Top 14 Luxury Chocolates Brands & Hampers For This Festive Season
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Cuckoo for Cocoa – 14 Luxury Chocolates Brands For This Festive Season

Not one or two, here are 14 brands of luxury chocolates recommended by Mishry. Not just the flavor or innovation, its the premium mouthfeel that we love.

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With Diwali just around the corner, the excitement starts but so does the panic. You’re excited for the festive joy, the family time, the food, and the fun but the panic of what to wear, what to gift slowly creeps in. 

If gifting has you worked up, leave it to us. This Diwali luxury chocolate brands listicle is exclusively for chocolate connoisseurs, those who don’t just eat chocolate but savor it. Spread the love a sweeter way this year. 

Luxury Chocolates Must Try
Ether Sultan Box
Entisi Pistachio Berry Tablet
TOSHIN 75% chocolate bar
Vivanda All Nuts Collection
Fantasie No-Sugar variants
Mason & Co 85% Intense chocolate bars
Bonfiction Indulgence Gift Pack
Koko Trait Vegan Chocolate Bars
Naviluna 61.8% Malabar Forest Chocolate bar
All Things Dark Chocolate Gift Box
Fabelle Pralines
Smoor Danish Cookie Boxes
Royce NAMA
The Whole Truth Peanut butter, dark and milk chocolate bars

List of Luxury Chocolate Brands

The following section enlists some of the best luxury chocolates available in India. 

1. Ether

His respect for quite complexity, subtlety, and incredible nuance is packed in each tablet of Ether’s chocolate carefully crafted by Chef Prateek Bahtiani. 

This festive season you can opt for their Aurangzeb Tea Blend, the Sultan Box (two chocolate bars inspired by the Sultanate)

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*Based on Mishry's internal reviews and ratings

Sultan has a Dominican Milk-Dark base, flavored with spiced black tea, and has walnuts. 

Sultan Dark has a Peruvian Dark base, is flavored with spiced black tea and rose lokum. 

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2. Entisi

Entisi uses cacao beans sourced from Java, Madagascar, Brazil, Ghana, and other regions known for the finest cacao beans globally. Nikki Thaker, the chocolatier behind Entisi always brings her innovation with cacao and other ingredients to create fresh yet memorable chocolate experiences. 

For the festival of lights, this year the brands offers hamper boxes like the Firecracker Hamper, the Diwali Hamper. As for tablets, they have the pecan tablet, crunchy hazelnut and gianduja, and the pistachio and berry tablet. More to choose from like boxes of bonbons, pralines, cubes. 


Toshin Shetty runs the artisanal dessert store in Bombay- TOSHIN. What sets his desserts apart from the rest is his quest for perfection, regardless of how long it may take. It is not just the ingredients and preparation that hold significance, but also the branding and packaging, in his opinion. 

Toshin recommends trying the Nirvana (dark chocolate tart), Pistachio ice-cream, their 75% chocolate bar, and the anti-dote (a cookie). 

4. Vivanda

From raw ingredients to the finished product, Vivanda chocolates come with a promise of zero compromise. They use a combination of traditional methods with cutting edge techniques that allow them to produce an artisanal range of chocolates, confections, patisserie and more. Their diverse team ensures culinary and cultural variety in the final outcome. 

They offer a range of hampers in the Indian Ethnic Collection ranging from Rs 250- Rs 1000/-.  There are praline gift boxes too that you may consider. 

5. Fantasie

Fantasie delightfully boasts of its 75-year-old legacy. Calling themselves the original chocolate makers of India, Fantasie is proud of its years of experience, well-preserved recipes and techniques. In addition to these, the quality of ingredients enables them to offer indulgence treats with unique flavor profiles. 

All products are eggless with environment-friendly packaging. Sustainable lifestyle is one of their prime beliefs.

They offer corporate and occasion gifting chocolate boxes. There are no-sugar chocolate boxes, almond rocks, and multiple options in the assorted range. 

6. Mason & Co

The craftsmen of chocolate, Mason & Co prepares all their chocolate from single origin organic chocolate beans from South India. These beans are grown on the farms of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. They are proud of their all-feamle workforce. From the cacao bean to the chocolate bar, they execute every step of the chocolate making process. 

