf life of seven months. 

Taste- 4/5
Texture- 4/5
  • Rounded flavors.
  • Well-seasoned.
  • Good spreadability.
  • Convenient packing.
  • Ample cucumber bits adding to the textural varination.
  • Too thick to be used as a dressing.

If you’re looking to add a burst of flavors to your sandwiches or fried snacks, we’d suggest going for Veeba Thousand Island Dressing. 

2. Dr. Oetker FunFoods Thousand Island Dressing

Our Experience

In terms of texture, Dr. Oetker FunFoods dressing was the best, hands down. Not only was it easy to spread over bread slices, but it had the creamiest mouthfeel. In addition to this, this dressing mixed effortlessly with our salad. Moreover, when tried as a dip, it holds on well to the snack/piece of vegetable. 

The only reason this did not win was because this was primarily sweet. The sourness was mild, but the overall spice-salt balance was intact. Instead of zest or tang, this was dominant on sweetness. 

best thousand island dressing dr oetker funfoods
The creamiest Thousand Island Dressing we tried.

Main Ingredients

Refined soybean oil, vegetables (30%) (cucumber (17%), tomatoes (13%), water, sugar, glucose syrup, iodized salt, milk solids, emulsifiers & stabilizers (INS 1442, INS 415), acidity regulators (INS 260, INS 270, INS 330), preservatives (INS 211, INS 202), spices & condiments, antioxidant (INS 319).

This contains milk.

Product Details

This comes in a plastic jar which has a wide mouth. It holds 250 grams of the dressing and is priced at Rs 89/- This has a shelf life of six months. 

Taste- 3/5
Texture- 4/5
  • Very creamy
  • Commendable consistency, works well as a dip, dressing, and spread
  • Looks appetizing
  • Quite sweet for a Thousand Island Dressing

To add creaminess and some sweetness with a hint of tang to your salads and snacks, Dr Oetker’s Thousand Island Dressing would be a good pick. 

3. Wingreens Farms Thousand Island

Our Experience

The consistency was fairly decent. It has the characteristic creaminess and was easy to apply over bread slices. 

The flavors weren’t half as impressive. Neither the zest, not the sweetness, no flavor was bold enough. Comparatively, this was a flat-tasting dressing. 

best thousand island dressing wingreeens farms
We liked the consistency but not the flavors.

Main Ingredients

Water, refined sunflower oil (17%), sugar, vegetables (cucumber, red bell pepper, & celery), tomato paste (6%), thickeners (INS 1442, INS 1422, INS 415), iodized salt, milk solids, acidity regulators (INS 260, INS 270, INS 330), mustard powder, lemon juice, mixed spices and condiments, preservatives (INS 202, INS 211), antioxidant (INS 386), natural flavoring substances.

Allergan declaration says this contains milk and may contain soy. 

Product Details

Wingreens Farms Thousand Island Dressing is packed in a pouch which has a small spout at the side. It is equipped with a rescrew lid. One pouch holds 200 grams of content and is priced at Rs 75/- and has a shelf life of six months. 

Taste- 3/5
Texture- 3.5/5
  • Decent consistency and spreadability
  • Convenient packing
  • No pronounced flavors

4. American Garden Thousand Island Dressing 

Our Experience

The versatility of a Thousand Island Dressing is put to question with this brand. American Garden’s dressing was too runny and flowy to be used as a dip or a spread. This would only work as a dressing. 

When we tried this as a spread, the bread soaked up a lot of moisture, and ended up becoming too soggy. 

As for the taste, this was the most sour of all four contenders. The pungency that comes from mustard was very prominent here. 

best thousand island dressing american garden
The consistency was too flowy.

Main Ingredients

Soybean oil, sour relish (cucumber, vinegar, water, salt), emulsifier- xanthan gum (415), high fructose corn syrup, water, vinegar, sugar, tomato paste, cucumber juice, egg yolk, salt, mustard flour, onion powder, spices (pepper, mustard flour, black pepper, ginger, turmeric), natural flavor (cucumber and catsup flavor), thickener- acetylated distarch adipate (1422), emulsifier- propylene glycol alginate (405), xanthan gum (415), preservatives potassium sorbate (202), sodium benzoate (211), sequestering agent- calcium disodium EDTA (385), color caramel (150d)

This contains eggs and mustard. Also, permitted synthetic food color and added natural flavoring substances, class II preservatives. 

Product Details

This is a plastic bottle with a screw cap. With an 18-month shelf life, this bottle contains 267 ml of product and is priced at Rs 375/-

Taste- 3/5
Texture- 3/5
  • Very prominent on sour and pungent flavors. 
  • Too runny to be used as a dip or spread.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Why did we choose Veeba’s Thousand Island Sauce as our Top Pick?

This was the tastiest, most flavorful dressing/spread amongst all the contenders we tested. For a well-rounded tasty sandwich, we’d recommend getting Veeba’s Thousand Island Sauce. It works wonderfully as a spread and as a dip. The cucumber bits add a textural variation, which we loved.

When used as a salad dressing, the consistency seemed a little too thick. We would recommend loosening it a bit to enhance the mixability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on Best Thousand Island dressing brands

Traditionally, Thousand Island Dressing can be used as a dressing, dip, or spread. 

Yes, these contain flavor enhancers, along with other additives. 

Not really, looking at the additives and preservatives it contains. However, this is a dressing/dip and must be consumed in limited quantities. 

No, Thousand Island Dressing has a substantial amount of fat. 

Final Words

Four brands, we found one that we liked, and the other three have a room for improvement. We liked the spreadability and well-rounded flavors that Veeba provides. It can be used as a spread and dip.

A drizzle of lemon juice or with a rich dressing, how do you like your salads?

Our reviews are unbiased and all samples used during the reviews were paid for by us. Read our entire ethics statement here.


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