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best doda barfi brands in india

Best Dodha Barfi Brands In India: For This Festive Season

We chose the dodha barfi from Bikanervala Sweets as our Top Pick. It has the correct proportion of sugar and just the right amount of nuts and coconut.

Sweet, sticky and downright delicious! Dodha barfi or doda is a dark brown Indian sweet made using sprouted wheat, milk and khoya. It is extremely popular in the Northern belt for its addictive sticky texture. Often loaded with nuts, we began our search to find the best dodha barfi brands in India.

We picked four popular brands of dodha barfi available in Delhi NCR from chain mithai shops. After blind-tasting them over two sessions, we chose the dodha barfi by Bikanervala Sweets as our Top Pick. We Also Recommend Haldiram Dodha Barfi for its near-perfect texture and taste.

Dodha Barfi Brands in India – Everything You Need To Know

From dodha barfi shelf life to dodha barfi ingredients, here is all you need to know.

1. Packaging

The dodha barfi brands come packed in a sturdy box. The box pack changes its color, style, and sturdiness as per the net weight. 

2. Main Ingredients

Dodha barfi is made using four primary ingredients – Khoya (khoa or milk solids), milk, sugar and germinated/sprouted wheat. 

None of the boxes mention the ingredients used. 

3. Available Sizes

Dodha barfi is available in customisable boxes. The most commonly ordered ones are – 

  • 200 grams
  • 250 grams
  • 500 grams
  • 1 Kg

4. Price Range

Ideally the dodha barfi price can vary between Rs 40/- to Rs 60/- for 100 grams. 

5. Shelf Life

As compared to milk or chenna based Indian sweets, the shelf life of dodha barfi is a bit longer. It can last upto 20 days when stored correctly.

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Dodha Barfi Brands – Our Review Factors

We ordered all the four contenders via Zomato, a food delivery application between 11:30 am and 12 Noon – i.e. before the lunch hour rush. All payments were made online so that the delivery would be contactless. 

To test the dodha barfis we conducted a blind taste test in our review lab. All four brands were placed on a single dish and were marked by numbers. Our reviewers did not know which brand’s dodha barfi are they tasting. From the first round of tasting, we shortlisted three barfi brands. They were re-tested after a few hours. We did this because eating too many mithais back-to-back can cause the palate to overcrowd. 

After two tasting sessions, our team had selected a winner based on the following parameters – 

1. Taste + Freshness

The prime parameter when we review fresh mithais is taste. Which is why we wanted to check all the brands to see which dodha barfi is the tastiest. How fresh does it taste? Are the nuts fresh-tasting or are they rancid? Does it have an aftertaste? Any oily notes? Does the barfi have balanced sweetness levels?

2. Color

Dodha barfi gets its signature dark brown color because of the roasting time. The more it is roasted and cooked, the darker the color and more earthy the flavor. We checked all the brands of barfi to see how dark or light is the color of the dodha barfi? 

3. Texture

Dodha barfis have that signature sticky, almost granular texture which is a mix of milky globules and sprouted wheat. 

Our Top Pick had to be of an almost jaw-sticky texture which has a milky greasiness. The amount of fat added (ghee) was also a determining factor. 

4. Aroma

Mithais can end up smelling prominently of ghee which isn’t always pleasing or fresh. We checked all the four dodha barfis for their aroma. How fresh is it and is it milky or oily?

5. Price

Is the barfi priced competitively? If priced higher than the other contenders, why? Do the price and quality of mithai sync with each other?

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Dodha Barfi Brands in India – Detailed Review

Here is a comparison table of all the dodha barfi brands related to their price, net weight and packaging.

dodha barfi reviewed brands
We reviewed four brands of dodha barfi.
Dodha Barfi Buy Now
Om Sweets On Amazon
Haldiram’s  On Amazon

1. Bikanervala Dodha Burfi – Mishry Top Pick

Bikanervala Dodha barfi is priced at Rs 270/- for a 500 gram box. It comes in a slidable tray packaging which we liked. The dodha barfi has a dark brown color and the nuts are added in abundance throughout.

We loved the fresh, delicious flavor of coconut in the Bikanervala Dodha Barfi. The nuts are fresh tasting and do not seem stale or oily. From the balanced sweetness to the fresh milky richness of the barfi, we liked the Bikanervala Dodha Barfi the most. 

Bikanervala dodha barfi packaging
Bikanervala dodha barfi comes packed in a sturdy tray.
bikanervala dodha barfi box contents
A closer look at the Bikanervala dodha barfi.
Bikanervala dodha barfi
The bikanervala dodha barfi has a desirable taste and texture.


  • Bikanervala Dodha barfi comes in a sturdy tray packaging.
  • Price per 100 grams – Rs 54/-.
  • This can be ordered via a food delivery application or picked up from their chain.


  • The flavor of coconut is fresh and pleasing.
  • The greasiness of ghee is just right.
  • We liked that the nuts were fresh-tasting and added in abundance. 
  • Thumbs up for the rich milkiness of the dodha barfi.

