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best hair masks in india

Discover the Top 17 Hair Masks in India

Looking for the best hair masks in India? Your hunt ends here.

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Who would not crave smooth, shiny, and damage-free hair? But the pollution today has left a deep impact on the quality of our hair, causing damage and frizz, that break easily. To maintain the quality and standard of hair, hair masks have paved their way into the market. 

A hair mask is a type of hair conditioner that contains natural oils and plays a pivotal role in improving the health of the hair. Hair masks help repair damaged hair, strengthen it, and improve scalp health.

We have curated a list of the best hair masks in India as per different hair types and needs.

We have prepared a list of some of the best hair masks in India for the improvement in the quality of your hair:

1. Himalaya Anti Dandruff Hair Cream

1.Himalaya Anti Dandruff Hair Cream

It is most effective for dry and scaly scalp. It contains tea tree oil and tulsi. Tea tree oil and tulsi actively prevent dry and scaly scalp and thus fight off dandruff and damage caused by it. It is best suited for dry hair, frizzy hair, damaged hair, and dandruff. It also contains the goodness of rosemary.

Why choose this?

  1. To replicate a conditioner-like effect, it can be applied as an after-shower cream.
  2. Non-sticky cream.
  3. Soothes an itchy scalp.

2. Pilgrim Argan Oil Hair Mask

2. Pilgrim Argan Oil Hair Mask

This hair mask has the goodness of argan oil, white lotus, and camelia. It can increase hair volume, improve natural shine and repair damaged hair. It is vegan and is paraben and sulphate-free. 

Why choose this?

  1. Encourages hair growth.
  2. Increases shine.
  3. Helps with hair volume.

3. Buds & Berries Rice Water Hair Mask

3. Buds & Berries Rice Water Hair Mask

This hair mask contains the goodness of rice water and chia seeds. It helps in the growth of hair and prevents breakage. It silkens and smoothens dry hair.

Why choose this? 

  1. Chemical free.
  2. Helps in preventing split ends.
  3. Contains vitamins that nourish hair.

4. Nat Habit Hibiscus Hair Mask

4. Nat Habit Hibiscus Hair Mask

This hair mask contains 19 hair-friendly ingredients. It has the power of hibiscus that encourages hair growth. It makes the roots strong, controls hair greying and reduces roughness. 

Why choose this? 

  1. Maintains hair thickness. 
  2. Reduces hair greying.
  3. Encourages hair growth.

5. Plum Olive & Macadamia Hair Mask For Dry, Frizzy, Damaged Hair

5. Plum Olive

This paraben, alcohol, sulphates, zinc zinc-free hair mask, contains the goodness of shea butter, olive oil and plant-derived film formers. It helps in the repair of damaged hair.

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Why choose this?

  1. Adds shine to dry and dull hair. 
  2. Moisturizes the hair.
  3. Suitable for dry, dull, and coloured hair.

6. Forest Essentials Ayurvedic Intensive Hair Repair Mask

6. Forest Essentials

This hair mask contains banana pulp, methi, brahmi and nagarmotha. It protects and nourishes hair, repairs damaged hair and improves shine. Hibiscus, shikakai and brahmi are the key ingredients used.

Why choose this?

  1. Deeply condition the hair. 
  2. Improves frizz.
  3. Strengthens the hair roots.

7. Nykaa Naturals

7. Nykaa Naturals

It contains the goodness of rosemary, and naturally derived niacinamide which helps makes the roots stronger. It helps in soothing the scalp.

Why choose this?

  1. Improves scalp blood circulation.
  2. Promotes advanced hair growth.
  3. Paraben and Chemicals free.

8. Biotique Advanced Organics Hair Mask


It contains the extracts and goodness of argan oil. It deeply nourishes the hair and retains moisture. It is organic and contains essential nutrients that make hair stronger. 

Why choose this?

