Perfume Brands Under 1000 Rupees (Budget Friendly Perfumes)

The Best Perfumes You Can Buy Under 1000 Rupees!

Hunting for a luxurious fragrance? Here are some brands of perfumes under 1000 Rupees.

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Perfumes are more than just a pleasant scent – they’re a confidence booster, a conversation starter, and the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. But who says looking and smelling fabulous needs to break the bank?

This guide dives into the world of budget-friendly fragrances, unveiling the best perfume brands in India for under 1,000 rupees.

Discover a curated list of long-lasting and delightful scents, perfect for every occasion, without sacrificing your wallet’s happiness.

Best Perfumes Under Rs. 1000 in India

We have curated a list of the best perfumes under 1000 rupees to help you choose from the best.

1. Bella Vita Unisex Perfume

This perfume from Bella Vita has a blend of premium ingredients including Bergamot, Coriander, and Pink Pepper. 

It is a long-lasting perfume that is sure to last you all day long. This perfume has citrus, marine, and woody notes. The best part? It has a non-irritant formula which makes it safe and comfortable to use. 

Why choose Bella Vita Perfume?

  1. Suitable for both men and women 
  2. Non-irritant formula 
  3. Long lasting

2. Villain Perfume For Men

Infused with strong notes, this perfume is sure to last you for a long time. Crafted using exotic ingredients, it has a premium feel which leaves you feeling refreshing. This has a strong masculine scent and is ideally suited for all occasions. 

Why choose this perfume from Villain: 

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  1. Strong notes
  2. Best suited for men
  3. Available in 3 different sizes

3. Engage Amber Hues Perfume

This perfume by Engage is skin-friendly and a good option to consider if you want something that will last for long hours. You can apply this perfume both on your body and clothes. Be it any social or formal event, the perfume is perfect for every occasion. 

Why choose this Engage Amber Hues Perfume: 

  1. It is skin friendly
  2. Ideal for gifting purposes

4. Yardley London Premium Compact Perfume For Women

It is a perfectly designed perfume for traveling purposes. The floral fragrance of this perfume is naturally derived by around 90%. Infused with a delightful zest of Apple and Bergamot, the perfume is sure to capture everyone’s attention. Looking for all-day freshness? Consider buying this option.

Why choose this perfume from Yardley London : 

  1. Travel-friendly
  2. Lovely floral fragrance
  3. Good for daily use

5. Engage W2 Perfume for Women

With absolutely no traces of gas, this perfume will easily last you through the day. Made using skin-friendly ingredients, it is safe for everyday use. This is safe to apply directly on your neck and wrists. Furthermore, this has a mix of mandarin, rose, sandalwood, and vanilla balsam.

Why choose this perfume from engage : 

  1. Has 0% gas
  2. Skin friendly
  3. Suitable for special occasions

6. Miniso Long Lasting Women Perfume

Miniso’s long-lasting perfume is packed in a convenient bottle. Ideally designed for women, it has a subtle freshness and long-lasting power. Whether it is a date night, a special occasion, or a casual hangout, this perfume will fit well for all events.

Why choose this MINISO perfume : 

  1. It is portable 
  2. It has a subtle freshness
  3. Lasts for long hours

7. Embark My Freedom for Her Women’s Premium Perfume

This premium perfume from Embark has the goodness of bergamot tangerine, jasmine, and musk cedarwood. The perfume is crafted keeping in mind the Indian climate and skin type. What else? Infused with the finest essential oils, it is free from cruelty and has long-lasting power. 

Why choose this perfume from Embark: 

  1. Cruelty free 
  2. Made with finest essential oils
  3. Suitable for Indian Skin and climate

8. Renee Women’s Premium Perfume

This perfume set from RENEE has a sleek design and includes different fragrances. Perfect for everyday wear, these are highly irresistible. Compared to other body sprays, these perfumes are more concentrated. Plus, these are also a great option for gifting purposes. 

Why choose this perfume from RENEE?

