Best Gourmet Mithais For The Festive Season (2023)
best gourmet mithais

Best Gourmet Mithais For The Festive Season (2024)

Geographic limitations? Last minute panic? These premium mithai gift boxes are perfect gifts to bring smiles on their faces.

The festive season commences and with joy and positivity, it brings a reason to relish your favorite desserts, a piece or maybe three. 

Mishry curated a list of premium-tasting gourmet desserts that are prepared with the finest ingredients. We promise these boxes aren’t something you’d want to pass on. 

Are you ready to drool?

12 Must-Try Gourmet Mithai Brands

Caution – Major cravings ahead!

1. Arq

With the belief that true joy comes from giving, Arq creates Artisanal Indian Mithai that satiate not just taste buds, but also the body and soul. Handmade with love and organic ingredients, all their products are devoid of artificial additives and flavors. But it doesn’t stop here. Even the boxes the mithai is packed in are made using biodegradable materials and are recyclable, making them 100% environment-friendly. 

For the festive season this year, Arq offers modaks, ghewar, and shortbreads for the occasions of Ganesh Chaturthi, Teej, and Rakhi respectively. 

Modaks- Shahi Paan, Satvik Saffron, Khoya Pista, and Mathura.

Ghewar- Malai, Rabri, and Classic.

Shortbread- boxes of 4, 12, 25, and 30.

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Contact Details-

Instagram- @arqmithai

2. Bombay Sweet Shop

With the aim of ‘bringing back the Magic of Mithai’, Bombay Sweet Shop delicacies are 100% vegetarian, hand-made, and devoid of preservatives. The four categories are ‘From the Halwai’, ‘From the Chocolatier’, ‘From the Kadhai’, and ‘From the Confectioner’.

From Mango Raspberry Barfi to Badam Paak box, it offers massive range of delectable sweets. They curated an innovative Parle-G range that includes fudge, Parle-G choco barks, and gift boxes. 

Bombay Sweet Shop’s Parle-G fudge is a blend of 55% dark chocolate ganache poured over chunks of Parle-G biscuits and an almond-hazelnut praline. This ‘Genuinely Sweet’ fudge is then topped with cashew tuile and Parle-G biscuit. PS- it has a six-day shelf life.

Signature Delicacies – 3-layer chocolate fudge, Parle-G fudge, Indie bar. 

Contact details- Instagram- @bombaysweetshop 

+91 91361 92636


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3. Bhawan

Calling themselves the ‘streetfood superfans’, Bhawan is a catering and gifting brand paying homage to the undeniable greatness of Indian street food. From snacks to chaat and mithai, they serve nostalgia fried and sauteed. 

Some timeless classics include their Apple Cinnamon Barfi, Motichoor Laddoo, Nutella Peda, Milkcake, and the Date and Fig roll. It offers range of different mithais from contemporary mithais such as jim jam barfi to traditional mithas such as rose & coconut ladoo

Mishry Picks – Apple Cinnamon Barfi, Motichoor laddoo, Nutella Peda, Milkcake, Date and fig roll

Contact Details-

+91 81785 39537

Instagram- @bhawan.india


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4. Khoya

Artisanal mithai making paired with premium quality ingredients and a touch of traditions, all of Khoya’s products are made fresh and are hand-rolled. All their flavor profiles are intensively curated to make each bite memorable.

Khoya was labeled as ‘the new benchmark of Mithai’ by one of Bollywood’s renowned producers, Karan Johar. 

Pink Coconut Ladoo, Toasted Coconut Barfi, Paan Peda, Khoya now offers special Rakhi hampers. There are small, medium, and large hampers that have 100% vegetarian mithai, some nuts, and a roli chawal set. 

Signature Delicacies – Dates and nuts barfi, Bal mithai, Classic Khoya

Contact Details-

+91 9910096940

Instagram- @khoya_official


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5. Gur Chini

Gur Chini is a brand that crafts traditional Indian desserts using only natural, plant-based and organic sweeteners like natural honey, manuka, and a variety of dates like Khadrawi, Kustaw, Delget Nour, Medjool. They also offer No-Sugar and Low-Sugar variants where the mithai is prepared with sugar-free or brown sugar. 

Signature Delicacies – Activated Charcoal Ghewar, Bikaneri Malai Ghewar, Chocolate Chips Ghevar

Contact Details-

+91 9999899615

Instagram- @gur.chini


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6. Berfila

Creative and different, Berfila started out to change the online gifting game in 2018. Quality, care, and color, Berfila offers customized gifting options around luxury sweets and treats that are suited for all occasions. 