  1. Makes hair frizz free.
  2. Improves hair texture.
  3. Suitable for dry scalp.

9. MCaffeine Anti Dandruff Coffee Scalp Scrub


It contains coffee powder, Natural AHA and rosemary. It can help heal an inflamed scalp and gently exfoliate it. 

Why choose this?

  1. It exfoliates the scalp.
  2. Treats itchy scalp.
  3. Helps in getting rid of dead skin.

10. Vedix Bhringadi Hair Care Kit


The key ingredient of this hair mask is Bhringraj, which promotes hair growth and improves shine. It reduces hair fall and hair breakage. It adds shine to the hair. It strengthens the hair follicles.

Why choose this?

  1. Reduces split ends.
  2. It increases hydration.
  3. Regulates hair loss.

11. Aveda Botanical Bond Repair Rich Mask


This hair mask strengthens and repairs 3 key layers of hair cortex, cuticle and F-layer. It detangles the hair and repairs damaged hair. Light Masque is suitable for fine to medium hair, while rich masque is suitable for medium to thick hair.

Why choose this?

  1. Softens the hair.
  2. Deeply condition the hair.

12. Mamaearth Onion Hair Mask


It contains the goodness of onion oil, organic bamboo vinegar and coconut oil. It reduces hair fall, prevents breakage, and promotes hair growth. It contains vinegar that kills bacteria.

Why choose this?

  1. Prevents premature greying.
  2. Strengthens the root.
  3. Improves blood circulation.

13. Khadi Natural Ayurvedic Protein Herbal Hair Cream


This hair mask contains the goodness of almond oil and protein-rich ingredients. It makes hair silky and helps them regain its lost luster. It reduces hair damage. 

Why choose this?

  1. Suits all hair types.
  2. Gives hair nourishment.
  3. Softens the hair.

14. Schwarzkopf Professional SPA Essence Enriching Cream Masque


This Hair Mask restores hair and actively repairs the inner and outer structure of the hair. It works on cuticle , fibre and matrix. It is infused with amino acids, vitamins and proteins. It gives strength to hair follicles. 

Why choose this?

  1. Strengthens the scalp.
  2. Restores the natural beauty of hair.
  3. Has a fruity and floral fragrance.

15. L’Oreal Professional Absolut Repair Hair Mask 


This hair mask instantly repairs hair. It has the goodness of Wheat Protein and bio-mimetic nutrients. It provides nourishment to the hair and protects against damage.

Why choose this? 

  1. Provides deep nourishment.
  2. Provides 13 times resistance to hair damage.
  3. Helps in reducing damaged hair

16. Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask 


This hair mask has the goodness of moisturising cream and keratin actives. It helps in repairing damaged hair and deeply nourishes hair. It is an intense damage repair hair mask.

Why choose this? 

  1. Refreshes dry and damaged hair.
  2. Revives dull hair.
  3. Repairs hair damage.

17. Wella Professionals INVIGO Mask


This hair mask is a moisturising hair mask. It contains goji berry which is rich in vitamins, minerals and peptides. It replenishes the hair. It has a shelf life of 36 months.

Why choose this? 

  1. Offers instant deep nourishment.
  2. Protects from further damage.
  3. Replenishes the hair.

DIY Hair Masks: Only 2 Ingredients Needed

Here is a list of Hair Masks that you can prepare at your home using just 2 ingredients:

1. Dry & Dull Hair: Eggs and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

To make this hair mask, you need eggs and coconut oil. Eggs are exceptionally excellent for hair as they are rich in proteins, and essential vitamins.

  • All you need is to beat one egg and add 1 teaspoon of coconut oil in it.
  • Mix it well and apply on the scalp.
  • Then wait for 20 minutes and using a shampoo wash it off.

2. Frizzy Hair: Ghee and aloe vera Hair Mask 

This hair mask is best suited for frizzy hair.

  • Take two tablespoons of aloe vera gel and mix it with one tablespoon of ghee.
  • Mix it well and apply the mask to your hair.
  • Keep it for 30 minutes and then wash it off.