  1. Ideal for all day wear
  2. Has a captivating fragrance
  3. Long lasting effect

9. Oscar Forever Paris | Long Lasting Perfume for Men & Women

This no-gas body perfume has a unique long-lasting fragrance that ensures a soothing experience throughout the day. Perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions, the perfume can be applied on both body and clothing. Key notes of this perfume include – tuberose violet, jasmine, iris, sandalwood, musk, and vanilla. 

Why choose this perfume: 

  1. No gas perfume
  2. Gives soothing experience

10. Carlton London Women Limited Edition Blush Eau de Parfum

A beautifully designed perfume with an elegant fragrance, Carlton’s luxury perfume is long-lasting and has an enticing fragrance. Though it has a delicate fragrance, it will surely capture the attention of many. The best part is that it is free from harmful chemicals.  

Why choose this perfume from Carlton London : 

  1. Long-lasting fragrance
  2. Perfect for all seasons
  3. Cruelty free

11. Plum BodyLovin’ Vanilla Vibes Perfume

Filled with a refreshing fragrance, this perfume by Plum is highly enticing. It will easily last you for 10+ hours. The best part is that it comes in a travel friendly packaging making it easy to carry. Additionally, it is a 100% vegan perfume and is not tested on animals. 

Why choose this perfume from Plum: 

  1. Travel friendly
  2. Available in a variety of fragrances
  3. 100% vegan 

12. La French Party Girl Perfume for Women

This perfume comes with unique and captivating packaging. It will last you for long hours, thanks to its highly concentrated formula. What more? It releases a strong fragrance and is ideal for party wear.  Additionally, the perfume has fresh and sharp notes. 

Why choose this perfume : 

  1. Eye-catching packaging
  2. Perfect for all day wear 
  3. Creates a clean aura

13. WOW Skin Science Eau De Parfum Luxury Perfume Kit

This perfume from WOW is made with high-quality and natural ingredients. Its plus point is that it is free from nasty stuff making it safe to use. What else? You can apply this perfume in four different areas – behind the ear, inside the elbow, wrist, and neck. Perfect for everyday use, it delivers a long-lasting refreshing scent. 

Why choose this perfume : 

  1. Makes you feel fresh and clean
  2. Made with natural ingredients
  3. Provides long lasting scent

14. Fastrack Perfume Spray For Women

This perfume from Fastrack has a refreshing scent. The perfume is ideally designed for daytime wear but you can also apply it for nighttime parties. It has notes of blackcurrant along with deep notes of woody amber. 

Why choose this Fastrack Perfume : 

  1. Provides a fruity fragrance
  2. Best suited for women
  3. Makes you feel fresh

15. Bergamot Beauté VALENTINE Pure Parfum

This perfume from Bergamot Beauté has the highest concentration of perfume oil. This long-lasting perfume will last you for more than 8+ hours. It has a premium feel and is safe for all skin types. 

Why choose this perfume?

  1. Safe for all skin types
  2. Provides long lasting fragrance

Things to keep in mind while buying a perfume

There are certain things that you should keep in mind while buying the desired perfume for yourself. 

  1. Season Specific: While buying a perfume for women always go for light and fresh scented fragrances during summer and spring. For winter go for spicy and warm scents. 
  2. Long Lasting : Always check the lasting power of the perfume before purchasing one. Select fragrances that will linger all day to keep you feeling fresh.
  3. Portability : Opt for perfumes that are easy to carry.
  4. Citrus Perfumes : If you are someone who has an oily skin and has body odour problems then you should buy citrus fragrances. It helps in masking the odour related issues.
  5. Know the Difference : Lastly, be mindful of the difference between cologne and perfumes. Perfumes have heavy concentrations while cologne has light concentrations. Ideally, going for perfumes is a better choice for a long-lasting experience.


Now smell pleasant for all occasions with some of the best perfumes listed above. Perfumes make us feel fresh, refreshing and boost confidence. 

We have covered all the required information about the best perfumes under 1000 rupees. Scan the list and get ready to purchase one at the earliest. 

Which is your favorite perfume from the above list? Let us know.

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