Best Suited For

If you are looking for a dodha barfi to consume or gift to a loved one, the Bikanervala Dodha Barfi is your ideal pick. For those who like a pronounced coconut flavor, would love this dodha barfi. 

2. Haldiram’s Dodha Burfi – Also Recommended

Haldiram’s Dodha Barfi comes in a festive looking red box pack. The base price for a 350 gram box of dodha barfi is Rs 182/-. Taxes are not included in this. We liked the milky fudginess of the Haldiram’s Dodha Barfi. The barfi has a fresh taste with lots of nuts and a mild coconut flavor. We found the sweetness to be a bit on the higher side. 

haldirams dodha barfi box packaging
Haldiram’s dodha barfi comes packed in a festive looking box.
closer look at haldirams dodha barfi box contents
Closer look at the dodha barfi by Haldiram’s.
closer look at haldirams dodha barfi
Haldiram’s Dodha Barfi has that signature sticky texture.


  • Haldiram’s Dodha barfi comes in a festive looking box.
  • Price per 100 grams – Rs 52/-.


  • The dodha barfi by Haldiram has a fudgy texture.
  • We liked the fresh tasting nuts.
  • The coconut flavor is very delicate.


  • The sweetness was a bit on the higher side.

3. Gopala Dodha Burfi

Gopala Dodha Barfi is the darkest brown in comparison to the other three. A 200 gram box is priced at Rs 119/-. There are a lot of nuts on top of the barfis.

A few things that went wrong with Gopala’s Dodha Barfi. This has a prominent coconut flavor which is rancid and very off-putting. The taste of ghee and nuts is also off, which ruins the overall flavor.

Gopala dodha barfi box contents
Gopalas dodha barfi has a lot of nuts.
closer look at gopala dodha barfi
A look at the Gopala Dodha Barfi


  • Gopala’s Dodha barfi came packed in a red box.
  • Price per 100 grams – Rs 59/-.


  • The sweetness is balanced.
  • We liked that the nuts are generously sprinkled.
  • The milky fudginess we were looking for was there.


  • Unfortunately, the barfi is not fresh tasting.
  • The coconut and nuts taste rancid. 
  • The overall flavor is very off-putting.

4. Om Sweets Dodha Burfi

We were surprised to see that Om Sweets was so far behind in the race, as it is extremely popular in parts of Haryana for their dodha barfi. There’s a lot that didn’t work for the Dodha Barfi by Om Sweets. From the texture to the taste, there seemed to be an element or two that wasn’t upto the mark.

The artificial taste of the barfi along with the lack of freshness was what let it down.

om dodha barfi packaging
Packaging of the Om Dodha Barfi.
Om dodha barfi contents
Om Dodha Barfi contents in the tray.
closer look at om dodha barfi
Closer look at the Om Dodha Barfi.


  • Om Sweets dodha barfi comes in a sturdy tray.
  • Price per 100 grams – Rs 47/-. This is the cheapest amongst all the contenders. 


  • The sweetness is balanced.


  • The nuts taste rancid.
  • The flavor of the dodha is very off-putting.
  • We didn’t like the texture of the dodha barfi.

Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Why did we choose Bikanervala Dodha Barfi as our Top Pick? We Also Recommend the barfi by Haldiram’s. Why?

bikanervala dodha barfi mishry top pick
Bikanervala Dodha Barfi is our Top Pick.

A good dodha barfi has that characteristic, chewy stickiness that comes from cooking the milk over a long time. Another key factor is the use of nuts and an appropriate amount of ghee/fat that gives dhoda barfi its signature sheen and flavor.

The dodha barfi by Bikanervala was the tastiest one amongst all the contenders. The liberal use of nuts, balanced sugar levels and the rich, milky fudginess is what did it for us. Along with this the coconut flavor is delicious too.

The only reason Haldiram’s dodha barfi was a notch down is due to the slightly higher sweetness levels. Other than that, it did a fairly good job.

Final Words

Did you know that dodha barfi was actually invented as a nutritious snack? As claimed by some Historians, Harbans Vig, a Punjabi wrestler from Khushab of Sargodha district, was looking for a nutrition-packed sweet. That is how the dodha barfi came into existence in 1912.

After two taste-test sessions, we declared the dodha barfi by Bikanervala as one of the best in Delhi NCR. This sweet, sticky, and rich mithai has balanced sweetness levels, fresh tasting nuts and a lovely pronounced coconut flavor. Haldiram’s dodha barfi also came close to our Top Pick.

Which sweet, sticky mithai do you like more – dodha barfi or milk cake? Let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting FAQs on dodha barfis.

As there is no mention of ingredients on the pack, we do not know about the use of preservatives in the barfis.

The ingredient list is not mentioned on any fresh mithai boxes, so we do not know about the type of sweetener used.

It is best to store them in an airtight container at room temperature if the weather is a bit nippy. If it’s hot, store the barfi in a cold room or refrigerate if the temperature is soaring.

On an average, 100 grams of dodha barfi provides 400-500 calories. The calorie variation comes from the type of ingredients used.

If you do agree with our review, please give it a thumbs up! And, tell us which one is your favorite from this list. If you don’t, please tell us why!

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