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best t-shirts to slay on holi

10 Festive Holi T-Shirts You Can Buy Online: Budget Friendly Options

Style up your Holi wardrobe by adding these themed comfy T-Shirts and slay on this Holi.

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Holi, the dazzling festival of colors, is right around the corner! Gear up for the celebrations with a splash of sassy style that won’t weigh down your wallet. Vibrant T-Shirts are perfect for Holi – comfortable, colorful, and budget-friendly. Don’t be afraid to express yourself with bold hues or playful prints that match the festive spirit.

While looking stylish is a fun part of Holi, prioritize comfort and clothes that allow for free movement.

Here are some of the best T-Shirts for Holi that you can buy online.

These are the best budget friendly and affordable T-Shirts available under rupees 500 : 

1. Matching Holi Printed T-Shirts


Grab these unisex T-Shirts and style up your Holi look with your ‘crew’. These Family pack T-Shirts are available in large as well as small sizes so that you and your family can wear them up and enjoy the festival. We love the colorful sunglasses on the shirt.

2. Bonorganik Range Barse Family Holi Tshirt


These T-Shirts are a perfect choice for this vibrant celebration. They offer both comfort and a fashionable canvas to express yourself. The splatter design on the T-Shirts is so eye-catching. Available in multiple sizes from the 2-3 years of age group to 2XL. We loved the size range this offers.

3. Pramonita Colors Holi Tshirts


These Holi T-Shirts will provide a glamorous touch to your vibrant appearance. Get the ultimate fashionable style for yourself by purchasing these sassy printed T-Shirts. The Hindi graphics on the short are pleasing and this is available in sizes S-XL.

4. Printed White Unisex Dri-fit T-Shirt

yayaya cafe

These Printed T-Shirts are suitable for both women as well as men. With this ‘Bura Na Mano Holi Hai’ printed T-Shirt you can play with colours by wearing the iconic dialogue of Holi. As this is dry fit, if you’re playing water Holi, this will be very comfortable to wear.

5. Unisex Regular Fit T-Shirt


Pun intended, this ‘Just Play IT’ T-Shirts resonates with so many young people. Dive into the colors of Holi and enjoy the festival by styling your look with this colorful printed piece. This is available in three sizes – M, L and XL.

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Best Holi T-Shirts Between 500 to 1000 Rupees

If you want to spend around 500 to 1000 rupees on a Holi T-Shirt, these are  the best and affordable picks :

1. Rainbowtees Holi Celebration

rainbow tees

These cotton T-Shirts are the best choice for playing Holi. Immerse into the spirit of festival and also make yourself comfortable and stylish by adding these black shirts to your Holi wardrobe.

2. Play With Pakke Rang? Printed Holi Couple T-Shirts

yayaya cafe 2

If you and your partner are the ones in the gang that are known for bringing the dreaded pakke rang’, these T-Shirts are for you. Match with your partner and wear these T-Shirts while heading out for a Holi party.

3. Stycon Holi Printed T-Shirts


This Holi, play with colors and not with your comfort. These Cotton crew neck T-Shirts are the best choice for Holi and provide comfort in the heat.

4. Drop Shoulder Holi T-Shirts for Men | Oversized T-Shirts

shoulder tshirt

Buy these oversized polyester T-Shirt and rock on in the Holi Party. These oversized T-Shirts are stylish, and comforting and will give you a perfect Holi look without sticking to your body, especially if you’re using water to play. We loved the graphics of the T-Shirt.

5. Crazy Sutra Premium Dry Fit Polyester

carzy sutra

“Kab Hai Holi?”, screams Gabbar. Steal the spotlight of the Holi Party by wearing this Bollywood-inspired tee. This printed T-Shirt will add a touch of humor.

Styling Your Holi Look

  • Pair your tee with comfy shorts, ripped jeans, or a twirling skirt for a complete look.
  • Don’t forget to accessorize! A statement necklace, sunglasses, or a colorful bandana can add a personal touch.
  • Remember, footwear should prioritize practicality over fashion. Sandals, sneakers, or flip-flops are ideal choices for a day filled with vibrant revelry.


Holi is a festival of laughter, joy, and colors. You can enjoy this festival by enhancing your look with these T-Shirts and enjoy the festival with flair.

Have some cool styling tips for Holi? Comment your favorite tips below.

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