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Holi Gifting Guide: 10 Perfect Presents to Take to a Holi Party

Finding the perfect gift for that upcoming Holi party just got easier. Discover unique Holi gift ideas here.

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Holi is a fun time to gather with family and friends and get drenched in the splash of colors.  

This is the time to call over friends for Holi parties and enjoy the festival. No matter whether you are hosting a Holi party or attending one, bringing the perfect and unique Holi gifts is sure to bring in happiness and joy. 

To ease your search journey, we are here to help you. Here are some fantastic Holi party gifts that will ensure you have a memorable and fun Holi:

Thoughtful Holi Gift Ideas To Pick From

Here is a detailed list of the Top 10 presents that you can take to a Holi Party: 

1. Eat Better Co Holi Gift Box

eat better co

This Holi gift box from Eat Better has a mix of 8 different Holi items. The box includes a range of premium chocolates – hazelnut chocolate laddoos, chocolate-coated almonds, chocolate-coated cashews, and a sweet crunchy nut mix. Additionally, it also includes natural gulaal which is made using eco-friendly material. An exquisite Holi gift hamper to give to your friends and family.

2. Indian Karigar Starch Holi Gulal for Holi Colour

indian karigar

Holi without colors is incomplete. Hence, there is no better gift than presenting a bunch of herbal gulal to your loved ones. What’s special about this gulal? These are made from natural ingredients and do not irritate the skin, thereby making it safe to use. These gulals have the following colors – chandan, mogra, jasmine, red rose, kesar and pink rose.

3. ATIPRIYA Festival Box Sweets


Atipriya’s dry fruit mawa gujiya has a rich aroma and pure taste of the nuts. Handmade with love, these gujiyas are free from artificial flavors and sweetness. Made from premium ingredients, these make for an excellent present for Holi.

4. Healthy Treat Holi Delight Gift Hamper

healthy treat

This delightful gift hamper is a perfect present to give your loved ones this Holi. The box contains an assortment of organic colors along with thandai mix, and other signature roasted snacks for a complete Holi celebration. Enclosed in a premium box pack, this Holi hamper is a perfect gift for festivities.

5. GIFT JAIPUR Couple Holi Tshirts

holi jaipur

Holi-inspired T-shirts are always a fun and unique gift to present to your loved ones. These comfy couple tees look trending and cool. Made from polyester material, these are half-sleeved printed T-shirts. For a complete look, you can pair these T-shirts with cool sunglasses and jeans.

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6. Auric Holi Gift Box


Enclosed in an eye-catching box pack, this Holi hamper includes thandai mix, aromatic gulal, and fragrant agarbatti.  Double the fun this festive season by giving this wonderful gift hamper to your friends and family.

7. Phool Holi Herbal Gulal – Premium Prahlada Box


This is a premium gulal box made from temple flowers. The best part is that these are fragrant, soft, and vibrant colors. What sets them apart from other colors is that these are skin-safe and are certified gulal.

8. LILA DRY FRUITS Gift Hamper

lila dry fruits

This gift hamper from Lila dry fruits contains a handpicked selection of dry fruits, berries, and nuts. The best part is that these are uniform and ideal in color. This hamper will make for a guilt-free gift for your loved ones. These nuts contain the goodness of protein and dietary fiber. In addition, these are free from trans fat.

9. Omay Foods Holi Brilliance Holi Gift Box

omay foods

This Holi gift box has an eye-catching premium packaging and is an exceptional choice for both corporate and personal gifting. Inside, you will find a pack of healthy snacks, refreshing thandai, and a pack of herbal gulal. Surprise your loved ones with this thoughtful gift and add a delightful touch to their Holi celebrations.

10. JEWEL FUEL Happy Holi Gift Hamper

jewel fuel

It is an aesthetically designed German silver pichkari and bucket set. The overall look of this set makes it an attractive gift option for your loved ones. The bucket has a height of 5 cm whereas the pichkari has a length of 13 cm. What’s more? It bags an attractive outer box packaging which makes it perfect for gifting.


Festivals are all about fun, joy, laughter, and good food, but it is also the time to strengthen your bond with your friends and family by giving them the best presents. 

Here are some thoughtful and unique gift options that you can give to your loved ones and family.

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