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These Makeup Brush Cleaners Will Make Your Brushes Last Longer

Say goodbye to makeup brushes filled with built-in makeup and dirt! Here are the best makeup brush cleaners at your rescue.

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We can all relate to the challenge of maintaining the cleanliness of our makeup brushes. 

With frequent use, brushes inevitably gather dust, dirt, gunk, and residual makeup. It’s crucial to regularly clean your makeup brushes to preserve their cleanliness and hygiene. 

The most effective method for achieving this is by using makeup brush cleaners. Let us discover below the best makeup brush cleaners available online:

There are a variety of makeup brush cleaners out in the market. To ease your search journey, we have compiled them into two categories. Let us look at the best options in each category:

Electric Makeup Brush Cleaners

Electric makeup brush cleaners are automated tools designed to effectively clean through the delicate bristles of makeup brushes. It ensures a faster cleaning process compared to manual processes. Here are the top picks in this category:

1. Neeyer Electric Brush Cleaner Machine


An incredibly user-friendly device designed to efficiently eliminate grime from makeup brushes. With its one-button design, it’s convenient to carry during travel. It supports eight rubber collars that makes it compatible with a variety of makeup brushes.

2. Luxiv Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner


This high-quality makeup brush cleaner from Luxiv supports one button control and requires no battery for operation. The best part is that it has the capacity to wash several brushes at a time. Whether it’s powder brushes or foundation brushes, this cleaner ensures thorough and gentle cleaning for all types of brushes.

3. Norate Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner


Ensure quick and effortless cleaning of your makeup brushes with this makeup brush cleaner. Simple to operate, this device guarantees a 99% removal of makeup residues, oils, and dust. It’s all-in-one design allows it to clean brushes of all sizes, from small to large.

4. Windspeed Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner


Windspeed’s electric makeup brush cleaner delivers a gentle yet thorough cleaning for cosmetic brushes. Enhanced with an ultrasoft silicone texture, it effortlessly cleans each bristle. Additionally, its compact size ensures convenient placement in any space.

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5. Gleva Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner


Facing difficulties in cleaning your makeup brushes? We have the perfect solution for you.  This automatic makeup brush cleaner supports one-button operation. It is small, lightweight and super easy to carry. It helps get rid of stubborn makeup and helps wash multiple brushes simultaneously.

Makeup Brush Cleaner Solution/Spray

Makeup brush cleaner solutions/sprays are a cost-effective way to clean your beauty tools. Below we have compiled a list of the best ones:

6. Harrods Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray


Formulated with a quick-drying, rinse-free formula, this spray for cleaning makeup brushes guarantees instant results. It effortlessly disinfects brushes, eliminating bacteria effectively. The user-friendly bottle design enhances the overall convenience of use.

7. CERO Makeup Brush Cleaner Spray


This cleaner spray is a quick way to get rid of dirty and unclean makeup brushes. Its easy-to-use design requires minimal effort and ensures swift results. For those on a budget, this is a cost-effective option worth considering.

8. C2P Pro Makeup Brush Cleaner


Fed up with grimy makeup brushes? Fret not, as a rapid solution is here for you. This cleansing spray guarantees swift cleaning, leaving brushes both clean and dry while effectively removing the most stubborn residues. The best aspect is its gentle treatment of bristles, ensuring no harm.

9. The Drugstore Company Solid Brush Cleanser


This gentle cleanser is a must have for your beauty tools. A 100% vegan formulation, it contains no harsh ingredients and is devoid of added colors. Specially formulated, it is gentle yet very effective in delivering results. Packed in an aluminum tin, it is extremely travel-friendly.


Here are the best makeup brush cleaners you can avail online. For those struggling to clean their makeup brushes, the best makeup brushes will offer a convenient solution for you. These ensure hygiene of your makeup brushes which in turn helps keep your skin protected against bacteria.

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