The brand offers packs of six tablets under gift sets. There is also a variety of bars to choose from. 


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7. Bonfiction

Bonfiction is not just an artisanal chocolate brand but they also grow cacao in Rajamahendravaram in Andhra Pradesh and work with other farmers in the Godavari region. The fermentation and drying processes are carried out in the estate which results in top-notch cacao beans. 

There is a wide range of flavored chocolate bars to choose from, along with gift packs and boxes like the Classics Gift Pack and Indulgence Gift Pack. 


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8. Naviluna (Earth Loaf)

Naviluna (formerly known as Earth Loaf) is a bean to bar brand that exclusively uses organically certified Indian cacao beans. The execution of each step is supervised by them as it offers greater control over quality and sustainability. Moreover, they get the opportunity to create more complex flavors.

Their Winter Collection has over 12 variants to choose from. We recommend trying the Smoked Salt & Almond, and the 61.8% Malabar Forest Chocolate bar. 

9. Koko Trait

Koko Trait is proud to be the world’s and India’s first sustainable luxury zero waste, single origin, organic, and plant-friendly bean to bar chocolate. Established in 2019, the brand has successfully managed to save 200 + kg of plastic/chocolate wrappers.

From baking essentials to beans and nibs, the collection is worth checking out. There are curated bundles and single bars (both vegan and non-vegan)

10. All Things

All Things uses cacao that is grown under ethical and sustainable conditions by skilled Indian farmers. It is then paired with locally sourced ingredients.

Under their gifting section, the brand offers mini hot chocolate mugs, bestsellers gift box, dark chocolate gift box, vegan chocolate gift box, and also customized gift boxes. 

11. Fabelle

Seven variants of exotic cocoa and 17 masterminds came together to create Fabelle chocolates. It is not just the flavors or textures, but the packaging screams luxury too.

For their festive/gifting hampers, Fabelle has the bars quartet, trilogy, Prisma hamper, treasury, bouquets, Signature hampers, and more. They also have vegan chocolates, pralines, chocolate with nuts. 

12. Smoor

Authentic ingredients + master chocolatiers from around the globe, that’s the story of Smoor. There is an extensive range of Diwali hampers and gift boxes to choose from. It starts from Rs 225 and goes upto Rs 10,000 and beyond. There are Baklava boxes, chocolate-coated nut varieties, complete chocolate hampers, artistry boxes of varying sizes, Danish cookie boxes, boxes for corporate gifting, fruit-based chocolates, and a lot more. 


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13. Royce

Known as the world’s best secret, ROYCE was founded in Japan. What makes this chocolate special is the contrasts of all four seasons the place witnesses. 

In 2013, ROYCE was brought in India. 

From chocolate wafers and bars to their signature collections, ROYCE has an exquisite Diwali collection. There is the Royal celebration, Chrome celebration, Coral, NAMA, and many more to choose from. 

14. The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth is a brand that holds pride in their 100% clean ingredient list. No refined sugar, no preservatives, just the good, nutrient-dense treats. ‘Yeh Diwali, Healthy Chocolate Wali’ is their tagline for this festive season. The variants offered are Badi Diwali box and Choti Diwali box. There are 12 and 6 chocolate bars, respectively with rangoli stencils and a personalized letter. The boxes hold dark and milk chocolate variants. These chocolates are sweetened using dates and cocoa beans from Kerala. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on luxury chocolate gifts.

All the brands we’ve mentioned in our list are some of the best. There are healthy options, innovative options, and a lot more. 

You can add some flowers, candles, shredded paper, ribbons, and other decorative items. If your budget allows, you can also add a small coffee equipment along with ground coffee. Chocolates and coffee are always a good combination.

It is not just cheaper but making your own chocolate hamper adds a personal touch to it. Moreover, you can customize it as you want. 

You can request for the chocolates to be packed with an ice pack. 

Final Words

Chocolate isn’t just for the taste buds, but is an emotion. And we recommend nothing but the best for gifting your loved ones this season. 

Have you tried any of the above mentioned brands before? Let us know in the section below.

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