They offer assorted boxes as well as traditional Indian sweets like Rasgulla, Kesar Motichoor Ladoo, Barfi, Fudge, Gujiyas, and a lot more. 

Mishry Picks –Raspberry dark chocolate laddoo, Coffee ladoo, Coconut kesar barfi, Ladoo/truffle box

Contact Details- + 91 8375997836, + 91 9910810909

Instagram- @berfila_sweets

7. Saugaat by Bikanervala

Saugaat is a premium gifting boutique by Bikanervala. Their team of experts have curated traditional mithais that hit the spot everytime. Each of their unique recipes blends international flavors with the classics. But that’s not it, the packaging adds to the luxurious element. 

They offer macarons, brownies, and cookies, in addition to Indian sweets with Turkish, Persian, and French spins.

Signature Delicacies – Lait Croquer, Orange Noir, Cashew Bon Bon

Contact Details-

+91 7888000001

Instagram- @saugaatbybikanervala


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8. Laung Elaichi

Laung Elaichi understands mithai isn’t just a delicacy. It’s an emotion, the festive spirit, the feeling of positivity, an auspicious start and a lot more all wrapped in a piece of sweet. Colloquially dubbed as ‘The Laung Elaichi Experience’, they quote, their mithais are, ‘flavors that resonate within our hearts and attaches itself to the best of our memories.’ These are handmade Indian sweets crafted using only the richest ingredients like ghee, jaggery, khand, and more. 

The menu at Laung Elaichi is bifurcated into Bakery and Indian. The Indian section offers ladoos, barfi, balushahi, ghewar and several other nut and milk-based delicacies. 

Signature Delicacies – Kesar Badam Ghevar, Kesar Khoya Peda, Khoya Dry Fruit Barfi

Contact Details-

  • 91 9953720005, +91 9953410005

Instagram- @laung_elaichi


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9. Nihira

‘Get candid & candied’ Nihira is a luxury Indian mithai brand that loves a good wordplay. They offer pan-India shipping.

In addition to the assorted mithai box, the hamper comprises scented candles, spirits, candies, fragrances. Other contemporary makeovers of the classics include hazelnut and rose ghewar, paan ghevar, and more.

Must-try – Secret garden ghewar (with edible flowers)

Contact Details- WhatsApp- +91 7042849182

Instagram- @nihairaandco


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10. Kesar Sweets

Tradition and taste brought together by Kesar sweets. This brand offers a special product for each occasion. Be it Shravana where they launched the Malhar or Rakhi and their hampers, there is something for each celebration.

Other than the standard Indian mithais, they have over 15 Rakhi hampers including Baklawa in Tin, Panjeeri Ladoo gift box, the Ultimate Rakhi gift box, and several other variants. 

PS- the edible rakhi is a super unique seasonal offering.

Signature Delicacies – Badam Bow, Almond Pista Potli, Mithai Cake

Contact Details- Instagram- @kesarsweets


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11. Meethi Reet

The founder of Meethi Reet bridged the gap between old school sweets like laddoos and barfis and merged them with chocolates and candies. Fresh, fun, and exciting, all products under this contemporary twist are homemade with an unmatched quality and flavor that the founder oversees herself.

Their besan barfi is something you must try or gift during this festive season. Moreover, they have a range of acrylic boxes and hampers to choose from.

Mishry Picks – Besan Barfi, Besan Ladoo, Chocolate Barfi, Chocolate Praline Ladoo

Contact Details-

+91 9910834129

Instagram- @meethireet


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12. Meethi

Meethi is a passion project that offers 100% natural, handcrafted mithai using originally sourced fresh produce. Their delicacies are devoid of artificial additives, stabilizers, or preservatives. From mithais to gift hampers and packs, Meethi is a one-stop solution to festive gifting woes. Their mithais are classics without twists. The mithai comes in fabulous packaging as well, the rose-gold glass box and the pastel mithai boxes are just perfect for gifting.

Special Delicacies – milk cake, anjeer kalakand, honey dry fruit ladoos, sugar free khajur dry fruit barfi.
Contact Details-

+ 91 9711781000

Wrapping Up

Here’s Mishry’s list of gourmet mithai gifting brands that not only make a great present but also satisfy the soul and taste buds.

Have you tried some from our list before? Tell us more about it in the comment section below.

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