3. Hair Growth & Moisturisation: Eggs and Honey Hair Mask

This mask makes your hair smooth and shiny and promotes hair growth.

  • Make this hair mask by adding eggs and honey together.
  • Whisk an egg and add honey to it, mix it well and then apply this hair mask on your hair.
  • Keep it for about 25-30 minutes and then rinse it off.

4. Hair Growth: Cinnamon and Coconut Oil Hair Mask

  • To make this hair mask, you need is 1 teaspoon of cinnamon and coconut oil.
  • Mix these two ingredients and apply the mask to your hair and scalp.
  • Wait for around 40-45 minutes and then gently wash it off. 
  • This hair mask improves blood circulation and helps in hair growth.

5. Reduce Hair Fall: Aloe vera gel and onion juice Hair Mask

  • You can prepare this hair mask by adding equal amounts of Aloe Vera Gel and Onion Juice together.
  • Mix it well and then apply this hair mask on your scalp and hair.
  • Wait for 30 minutes and then wash it off.
  • This Hair Mask helps in reducing hair fall and increases hair growth.

6. Soft Conditioned Hair: Honey and Yogurt Hair Mask

  • Mix equal quantities of Honey and yogurt and after preparing the mix apply it on your hair.
  • Let it sit for around 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off.
  • This hair mask fights off dandruff, and conditions the hair.

Hydrating Elements in Hair Mask

There are certain ingredients used in a Hair Mask that help in keeping our hair hydrated. Let us talk about the ingredients responsible for hydrating the hair.

1. Olive Oil 

Olive Oil has many health benefits, this olive oil too has an important role in hydration. Olive oil is used in hair masks to provide moisturisation to the scalp. It helps in reducing your dry hair and has hydrating effects. 

2. Argan Oil

Argan oil has many benefits, it protects the hair, gives them shine, smoothens and softens them. Argan Oil is a very important ingredient in Hair Mask, it moisturises the hair, provides hydration and keeps your hair healthy. 

3. Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is best suited for people having dry, rough and frizzy hair. Mayonnaise kills frizz. It also provides hydration and moisturisation to the hair, thus keeping them hydrated. 

4. Aloe Vera 

Aloe Vera is highly regarded for its beneficial properties. Aloe Vera plays a  very prominent role in providing hydration. It helps cure scalp irritation and also gives relief from inflammation. Aloe Vera moisturises and hydrates the hair, and makes them strong.

5. Shea Butter

Shea Butter has a great effect on frizzy and dry hair. It is highly hydrating and provides moisture to the hair. It helps in maintaining hydration in our hair. It also prevents breakage of hair and strengthens the hair. 

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is highly used in making DIY hair masks. Coconut oil has highly moisturizing properties and helps in hydrating the hair. It makes dry , frizzy hair hydrated and provides moisture. Along with that it also makes hair strong. 

7. Keratin

Keratin is a protein that is found in hairs and nails. It occurs naturally and provides strength to hair. It plays a very major in making your hair flawless. It helps in hydration , however overuse of it can cause dryness. 

8. Green Tea 

Green Tea is known for its beneficiary properties. Green Tea helps in replenish your hair. It contains a variety of vitamins that give nourishment to the hair.

9. Honey

Honey provides moisture to hair and reduces frizz. Honey has anti oxidants , it reduces breakage of hair. 

10. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil helps in curing inflammation and provides hydration to the dry scalp. Lavender oil is an essential oil that provides moisture to hair.


Finding the perfect hair care products can be a bit overwhelming but don’t worry, we’ve got your back! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the best hair masks available in India to make your decision easier. Our goal is to help you find the product that suits your hair type and needs perfectly.

With these top picks, you can say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair and hello to shiny, healthy locks. After trying out the hair masks recommended here, we’d love to hear from you!

Share your thoughts in the comments section below and let us know which product worked best for you. Give your hair the love and care it deserves with these hair masks!

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