The Best Potli Bags For Everyday Use
best potli bags for ethnic wear

Ethnic Wear On Your Mind? 10 Must-Have Potli Bags

Finding the perfect potli bag for your ethnic outfit will be a breeze with Mishry’s curated collection.

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These traditional drawstring bags are the hottest accessory for ethnic wear. Whether you’re rocking a lehenga, saree, or suit, a potli bag adds a touch of timeless elegance. Forget expensive designer clutches – potli bags boast a rich history dating back to the Vedic period, making them a unique and fashionable statement.

The best part? These bags are versatile, spacious, and convenient, the perfect complement to your ethnic outfit. To help you find the ideal one, Mishry has curated a list of the best options for ethnic wear.

Top Potli Bags for Ethnic Wear

Mishry has curated a list of the best potli bags that go beautifully with ethnic wear.

1. Pearl Goddess: Peaora Pearl Potli

pearl potli

Look stunning with the Peora White Potli Bag! This handcrafted beauty features intricate Indian embroidery and a soft, roomy interior perfect for essentials. From weddings to nights out, this versatile bag complements any outfit. Made with love by artisans, each unique potli adds a touch of cultural flair to your style. This is available in three colors – Pink pearls, white pearls and yellow/off-white pearls. 

Why choose this?

  1. Classic pearl work
  2. Elegant
  3. Available in three colors

2. Cute Tutu Potli

tutu potli

Crafted from luxurious crepe silk and delicate net, this potli bag combines elegance with durability. The perfect size for essentials, it features a comfortable strap for hands-free dancing and eco-friendly materials. With its timeless design and ample storage, this handcrafted beauty is your essential accessory for any traditional outfit. This is available in three colors.

Why choose this?

  • Good quality material
  • Attractive colors
  • Budget-friendly

3. Velvet Potli Bag

velvet potli

Celebrate in style! This gorgeous velvet potli bag is the perfect return gift for any occasion. Lightweight and easy to carry, it features a beautiful imitation pearl handle and spacious interior. Its elegant design complements any ethnic or traditional attire, making it a memorable gift for your guests.

Why choose this?

  • Beautiful embroidery
  • Good quality material used
  • Pearls add a touch elegance
  • Available in over 10 colors

4. Lavie Women’s Amara Round Potli

lavie potli

This beautiful Potli bag is made of sequin lace. It is embroided with beads, and high quality pearls. It has a spacious compartment and can easily accommodate your items. Style up your look with this gorgeous potli bag. 

Why choose this?

  1. Made with gorgeous sequin lace
  2. Can easily accommodate items
  3. Accompanied by a pearl handle

5. Red Hot Potli Bag

red potli

Step into the opulent set of Karan Johar with this deep red potli bag that boasts classic handwork. Add a touch of luxury to your look with the MASQ Embroidered Crepe Silk Potli Bag. This versatile bag is the perfect companion for any day or night event, easily transitioning from parties to weddings. The spacious interior comfortably holds essentials, while the beautiful beaded handle and drawstring closure ensure easy carrying.

Why choose this?

  1. Available in multiple colors
  2. Budget-friendly
  3. Luxurious design

6. Hello, Bling! Sequence Potli Bag

sequence potli

This handcrafted masterpiece features a beautiful bow detail, convenient magnet button closure, and a comfortable knotted strap for effortless carrying. Despite its compact size (11.5 x 10 cm opening, 300 gram capacity), it’s perfect for essentials. Crafted to complement Indian attire, dresses, and even Indowesterns, this potli bag is a favorite among celebrities for a reason. Join the trend and add a touch of artisanal luxury to your look!

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Why choose this?

  1. Adds bling
  2. Magentic button closure
  3. Available in multiple colors

7. Patola Silk Potli Bags


Indulge in versatile style with this set of 6 Silk Potli Bags! Made from luxurious silk, these potlis are perfect for casual, ethnic, traditional, and even wedding occasions. The spacious interior (each bag!) can hold all your essentials, while the lightweight design ensures comfortable carrying throughout any event. Gift these potlis for weddings, parties, dandiya nights, or any family function, and leave a lasting impression. 

Why choose this?

  1. Attractive patola design
  2. Set of 6 – so multiple choices
  3. Lightweight

8. Boho Potli Bag

boho potli

Elegance awaits! The MASQ Embroidered Crepe Silk Potli Bag is your versatile companion for any occasion. Spacious enough for essentials, it transitions effortlessly from day to night and even adds a touch of sophistication to your wedding attire. This lightweight beauty is comfortable to carry on your wrist and comes with a protective bag to ensure it stays looking flawless for years to come. 

Why choose this?

  1. Premium selection
  2. Soothing colors
  3. Delicate embroidery
  4. Superb packaging

9. Rajwadi Charm With This Bandhej Potli Bag

rajwadi potli

Complete your ethnic look with a splash of color! This stunning Bandhej potli bag by ATHZ is the ideal party accessory. Made to hold your essentials (up to 400 gms!), it features a beautiful handwoven Bandhej design and a comfortable handle crafted from high-quality imitation pearls. Lightweight and easy to carry, this potli bag lets you express your unique style. Think ATHZ, think you!

Why choose this?

  1. Light weight
  2. Vibrant colors and design

10. Metal Potli Bag

metal potli

Stand out from the crowd with this unique Brass Metal Potli Bag! Handcrafted by skilled artisans, this bag features intricate carvings and beautiful hanging silver balls for a touch of vintage elegance. While it won’t hold your phone (perfect for a night off!), it’s ideal for storing small essentials and complements any party or special occasion outfit. This exquisite bag is a conversation starter you won’t want to miss!

Why choose this?

  1. Turn heads
  2. Unique to carry
  3. Vintage elegance

Why Potli Bags are Winning Hearts?

potli bags inline

Potli bags are more than just a fleeting fashion statement. Here’s why these ethnic bags are capturing everyone’s attention:

  • Effortless Elegance: Combined with convenient tassel doris for easy carrying, they offer a touch of graceful ease to your look.
  • Surprisingly Spacious: Don’t be fooled by their compact appearance! These bags hold all your essentials securely, making them perfect for various occasions.
  • Versatility Redefined: From handbags and clutches to purses and even gift bags, potli bags seamlessly transition between different uses.

Sustainable Style: Embrace eco-consciousness with potli bags. Often crafted from natural, biodegradable materials like cotton, jute, or silk, they’re a guilt-free fashion choice.

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Elevate your ethnic look with the charm of potli bags! Here we have listed the best potli bags for your ease. These beautiful and versatile bags are the perfect companions for your traditional attire. These offer a touch of elegance and functionality.

Finding your perfect potli bag is a breeze with Mishry’s guide to the best options, making your search effortless. Once you’ve chosen your favorite, share a picture with us – we’d love to see how you style your potli bag!

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